UK's Best Mattresses with Free Trial (up to 1 Year)

If you’re looking to buy a new mattress but feel overwhelmed by the number of choices out there, then consider buying a mattress that comes with a free trial.

You can sleep and test the mattress at the comfort of your own home, and if for some reason you’re not satisfied you can return it for free and get your full refund. The trial period can last up to 365 nights (1 full year), 200 or 100 nights, depending on the company. This makes buying a new mattress a stress free experience!

1. Nectar Mattress - 365 Night Trial (1 Year)

nectar mattress 365 day trial

Nectar Sleep the first mattress company in the UK to offer a one year trial. The Nectar mattress is 25cm thick and has an adaptive cooling cover. Inside there is a layer of smart memory foam, which regulates your body temperature and a layer of pressure relieving memory foam. 

The mattress is medium-firm and is designed to keep your spine aligned properly while sleeping. The company recently introduced a Hybrid model, which has a layer of up to 1,600 micro springs for added breathability and support.

  • Award winning mattress
  • Forever warranty
  • Free delivery & returns
Price: £600 for double size

2. Simba Mattress - 200 Night Trial

simba mattress 365 day sleep trial

The Simba Hybrid mattress, a renowned “hybrid” blend of springs and foam, combines the comfort of memory foam with the coolness of a pocket-sprung mattress.

Featuring mini springs, memory foam, and a medium-firm feel, the Simba Hybrid stands out. Its five-star reviews attest to its excellence, boasting a hypoallergenic cover, Simbatex foam with graphite for coolness, 2,500 microsprings for support, and a zoned base for optimal spine alignment.

The 200-night trial period ensures ample time to decide, backed by a reassuring 10-year guarantee. 

  • 200,000+ five star reviews
  • Cooling sleep technology
  • 10 year warranty
Price: £809.40 (reg. £1,079) for double size

3. DreamCloud Mattress - 365 Night Trial (1 Year)

dreamcloud mattress one year trial

The DreamCloud mattress features premium memory foam for pressure relief and better body alignment. The quilted cover has cooling properties and is soft to the touch. The full size pocket springs minimise motion transfer and provide luxurious body support.

The DremCloud also offers a 365 night trial and a forever warranty, as it’s owned by the same company as Nectar Sleep. Made in the UK, this 29cm deep mattress stands out in the luxury market. 

The hybrid design aims for the traditional springy feel coupled with consistent foam support, featuring memory foam for a hugging sensation and breathable warmth control.

  • Luxury Hybrid Mattress
  • 0% Financing available
  • Forever warranty

Price: £726.95 (reg. £1,649) for double size

4. EVE Mattress - 365 Night Trial (1 Year)

eve mattress 100 day free trial

The Eve Original Mattress is 24cm thick. It’s made of three layers of breathable next generation memory foam. The top cover is made of moisture-wicking material, while the Evecomfort foam layer is ultra breathable and keeps your spine aligned. The memory foam layer is supports your body and helps relieve pressure from your hips and shoulders.

  • 5 mattresses to choose from
  • Affordable and premium models available
  • 10 year warranty 
  • Free delivery & hassle-free returns
Price: £389 (reg. £649) for double size

5. Emma Mattress - 200 Night Trial

The Emma Original mattress has a removable and washable cover, and innovative Airgocell foam, which is breathable and absorbs moisture. There is also a layer of pressure relieving visco elastic memory foam, while the HRX foam keeps your spine aligned and supports your back. 

  • UK’s most awarded mattress
  • Free shipping and returns
  • 200 night trial & 10 year warranty
Price: £499 for double size

6. OTTY Hybrid Mattress - 100 Night Trial

Otty mattress 100 night trial

The Otty Hybrid Mattress combines full size springs with memory foam, to provide support and comfort while you sleep. The 16cm pocket springs minimise motion transfer between sleep partners. On top of the mattress there is a removable and washable cover. Heat regulating memory foam will keep you at the perfect temperature throughout the summer and winter months. While the AirFlow System allows for air to circulate inside the mattress and prevent overheating. 

  • 16cm pocket springs
  • 10 year warranty 
  • Free premium delivery & returns
Price: £577.99 (reg. £1,049.99) for double size

7. Ergoflex Mattress - 30 Night Trial

ergoflex mattress

Ergoflex was founded in 2006 with the mission to create a premium memory foam mattress that rivals Tempur, but at a much cheaper price. The Ergoflex 5G Mattress uses Visco-Elastic Memory Foam that contours to a person’s body shape and offers zero partner disturbance. There is Cool-Sleep Airflo Layer allows air to circulate and to regulate temperature while you sleep. On the bottom there is high resiliance foam base, that is durable and won’t sag over time.

  • Recommended by Back Doctor
  • TENCEL® naturally breathable cover
  • 10 year warranty 
Price: £483 (reg. £966) for double size

What does a mattress with free trial mean?

This means that once you buy your mattress, you have up to 365 nights to sleep and test it out at home. Getting used to a new mattress takes a little bit of time, that’s why mattress companies are giving the option to try out a mattress for 365 nights (or 200 nights with Emma). This is a full year, so you can test it during all four seasons and see if it sleeps hot or not. 

If by that time you’re not satisfied with the mattress, simply contact the company and they’ll arrange a free pick up, and will then give you back a full refund. Just make sure you have kept the receipt, so you can show it as proof of payment.

The trial period starts on the date the mattress is delivered to your home. You don’t have to keep the box or any other packaging that came with the mattress.

Are the returns free?

The delivery and returns are free for UK mainland. However if you live in a remote UK postcode area, please double check with each company if they charge any delivery or return fee. 

What happens to the returned mattresses?

Every mattress company disposes of them differently, they might recycle them or give them away to charity. For example, Emma says that the very few mattresses that are returned as part of their 200 day trial are donated to the charity British Hearth Foundation. 

Some companies may choose to inspect and clean returned mattresses, and sell them again as refurbished at a lower price. However, if you buy a refurbished one their warranty will be much shorter (usually 1 year) and the sleep trial will be shorter as well (just 30 days).

Can you use 0% Financing?

All the companies on this list offer 0% financing. Emma and Simba have partnered with DivideBuy, while Nectar and Dreamcloud work with Klarna to offer 0% financing on all their mattresses. You can spread your payment across monthly instalments, and choose instalment options from 3 to 12 months. With Klarna you can pay for your mattress within 30 days of placing the order, or pay for your order in 3 installments. 

If you decide to return a mattress, which was bought with 0% financing and the trial period has not passed yet, you’ll be refunded the amount you have already paid. Your bill with be cancelled, and there won’t be any outstanding payments that need to be made.  

Should You Buy a Mattress Online?

All of the mattresses on this list, are designed to have a universal comfort feel, are made from premium foams, and comes at an affordable price. Once ordered it will be compressed, rolled up in a box, and will be delivered straight to your home in a box. You can see a full list of UK’s best mattress in a box brands here

Lower Prices: This business model is much more cost effective, because it cuts out the cost of expensive showrooms and commissioned salespeople. In the end, it allows the companies to sell quality mattresses at much lower prices compared to other traditional mattress brands.

Say goodbye to mattress showrooms, with pushy sales people, where you only have 5-10 minutes to try out a mattress. The mattress in a box brands we’ve listed on this page have up to 365 night trials, so you have enough time to try out the mattress at home, and decide if you’re satisfied or not.

Disclosure – independently reviews and ranks products, by thoroughly researching them. We may receive a commission when a purchase is made through our links, at no cost to our readers. Prices, discounts and ratings mentioned above are accurate as of February 1, 2024.