Kano Platform Bed by MADE Reviews

Kano Platform Bed by MADE Reviews

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Platform beds are an excellent option for homeowners who are seeking to enjoy understated luxury and benefit from a minimalist design.

MADE is home to many stunningly designed products, and their selection of bed frames are ideally suited to people looking to modernise their bedrooms with high-quality furniture.

IMPORTANT: As of 1 November, 2022 MADE has filed for insolvency and is no longer taking any new orders.

You can check out these 3 alternative beds instead:

1. ZINUS Alexia Solid Wood Platform Bed

zinus alexia wooden bed
alexia bed with slats

The Alexia Solid Wood Platform Bed by ZINUS has a very similar design and even lower price than the Kano bed. It’s made from solid wood and has a slatted base. The Alexia bed can support up to 318kg (the single size can support up to 159kg).

The height of the bed is 30cm and it’s available in single, double, king and super king sizes. It comes with 5 year limited warranty and easy assembly process.

Price: from £165 

2. Emma Platform Bed

emma bed with mattress
emma platform bed metal and wooden

The Emma Platform Bed has a simple design, however it’s sturdy and supportive. It has a metal bed base and natural wooden slats. The slats are durable and will provide a comfortable night sleep.

The height of the bed 25cm, while the legs are 22cm high. This gives you plenty of space for under bed storage.

The Emma Platform bed is very easy to assemble, it takes about 15 minutes to build the bed. It comes with 2 year guarantee, plus 200 night trial to see if you like it.

Price: from £186

3. Annika Wooden Low Rise Bed Frame

annika low wooden bed
annika bed with headboard

The Annika Bed Frame is perfect for those looking for a contemporary bed. It has a slatted headboard, which is 107cm high. 

The bed is constructed from solid ash wood and plywood.

You can choose between solid slats or sprung slats, which provide more cushioned support for your mattress while you sleep. It has a very similar price tag to the Kano Bed, plus it comes with a headboard included. 

Price: from £249 

As soon as MADE starts taking new orders again, you can check out our detailed review of the Kano Bed on this page. It benefits from a sleek, Asian-inspired design while providing excellent durability and comfort. Let’s take a look at the Kano in greater detail. 

Kano Platform Bed

kano platfrom bed review
made kano platform bed

Made from solid pine, the Kano bed is an ideal option for anyone looking for a traditional wooden bed frame for their master or spare bedroom. The platform bed is inspired by Japanese design and is highly sophisticated yet beautifully simple. 

The platform is just a flat base with wooden slats and rounded corners. It allows you to really bring out the other key features of your bedroom while providing an extremely comfortable surface on which to sleep at night. 

Rating: 4.4/5 stars from 275 customers
Size: single, double, king, super king
Price: £300 for double size 

Kano Bed with Headboard and Shelf

kano bed with headboard
kano bed with shelf

If you’re looking for a bed that comes with a matching headboard, then the Kano Bed with Shelf and Headboard is a great option to consider. The platform bed and headboard are made from solid pine wood. This product comes with solid slats made from poplar wood. 

On the back of the headboard there is a handy shelf, which allows you to place a picture frame or place one or two books there, so you can keep them close at hand. The legs are 16cm high, and there are two support legs in the middle.

Size: double, king
Price: £475 for double size 

Kano Bed with Storage Drawers

made essentials kano bed
kano bed with storage drawers

The Kano Bed with Storage Drawers is another popular option for many home owners who need additional storage space in their bedroom.

Here you have two spacious drawers (one on each side), plus a space to display and organise your books on the foot end of the bed. Each drawer can hold weight up to 140kg, so you can keep wide range of heavy items there.

This Kano bed is also made from pine wood and is 27cm high. Given that storage space in many bedrooms is at a premium, under bed storage is likely to be sought-after by many people looking to get the most out of their interior space. If you’re looking for a bed more storage space, then check out our guide on the best wooden ottoman beds.

Rating: 4.4/5 stars from 275 customers
Size: double, king, super king
Price: £675 for double size 

Delivery and Assembly Instructions:

MADE offer a generous ten-year guarantee with the Kano, which means you can shop in confidence and be sure that any issues you encounter with the bed can be fixed within that time frame. The delivery may vary between a few working days up to 14 weeks, depending on the type of bed and size you’ve selected. 

When the Kano bed is delivered to your home, you’ll be provided with an instructions manual on how to assemble it. Alternatively you can download the assembly instructions on their website (located on the Details section of the product page). Many customers have said that the bed is very easy to assemble and that all you need is a screwdriver and the tools that came inside the packaging.

As far as the weight capacity, the double, king and super king sizes can hold up to 140kg of weight on each side, so a total of 280kg weight capacity for the whole bed. The single size can hold up to 100kg. If you need a strong bed frame that can hold up to 80 stone or 508kg, then check out our guide on the best heavy duty bed frames.

Tip: If you need a new mattress, check out our guide on the top 10 mattresses you can buy online. Most of them come with 200 nights trial so you can test them at home.

Below you can see a customer photo of the Kano Double Platform Bed with Storage Drawers. It has a rattan headboard and looks lovely. 

Kano Bed Reviews

Scoring 4.4 out of 5 from over 275 reviews, it’s clear that the Kano bed frame is extremely popular with those that have bought it. In fact, it’s one of the best selling beds on MADE, due to its price, durability and minimalistic style.


Reading through the comments, it’s evident that reviewers are delighted with the quality of the Kano and consider it to be a premium product at a good price. Lots of customers have agreed that the style of the Kano is unique and gives their bedroom a minimalist and trendy feel. Others have said that the bed is sturdy and durable, and they seem to have no worries with assembling it either. 


As for negative reviews, there aren’t many to choose from. One reviewer was unhappy at the time it took for the bed to be delivered, while another didn’t feel that it was as sturdy as it might have been. However, it’s important to look at these negative reviews as isolated incidents, as it’s impossible to please everyone all of the time. 

As such, the Kano platform bed seems to be a perfect choice for anyone looking for a stylish, minimalist bed frame at an affordable price that is also durable and hard-wearing to ensure the perfect night’s sleep.

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