7 of The Best Wooden Ottoman Beds Starting From Just £249

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If you love the look and durability of wooden beds, then you’ll want to check out this list of wooden ottoman beds, that not only look beautiful but provide plenty of storage space. They are a perfect addition to your bedroom if you’re short on space, and need a place to store your clothes, bedding, pillows, and any other types of belongings. 

The first thing you’ll notice when shopping for a wooden ottoman bed is that they generally have a similar look, with some differences in the headboard design and shape. These beds almost always touch the ground, and don’t have any feet. This is an advantage because you won’t have any dust getting underneath the bed. 

You’ll be able to find a wooden ottoman bed in all sizes: whether it’s a single, double, king or super king. The colours available are just a few, generally: white, grey, and natural wood.

1. Buangor Ottoman Bed, by August Grove

This bed will bring a touch of New England charm to your bedroom. It has a classic design, with spindled headboard and panelled base. The mattress base lifts up easily. It’s available in 3 sizes: single, double and king, so you’ll be able to find just the right size whether you’re shopping for a master bedroom, a guest room, or a kids/teen’s bedroom. Plus it comes at a very affordable price!
Colours: white, grey
Sizes: single, double, king
Price: £299 – £362 (from Wayfair – retailer and image source)

2. Aileen Ottoman Bed, by Three Posts

This wooden ottoman bed has a shaker style headboard, with a clean and elegant design. It’s constructed from solid and manufactured wood. And it has protective base board, with 3 dividers, allowing you to easily organise your belongings. The sprung slates give a natural bounce and greater comfort when you sleep.
Colours: stone grey, pearl grey, white, oak
Sizes: small double, double, king size
Price: £271.99 – £440.99 depending on colour (from Wayfair – retailer and image source)

3. Palmview Ottoman Bed, by Brambly Cottage

This beautiful bed has a solid wooden headboard, with gas lift mechanism allowing you to easily open the ottoman frame from the front of the bed. It has sprung slates, for added comfort and durability while sleeping. It’s available in grey, white or oak.
Size: small double, double, king
Price: £372.66 – £534.66 (from Wayfair – retailer and image source)

4. Larksville Storage Bed Frame, by Three Posts

If you’re not a huge fan of lifting up and down your mattress base every time you want to store something away, then you might want to consider this storage bed that has 6 drawers! The bed has a classic slatted headboard and a grooved footboard. It’s made from sturdy solid pine wood and steel hardware, making sure it will last throughout the years. Three drawers are located on each side, providing you with plenty of storage space.
Sizes: small double, double
Price: £349.99 (from Wayfair, retailer and image source)

5. Cypress Gardens Wooden Ottoman Bed, by Beachcrest Home

This bed stands out from all the rest, because it has an arched spindle headboard. It’s a great piece of furniture if you’re looking to create a classic country-style bedroom. It has sprung mattress base, that can be easily lifted at the foot end. This bed is available also in single size, great for kids and teenagers.
Colours: white, grey, natural oak finish
Sizes: double, king
Price: £399.99 – £439.99 (from Wayfair – retailer and image source)

6. Barnsley Ottoman Bed, by Beachcrest Home

This is another beautiful ottoman bed in white colour with arched spindle headboard and matching footboard. It has a side opening functionality, allowing you to easily lift to ottoman base at the side. It has a sprung slatted base, for added comfort while sleeping.
Sizes: double, king
Price: £409 (from Wayfair – retailer and image source)

7. Charnwood Wooden Ottoman Bed, by Emporia Beds

This is a modern and stylish, which is perfect if you’re looking for something more contemporary but at the same time want the traditional look of a wooden bed. It’s made of solid oak panels, for a sturdy construction. It has a gas lift mechanism, allowing you to easily lift up the mattress and access your storage space. There is heavy duty base linen with fabric, that will protect all your belongings while they’re stored away. It’s also available in super king size, ideal for large bedrooms.
Sizes: double, king, super king
Price: £759 – £849 (from Bedstar – retailer and image source)

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Best Wooden Ottoman Beds