What Mattress to Choose for an Adjustable Bed?

What Mattress to Choose for an Adjustable Bed?

Adjustable beds provide people with greater flexibility during the night. They’re the perfect solution for people with underlying health issues such as chronic back pain and are a great choice for people with limited mobility.

In the picture above you can see the Sleepmotion 400i Adjustable Platform Bed Frame. With this bed you can adjust or elevate 3 areas of the bed frame: head, feet and lumbar.

This helps release body pressure and improve blood circulation. You can control the different positions using a remote control or an application from your mobile phone.

There are even 2 massage units for your back and feet, so you can relax and enjoy a massage after a long day at work. Bensons for Beds also sells 4 adjustable bed models with similar features. 

Since there is a huge selection of available beds to choose from, it can be difficult to choose the ideal mattress. But it’s an important decision. After all, you don’t want to splash out on an expensive adjustable bed only to buy a mattress that isn’t suitable.

Why do you need an adjustable mattress?

When you’re looking for an adjustable mattress, you need to find one that is flexible and can be easily moved into different positions. The mattress should match the curves of the bed frame, without creating a gab or space between the mattress and base. 

It should also be durable, as adjustable beds are designed to move. This increases the wear and tear on your mattress, so you should look for one that is built to last.

And finally, and perhaps most importantly, you need to select a mattress that is comfortable and offers the required support. There’s little to no point in buying an adjustable bed if you don’t have a quality mattress to go with it.

Different Types of Mattresses:

In theory, most mattress types should be suitable for use on an adjustable bed. However, let’s look at the most popular types of mattresses and see if they are good choice or should be avoided.

Memory foam mattress

Perhaps the best choice is a memory foam mattress, as it perfectly contours to your body shape and can be purchased in a variety of firmness ratings, so you can buy a mattress with the right level of support. What’s more, memory foam mattresses are flexible enough to adjust to the movements of the bed, meaning you shouldn’t encounter any issues.

emma memory foam mattress

In the picture above you can see the Emma mattress, which is UK’s best selling memory foam mattress, Emma sells both a memory foam and hybrid mattress. 

The Emma memory foam mattress is made up of three layers of memory foam and is 25cm deep. It has a medium-firm sleep surface, providing good level of support, comfort and flexibility while you sleep. 

Nectar mattresses are generally compatible with adjustable beds. Nectar produces memory foam mattresses that are designed to be flexible and adaptable, making them suitable for use with adjustable bed frames.

The memory foam construction allows the mattress to conform to different positions without compromising its comfort and support. Plus it comes with 365 night trial and lifetime warranty, giving you plenty of time to test and make sure it’s suitable. 

Latex mattress

Latex has similar properties to memory foam, but may feel a bit more bouncy. It is an eco-friendly alternative that also relieves body pressure as you lay down on it. In addition to this, it has cooling properties so it will cool you during hot summer nights. Just like memory foam, a mattress with latex inside is a good option for an adjustable base. 

Hybrid mattress

A hybrid mattress is one that has a layer of memory foam and a layer of springs inside. Usually the springs are mini size (around 2-5cm high), just enough to provide the right support and pressure relief to the different parts of your body. You might want to check how high the springs are.

simba hybrid mattress tested for adjustable bed

For example, the Simba Hybrid has titanium mini springs which are 2cm high. The mattress has been tested by the company and works very well with all types of adjustable and electric beds.

Coil spring mattress should be avoided!

Coiled spring mattresses, on the other hand, are perhaps best avoided if you decide to purchase an adjustable bed. Although they offer additional support, the coiled springs can create pressure points that cause discomfort throughout the night. 

They’re also a lot less flexible, and constantly adjusting the position of a coiled spring mattress could damage the springs within. This means it would need to be replaced more often.

Other Features to Consider with Mattress for Adjustable Bed:

There are few other factors you should keep in mind when choosing the right mattress for your electrical bed.

  • First, consider how thick the mattress is. You’ll be able to find mattresses that are 20cm to 35cm thick, however you don’t want to pick one that is too thick, since it won’t be able to adjust to the curves of the bed. Pick one that is around 25cm deep, which can adjust well to the curves and offer good comfort and support.
  • Another thing to consider is how firm is the mattress. You’ll be able to find mattresses with different comfort levels: soft, medium, firm, or extra firm. The comfort level you choose will depend on your personal preference. However, if you’re looking to buy a firm or extra firm mattress, just double check that it is compatible with adjustable beds, since they have a harder feel and might not be able to adjust to the curves so well. 
adjustable bed in super king size

Lastly, check that the mattress is the same size as the bed frame. While this is pretty straight forward, there is a tricky part when it comes to “super king size adjustable beds”.

In some cases you will find a super king size adjustable beds that is split into two bases, so that each couple can adjust and elevate their side as they wish. In this case you will have to buy two European single size mattresses, which measure 90cm x 200cm. 


When buying any type of mattress, there are so many things to consider. But when you require your mattress to perform additional functions (like on an adjustable bed), you will need to be even more specific when looking into what’s available.

As mentioned, it’s best not to go for a coiled spring mattress, so a high-quality memory foam or latex mattress would be best.

Overall, remember that a suitable mattress for an adjustable bed should be flexible, durable, and comfortable. You can find appropriate mattresses at most UK retailers, and you could always ask the manufacturer if the mattress you’ve chosen is compatible with an adjustable bed before you make your purchase.