How Often Should You Change Your Mattress?

How Often Should You Change Your Mattress?

While many of us think of flipping our mattresses or adding a mattress topper, it doesn’t necessarily cross our mind to change the base on which we sleep. This might be because mattresses are expensive, and we don’t consider buying a new one as a viable option. Yet scientists worldwide agree that a great night’s sleep is essential for our physical and mental health.

So if you find yourself struggling to get comfortable at night, it might be worth considering changing your mattress. In this post, we’ll explore how often you should change your mattress and how it can help you get the perfect night’s sleep.

Reasons To Change Your Mattress:

The main reason you should consider changing your mattress is for improved comfort. Over time, your mattress will lose its shape, and the support offered will lessen.

old mattress back hip problems

This can cause back and neck problems and can reduce your overall sleep quality, which means you will feel less rested and more irritable the following day.

It would help if you also considered changing your mattress to maintain good hygiene. While it’s essential to change your sheets at least once every week, you should also consider changing your mattress in the longer term. At night, you shed dead skin cells, which creates an optimal environment for mould to grow. Over time, this build-up creates an unhygienic sleeping environment.

If you’re still not ready to replace your whole mattress, you can try adding a mattress topper. The Eve mattress topper is 5cm deep and is made of high quality memory foam. Another great option is the Simba mattress topper which is 7cm deep and has a layer of 2,500 micro springs and memory foam. 

How Long Does A Mattress Last? (10 Years or Less)

Generally good quality mattress brands, such as Emma and Tempur for example, give 10 year warranty on the mattresses they sell. This means that they are built from high quality materials, and high density memory foam which should perform and last for at least 10 years. 

Other mattress brands may give 3 or 5 year warranty. Make sure you do some research, by checking the label of your current mattress to see how long its warranty is. This will give you an idea, how long it’s built to last. 

How Do I Know It’s Time To Replace My Mattress?

Flipping your mattress can be a cost-effective way of improving your sleep quality in the short term, but it’s not a long-term solution. If you feel that your sleep is impaired because of your mattress’s comfort, you should think about changing it and start looking around for a mattress that fits your needs. Here are 3 signs you should look out for:

  1. If your mattress feels lumpy, or if you can feel dips in the surface, then this is a sign that it’s time to change your mattress. Surface dips are common and are often a result of springs popping out of place. This is a sign that it’s time for a change, as it will only get worse.
  2. You should also think about a change if you continually wake up in the morning feeling stiff and sore. While it could result from other factors in your life, stiffness, and pain in the back and neck can be commonly caused by an uncomfortable mattress. You should begin looking for mattresses with memory foam if you wake in the morning with stiffness, as memory foam offers additional support and moulds around your body.
  3. Moreover, if you find yourself frequently tossing and turning through the night, this could be a sign that your mattress is no longer providing the comfort it once was. If you have to adjust your sleeping position throughout the night, you’re likely trying to find the most comfortable spot. Doing this night after night could be a sign that you should look for a change.

Buying A New Mattress:

Overall, if you’re experiencing a disrupted night’s sleep regularly, then it’s a good idea to look for a new mattress. Don’t forget to check our top 10 mattress list, so you can compare and choose from some of UK’s best selling mattresses. Almost all of them come with a free 100 or 200 night trial, so you can sleep and test them at home. After all, getting a good night’s sleep is vital for almost every aspect of life, so you don’t want to compromise when it comes to your mattress.