Tufted vs. Quilted Mattress: Which is Better?

Tufted vs. Quilted Mattress: Which is Better?

When you start shopping for a new mattress, you’ll notice that they are either “tufted or quilted”. Quilted mattresses have a more even and smooth surface, while tufted ones have “tufts or buttons” throughout the whole sleep surface. These tufts are used to hold all the layers together inside the mattress, and help it last longer.   

Tufting is more likely to turn up on higher-quality mattresses, usually those with pocket springs inside. On the other hand, quilting may be discovered as a general guideline on a diverse variety of mattresses, such as memory foam and innerspring.

What is a Quilted Mattress?

Quilted mattresses are made of materials that have been quilted together to offer a more even, smoother and comfortable sleeping experience for the user. 

The cushioning is usually constructed of polyester strands that are stitched together to keep them in place. The mattress cover is frequently made with a high thread count, which makes it durable.

A quilted mattress is stitched together with long strands of the needle to retain the top layers of the mattress together, below that there is usually a layer of innersprings, pocket springs or memory foam.

The stitching on a quilted mattress can be in various designs and patterns, which runs from one side to the other, over the surface of the mattress.

quilted patterns on mattress surface
example of quilted mattress by silentnight

Here you can see the Silentnight Abbeydale Pocket Sprung Mattress, which is 28cm deep.

On top there is quilted cushion top that has been quilted in a diamond pattern. Below that there is a layer of memory foam and springs (up to 2,221 in total). It’s priced at £799 for a double size.

What is a Tufted Mattress?

Tufting involves inserting into the whole mattress thick tufting threads to keep the layers in place. Tufting can be done by hand or by machine. It is an essential component of the mattress’s composition, and the mattress would come apart if the tufts were not correctly positioned.

Tufted mattresses are often considered more traditional mattress designs, whilst quilted mattresses are considered more contemporary. Do not remove the button tufts, otherwise it will damage the structure of the mattress, and it may loose its shape and begin to sag or dip in certain places.

button tufts on mattress
example of tufted mattress

Here you can see the Jacobs Pocket Sprung Mattress is a good example of a tufted mattress.

It is 25cm high, there are two layers of cotton and polyester, and up to 1961 pocket springs. It has a regular price of £1,299 for a double size, or £649 when on sale.

Can You Feel the Tufts on a Mattress?

Many people will not feel the tufts as they lay down on the mattress, however some people might be more sensitive and will find it uncomfortable to sleep on them. Generally as a person lays down, their body weight will be evenly distributed over the mattress, and the tufts will flatten out.

Depending on the brand and manufacturer, some tufts have buttons with small plastic retaining bars which can still be felt through a mattress protector and fitted sheets.

If you’re worried that the tufts will be a problem for you there are a few things you can do. Try out the mattress your interested in buying in a store. If you’re shopping online, read all reviews that customers left to see if anyone mentioned finding the tufts uncomfortable or hard on their body.

How to Make a Tufted Mattress More Comfortable?

If you already own a tufted mattress at home, but find it uncomfortable due to the tufts (or too firm), here are a few things you can do:

1. Break-in your tufted mattress

If your tufted Mattress is brand new and seems excessively hard, it may just require a little more time to break in. The same way that shoes need to be broken in, a new tufted mattress must.

2. Consider using a mattress topper

Its function is to offer an additional layer of padding for comfort, additional support, or to conceal any unsightly lumps. A topper is generally composed of a layer of foam that can range from thin to thick. 

There are a variety of other alternatives, including down, memory foam, and cooling gel foams, all of which can be beneficial in alleviating the discomfort of terrible mattresses.

using a mattress topper on tufted mattress

Check out the Dorma Full Forever Anti Allergy Mattress Topper priced at £80 for a double size.

The topper is 3cm (1 inch) deep and has a cover made from cotton, while inside there is spiral fibre filling. The topper is sure to add a layer of softness and comfort to any mattress.

3. Take into consideration a mattress pad

A mattress pad, albeit thinner and less expensive than a mattress topper, can also provide a bit of extra comfort to a hard-to-comfort mattress. A suited sheet is used to cover your mattress, and then your sheets are placed on top of the fitted sheet. Pads for mattresses are available in a wide variety of materials such as down, memory foam and cotton. They provide varying degrees of comfort and tenderness, as well as safety for the mattress. 

4. Rotate or flip your mattress

It is possible that flipping a mattress may allow it to wear more evenly and will create a more pleasant sleeping surface over time. Check the label on your mattress to see if it’s one sided or double sided.

If it’s one sided you can sleep only one side of it, and you should rotate it clock or counterclockwise. If it’s double side you can sleep on both sides, so you can flip it over and rotate it clock and counterclockwise. This will create a more pleasant sleeping surface over time.

5. Better linens can be purchased

If you have an unpleasant mattress, a new comforter or set of sheets will not make it any more comfortable. However, new linens can contribute to making an uncomfortable mattress feel softer.

It is possible to make your bed appear softer and more luxurious by purchasing elevated bedspreads or linens. A T-shirt-like jersey or flannel sheets can give your bed a comfortable T-shirt feel, but if you need sharp medical corners, firmer cotton sheets are the better choice.

6. Egg crates should be used to protect it

To assist make a bed seem cooler, egg-crate foam mattress toppers may be used to alleviate the pressure on certain places of the body and add an extra layer of relaxation on top of a terrible mattress.

They’re also useful for camping and touring, as well as for keeping your mattress protected. Egg-crate toppers are available in a variety of materials, including standard foam, memory foam, and cooling foam with gel infusions.

Overall choosing a quilted or tufted mattress is a personal preference. If you’re still not sure which one to go to, consider buying a mattress with a 100 or 200 night trial. This way you can test and sleep on it at the comfort of your own home, and if for some reason you’re not satisfied, you can return it for a full refund.