Ealing Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame Reviews

Ealing Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame Reviews

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The Ealing Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame is a popular product among customers, since it offers ample storage space (29cm deep) at a good price point. The design of the Ealing Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame adds a contemporary look, while the ottoman adds a functional piece, to your bedroom. 

This bed frame blends style with comfort to create the ideal place for reading, watching TV or falling asleep. It also creates a practical storage solution for various items.

The solid slimline baseboard on the ottoman ensures you are ordering a durable product that is sure to last for years.

Ottoman Storage Space

Ealing Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame in silver
Ealing Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame Review

When you need storage without taking up extra floor space, look no further than the front-opening ottoman storage, which has a total storage depth of 29cm. You can easily lift the ottoman to reveal a space for gifts, bedding, shoes and apparel. The ottoman storage is going to come in handy in various situations, from tidying up your bedroom to hiding last-minute clutter.

The appearance of the Ealing Ottoman Bed frame is perfect for adding a luxurious but modern vibe to your room. For example, it features a vertical stitched padded headboard (116cm high), which adds comfort when sitting back. The fabric is available in two colours, which are grey and silver, to fit your interior.

Rating: 4.8/5 stars from 892 customers
Size: single, small double, double, king
Price: from £499

Additional Info:

Since the Ealing Ottoman Bed does not have any feet, it’s actually touching the floor. There are two advantages to this: one is that there won’t be any dust getting under the bed, and the second is that this leaves more space for the ottoman storage space. 

With the Ealing bed the storage height is 29cm, while with similar beds such as the Sana Upholstered Ottoman Bed have a storage depth of 23cm and the Hopkins Ottoman Bed has 26cm.

ealing ottoman bed dimensions

The Ealing Ottoman Bed has a high headboard which measures 116cm.

You’ll also notice that here there are no sprung slats, but instead there is a solid base board. There is a gas lift mechanism, which assists in opening the ottoman without applying too much force.

Below you can see the Ealing Ottoman Bed once it has been assembled in a bedroom. 

Ealing Ottoman Bed Frame in attic bedroom
Ealing Ottoman Bed Frame in double size lifted up

Delivery and Assembly Information:

One of the advantages of shopping from Dreams, is that they offer free delivery and a one-year guarantee on this piece (with option to extend it to 8 years).

Keep in mind that the Ealing Ottoman Bed is a popular product, and in some cases delivery can take anywhere between 1-3 weeks all the way up to 12 weeks depending on its availability. 

In the meantime, you can shop for a compatible mattress in the Dreams shop, which works for the small double, double or king-sized bed frame. If you’re in a need of a new mattress, check out our detailed review of the Therapur Actigel Mattress collection from Dreams.

Ealing Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame Reviews

The Ealing Ottoman Bed is one of the preferred ottoman beds at Dreams with a high rating of 4.8/5 stars from 892 customers. It comes at a good price point, and it’s available in 2 colour options and 4 sizes to fit most bedroom interiors.


  • Overall the majority of customers find the Ealing bed to be sturdy, beautiful and easy to put together. Many feel that this bed is reasonably priced.
  • The vast majority are amazed at the large storage compartment and have said that it’s deeper than expected. This is a big advantage for those living in small apartments or studios.
  • Another point to make is that the hydraulic mechanism is very easy and smooth to lift up, which allows you to access the storage space whenever you need to hide away something or take out something from inside.
  • Since it comes in single and small double size, there are several customers who have bought it for their teenager’s bedroom and have said that their child loves their new bed.


  • Shopping for a new bed is an important decision, that’s why you should take into consideration any negative feedback customers have said about the bed. Only a handful of customers have pointed out that there is a strong chemical smell coming out of the bed, once they have unpackaged it.
  • Another negative feedback that a few customers had trouble assembling the floorboards inside the ottoman and have said that they don’t fit snuggly together.

In general, the Ealing Ottoman Bed is a popular product that many customers would recommend and are happy with once they have assembled it and started sleeping on it at home. You can also take the time and read all customer reviews here

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