Who Makes John Lewis Mattresses?

Who Makes John Lewis Mattresses?

John Lewis sells over 50 mattresses under their own brand, with prices ranging between £139-£2,799 for a double size.

They have a John Lewis ANYDAY mattress collection, which is designed to be affordable yet high-quality, catering to various preferences and budgets. The only information available is that the John Lewis ANYDAY mattresses are made in the UK.

On the other hand, the John Lewis Natural Collection mattresses are made by Harrison Spinks in their bed and mattress factory in Yorkshire, UK. This factory has been operating for nearly 180 years, and uses state-of-the-art technology along with traditional craftmanship.

The materials used are sourced from Harrison Spinks Yorkshire farm, where they have hundreds of sheep, providing natural British wool. On the farm hemp and flax crops are grown, which are natural materials also used in manufacturing the John Lewis mattresses. 

They have 6 different John Lewis Mattress Collections: Natural, Luxury Natural, Waitrose Wool, Classic, Climate and Ortho Support. The most popular is their Natural collection, with its price ranging from £599-£2,799 for a double size. 

They are available in 5 sizes: single, small double, double, king size and super king size (zip and link option is also available).

John Lewis also sells sleep products from some well-known brands including: Sealy, Silentnight, Millbrook Beds, Tempur, and Vispring, and others.

John Lewis ANYDAY Mattress Collection

The John Lewis ANYDAY mattress collection is designed to offer affordable yet quality sleep solution for all. They are made in the UK and come with 7 year guarantee.

You can choose from memory foam, open coil or to pocket sprung types, designed to provide support and alleviate pressure points for a restful night’s sleep.

Keep in mind that the John Lewis ANYDAY mattresses do not qualify for a 60 Night Mattress Trial, so you cannot exchange them for a different one in case you don’t find them comfortable.

John Lewis Natural Collection Mattresses

The John Lewis Natural collection mattresses are handmade in Yorkshire and Leeds UK exclusively by Harrison Spinks and come with 7 year guarantee. John Lewis uses organic wool as the key material in their Natural mattress collection.

john lewis mattresses made by harrison spinks

Expert craftsmen and women in Yorkshire meticulously hand-tailor each mattress, incorporating luxury natural fillings meticulously teased or layered onto patented pocket springs.

The process involves adding soft fabric panels and securing the natural fillings with a tufting press to create an ultra-soft sleeping surface.

Skilled upholsterers then join the luxury mattress surface and border, weaving over 200 side stitches by hand with a 12-inch needle to ensure optimal body support even at the edges. Throughout the manufacturing process, rigorous quality checks are conducted, resulting in mattresses of the highest quality.

What materials are used?

John Lewis has established a partnership with a 300-acre family-run farm in the UK, which is home to 600 sheep. These sheep graze on pastures free from pesticides and fertilisers, and it’s from here that John Lewis takes its wool. 

They use wool because it is a sustainable mattress filling, which can be recycled when a mattress is no longer used.

Natural mattress fillings

As well as hand-reared wool from the farm, John Lewis also add vibrant green hemp and cobalt blue flax to their mattresses, which have soft and absorbent properties.

Alongside wool, these materials help airflow through your mattress, which keeps you cool during warm summer’s nights. In addition, some Natural Collection mattresses are then finished with luxury natural fillings like Egyptian cotton, cashmere, and silk.

Cortec™ pocket spring system

After sourcing the finest materials, John Lewis technicians then set about putting the Natural Collection mattresses together, using the latest advancements in sleep technology to their advantage. 

john lewis and partners natural wool mattress materials

Natural Collection mattresses include Cortec pocket springs, as well as High Density 4K springs. Coupled with the natural fillings, the springs and mattress technology provide a supportive and comfortable sleep surface that is hard to match!

And master craftsmanship finishes the process off

The final step in the process of manufacturing Natural Collection mattresses is the handiwork of craftsmen and women at the workshop in Yorkshire. 

All of the luxury fillings are hand-teased into place above the pocket springs and then compacted with the addition of soft fabric panels. 

The result is consistently high-quality mattresses that have established John Lewis at the forefront of the UK mattress industry.

Who makes John Lewis Classic Collection mattresses?

There are about 35 John Lewis Classic Collection mattresses, all of them are made in the UK and come with 7 year guarantee.

The John Lewis & Partners Classic Wool Pocket Spring Mattresses are made using British wool, which has been responsibly sourced from Waitrose farms or Red Tractor assured farms.

There is also a layer of recycled polymer blended fibres, and a layer of ReActive™ pocket springs. The pocket springs range from 800 up to 1,400 and respond to individual body movements, distributing weight evenly.

The John Lewis & Partners Classic Eco Pocket Spring Mattresses don’t have any wool inside, but have a layer of recycled blended fibres, which is an environmentally friendly material made from recycled waste materials such as plastic bottles.

In the middle there is also a layer of ReActive™ pocket springs (ranging from 800-1,200 pocket springs). The mattress cover is made from 100% cotton. The price of the John Lewis & Partners Classic Eco collection is lower than the Classic Wool collection.

John Lewis 60 Day Mattress Trial

John Lewis provides a 60-night Sleep Comfort Trial on select mattresses, offering customers the flexibility to exchange their mattress if it doesn’t meet their needs. The policy excludes John Lewis ANYDAY and John Lewis Open Spring mattresses.

To participate, customers must purchase a mattress protector along with their mattress to maintain hygiene standards. The trial begins on the day the product is delivered.

If you wish to make an exchange, you can visit their nearest John Lewis store with the original receipt within the trial period. There, you can consult with a John Lewis partners to select a more suitable mattress.

Additionally, customers can opt to pay the difference if they choose a pricier model or receive a refund for the discrepancy if they opt for a cheaper alternative.

There is a £29.95 collection and recycling fee, to cover the costs of the responsible disposal of the exchanged mattress. 

Shopping Tip: Check out our list of best mattresses with free trials, which come with 100, 200 or even 365 night trial period, as well as free delivery and returns. 

John Lewis Alternative Mattress Options 

As an alternative to the John Lewis Natural Collection mattresses, you can also check out the Flaxby Natural Mattresses made exclusively by Dreams. They contain 100% natural materials, and use materials such as: British wool, Egyptian cotton, mohair and hemp.

In addition they have a layer of pocket springs inside, to provide better pressure relief and comfort. You can choose a Flaxby mattress in soft, medium or firm comfort level and their price starts from £1,299.

Another good alternative, for those looking for a natural and vegan-friendly mattress, check out the Slumberland Natural Solutions Mattress collection by Bensons for Beds

Slumberland Natural Solutions 1400 Divan Bed Set
Slumberland Natural Solutions 2000 Mattress layers

Inside there are natural materials, such as: cotton, wool, and bamboo, as well as 2,000 pocket springs. They are comfortable and regulated temperature very well. With prices ranging from £799-£999 for a double size.