Mattress Reviews

Check out these full mattress reviews, with all the details and information you need to choose the right mattress.

Emma Mattress full review

Emma Hybrid Mattress Review

The Emma Hybrid combines micro pocket springs with memory foam, to provide dynamic pressure relief and advanced breathability. It comes with 200 night trial.

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eve mattress detailed review

Eve Mattress Review

When Eve’s founders created the company in 2015 in the UK, they had one mission in mind, to create the world’s most comfortable mattress.

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Nectar mattress full review

Nectar Memory Foam Mattress Review

The Nectar Memory Foam mattress has been engineered and manufactured around one simple promise “to make the best mattress you’ve ever slept on, guaranteed”. The Nectar mattress is the only one that comes with 365 night risk free trial and forever warranty!

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noa mattress review

Noa Mattress Review

The Noa Mattress was launched recently by the Canadian company Noa Home. This mattress is 28cm deep and has a hypoallergenic Tencel cover, cooling memory foam and layer of pocket springs. There is a more affordable Lite model, and a premium model: Luxe Noa Mattress.

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otty mattress full review

Otty Mattress Review

The Otty Hybrid mattress combines 14cm-long encapsulated pocket springs, luxury reflex foam, and Cool Blue Gel infused memory foam, creating great support for a person’s body contours and joints, while regulating body temperature throughout the night.

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simba mattress full review

Simba Mattress Review

When designing the mattress, Simba has worked closely with “The Sleep To Live Institute”, involving more than 10 million people and measuring 180 million body profile data points, with the mission to create the world’s best mattress. Read more

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Mattress Topper Reviews

If you’re not ready to change your old mattress for a new one, a good alternative would be to get a mattress topper instead. You’ll be adding a layer of comfort to your existing sleep surface, without spending too much money. 

Emma flip mattress topper

Emma Mattress Topper Review

The Emma Flip Mattress Topper has a “Ultra Dry” cover and breathable Airgocell foam so you won’t feel hot or overheated during the summer months. The ZeroGravity foam provides ultimate comfort while you sleep. It comes with 100 night trial and 10 year warranty.  Read more

Simba mattress topper review

Simba Mattress Topper Review

The Simba Mattress Topper has been designed to give any old mattress an instant comfort upgrade. The topper is made of cooling open cell foam and 2,500 specially designed springs. Read more

Mattress Comparisons:

emmay original vs. emma hybrid mattress

Emma Original vs. Emma Hybrid

Both the Emma Original and Emma Hybrid are 25cm deep, and have a layer of Airgocell and visco-elastic memory foam. The Hybrid also has a layer of up to 2,000 mini pocket springs. Find out which is better? Read more

ergoflex vs tempur mattress

Ergoflex vs. Tempur Mattress

Tempur is a world leader in manufacturing luxury mattresses, however their prices range around £1,500 for a double size. A good alternative is the Ergoflex mattress. It is 23cm deep and has a layer of High-Density visco-elastic memory foam, which is durable and relieves body pressure. Read more