How High is a Divan Bed?

How High is a Divan Bed?

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If you’re shopping for a new divan bed, you’ll need to decide on what’s the right height for you.

Picking a divan bed with that’s too low or too high, can lead to discomfort, trouble getting in and out of bed, and even body strain. 

In this guide we’ll discuss what’s the standard height of a divan bed. Plus you’ll learn how the depth of your mattress also effects the overall height of your divan bed.

What’s the Standard Divan Bed Height?

Divan beds have a standard height of 37cm or 15 inches (this includes the castors). There might be some manufacturers that make divan beds a few centimeters higher or lower. Make sure you check the dimensions on their website or ask a sales representative.

Next, you need to add the height of your mattress to the height of the divan base in order to calculate how tall your bed will be.

height of divan base in cm

What’s the Height of a Divan Bed with Mattress?

Generally a divan base with a mattress has a height of around 63cm. Since a standard divan base is 38cm tall and most mattresses are 25cm deep, when you add them you’ll get a height of 63cm. 

However, keep in mind that the depth of mattresses varies and you can find them as thin as 15cm up to 38cm in height. If you opt for a deeper mattress of around 35cm, then the total height of the bed will be around 73cm, which might come out too high for some people.

Slumberland Eco Solutions Divan Bed Set

Here you can see the Slumberland Eco Solutions Divan Bed Set. The total height is 73cm (base is 38cm + mattress is 35cm). 

The mattress has 2200 pocket springs and deep luxury filings. The price of the mattress and divan as a set is £1,219.48 for a double size. You’ll need to purchase the headboard separately. 

You can find divan bases in single, small double, double, king and super king sizes. Also, some retailers let you customise the storage options and add 2 drawers, 4 drawers or make it a half or full open ottoman base. 

flaxby divan base 36cm high

This is the Flaxby Divan Base, which you can buy with 2 drawers, 4 drawers, 2 + 2 continental drawers, or hide away. 

This divan base is 36cm (or 15 inches) high. You can buy it in 5 different colour options. It’s priced at £700 for a double size with 2 drawers. 

How to Choose the Best Bed Height?

The ideal bed height will vary from person to person, because it’s determined by how tall you are. As a general rule of thumb, when you stand beside your bed, your knees should be at the same level as the top of your mattress.

ideal bed height

If you sit on your mattress and you have your knees at 90 degree angle, and your feet are flat on the floor then your bed is a good height. However, if your feet dangle off the floor, the bed is too tall or if your knees rest above your hips then it’s too low.

Alternatives to a Divan Bed:

There are other alternatives you can consider, such as a metal, wooden, or upholstered bed with slatted or sprung slats, an ottoman bed, or an adjustable bed. 

1. Adjustable beds

Adjustable beds or motion beds allow you to raise the back, head, and/or leg area of the bed, so you can find a good resting position. They provide lots of comfort and relaxation, but come with a higher price tag. 

Sleepmotion 400i Adjustable Bed

One of the most popular adjustable beds on the market are the Sleepmotion beds by Dreams, which go for around £799 for a double size.

They help ease pressure points by elevating your back, feet and lumbar areas of your body. Some models even have a massage function.

2. Ottoman Beds

Ottoman beds are very practical because you have a very large storage area under your bed, where you can put away lots of items.

ealing front opening ottoman bed

Here you can see the Ealing Upholstered Ottoman Bed, which is available in light or dark grey. You can lift up the base and access the ottoman storage, which is 29cm deep. While the base is 30cm high. 

This ottoman is reasonably priced at £599 for a double size (including the headboard). 

No matter which option you choose, make sure you shop around. Also if you’re looking for a new mattress, check out the Nectar Memory Foam mattress which comes with 365 day trial. This allows you to sleep on the new mattress for a few months, and if you’re not satisfied to return it for a full refund.

Please note, any prices mentioned here are up to date as of February 13, 2023.