What is Half and Half Mattress? Guide to Split Tension Mattresses

What is Half and Half Mattress? Guide to Split Tension Mattresses

A half and half mattress is the ideal solution for couples who are shopping for a new mattress, but have a different preference on the firmness level they want to sleep on. 

For example, one person may prefer to sleep on a soft mattress, while the other may like a more firmer sleep surface.

In such cases getting a half and half mattress, also commonly known as split tension mattress or dual mattress, may be the perfect solution for couples.

In this guide we’ll go over some useful information you should know, before you decide if they are worth buying or not?

What is a Half and Half (Split Tension) Mattress?

A half and half mattress is typically divided into two sections, with each side (left and right) having a different level of firmness.

This means that one side of the mattress may be firmer, while the other side is softer, or one side may be medium-firm, and the other side may be medium-soft.

The exact firmness levels can vary depending on the brand and model of the mattress, but generally the most common tension levels are: soft, medium and firm.

This allows customers to select the exact tension and firmness properties of each side (left and right) of the mattress. These are perfect options for couples who share a mattress.

Half and half mattresses are available in different types of materials – like ordinary mattresses – such as memory foam, innerspring, latex, wool, etc. 

half and half mattress firm and soft

Zip and Link Mattress vs. Split Tension Mattress

A zip and link mattress is basically two single size mattresses with different firmness levels connected together with a zipper. They are available in king or super king size only.

While a split tension (half and half) mattress is one mattress, where the left and right side have different firmness levels. They are available in double, king and super king sizes.

flaxby zip and link mattress

Some people may not like the idea of having a zipper in the middle of their sleep surface (as shown above) and may prefer to get a split tension mattress instead. 

Shopping Tip: Dream’s Flaxby Natural Collection mattresses are available in Split Tensions or as Zip and Link. Inside there is a layer of pocket springs, wool, Egyptian cotton, mohair and other natural materials.

Split Mattresses for Couples Explained

As mentioned above, split-tension mattresses are particularly useful for couples. The reason for this is that it allows each partner to choose the level of firmness that is most comfortable for them.

This eliminates the need for separate mattresses, which can save space and money. A split-tension mattress is the ultimate comfort option for couples. Since you don’t have to make a compromise for a tension or firmness option that your partner prefers. 

You can both have the exact mattress specifications that you desire for a good night sleep.

couple sleeping on split tension mattress

Half-Firm Half-Soft Mattress

The most common half and half mattress is one that has one side firm and the other soft. When doing your shopping you can specify if you what the right or left side in firm or in soft. 

One person may prefer to sleep on a softer sleep surface, while the other person may need more support for their back and joints and prefer a firmer one. 

Different brands may offer a wider selection of split tension levels, such as: firm-soft, firm-medium, medium-soft, extra firm-soft, extra firm-medium, etc.

When making an order online, first you need to select the type: single or dual tension, then select the size, and finally you’ll be given different choices of tensions. 

shopping for split tension mattress

What Are the Different Mattress Tensions for a Dual Mattress?

When it comes to half and half mattresses with different tensions on each side, there are typically three main options: soft, medium, and firm.

  • Soft tension mattresses are designed to provide a plush and cushioned feel, with a focus on pressure relief and contouring to the body. They are ideal for side sleepers and individuals who prefer a softer sleeping surface.
  • Medium tension mattresses are a middle ground between soft and firm, they provide a balance of comfort and support. They are suitable for a wide range of sleeping positions and preferences.
  • Firm tension mattresses are designed to provide a solid and supportive sleeping surface, with a focus on spinal alignment and pressure relief. They are ideal for back and stomach sleepers and individuals who prefer a firmer sleeping surface.

It’s worth noting that the firmness level can vary from brand to brand. Therefore it’s important to check the mattress specifications and reviews before making a purchase. 

Additionally, some manufacturers offer multiple options of firmness on each side of the mattress, such as extra-firm or ultra-soft, providing more options for the customer to choose from.