TheraPur ActiGel Mattress Reviews

The TheraPur ActiGel mattresses are very popular with customers who are looking for a cooling mattress, that won’t overheat in the summer months.

Inside each TheraPur mattress there is a layer of ActiGel, which provides proper airflow and breathability. 

While the PurFibre layer moulds to each part of your body and provides just the right zone support. Additionally, the hypoallergenic materials prevent the growth of bacteria and dust mites.

Therapur Actigel Mattress Review dreams

TheraPur Mattress Features:

  • A layer of ActiGel foam has cooling properties designed to create a cool sleep surface and regulate body temperature.
  • PurFibre layer relieves body pressure and adds comfort.
  • Have pocket springs or open coil spring system. They contour to your individual body shape and weight.
  • Available in 2 comfort grades: “medium” or “firm”.
  • Covered by Dream’s 100 Night Comfort Guarantee.
  • Come with 1 or 10 year guarantee (depending on model).
  • Made in the UK.

Top 5 TheraPur Mattresses

While there are a total of 10 TheraPur ActiGel mattresses that you can choose from, some have received better rating than others. The main features you should look at include: number of pocket springs or open coil springs, how deep the ActiGel layer is (2cm or 4cm), how firm the mattress is, the price, etc.

1. TheraPur ActiGel Polar 800 Mattress

TheraPur ActiGel Polar 800 Mattress 1
TheraPur ActiGel Polar 800 Mattress layers and materials

The TheraPur Polar 800 Mattress is the top rated model with 4.8 out of 5 stars. It has a “medium” comfort level and is 22cm deep.

  • The 2cm ActiGel layer and PurFibre support layer provide a cooling sensation and deliver targeted support to your body. 
  • It has 806 pocket springs (in the king size), which absorb motion transfer between partners. There is a ActiCool® knitted cover, while the mattress has hypoallergenic properties. 

Rating: 4.8/5 stars from 788 customers
Price: from £799 

2. TheraPur ActiGel Arctic 2600 Mattress

TheraPur ActiGel Arctic 2600 Mattress 1

The TheraPur Arctic 2600 Mattress has a “firm” comfort rating and is 27cm deep

  • Inside there is 4cm layer of ActiGel® foam and PurFibre® layer, which provide pressure relief and targeted zoned support to key areas of your body. The open cell structure of the ActiGel® foam make the mattress more breathable and regulates temperature throughout the night.
  • There is a pillow top with ActiCool® cover, adding a sense of luxury and soothing comfort when you lay down.
  • The mattress has 3,333 pocket springs (in the king size), offering advanced support and comfort. There are two layers of springs, the first one is “comfort support mini springs” and the bottom layer is made of “full size encapsulated pocket springs”.

Rating: 4.7/5 stars from 1385 customers
Price: from £1099 (reg. £1,299)

3. TheraPur ActiGel Glacier 1600 Mattress

TheraPur ActiGel Glacier 1600 Mattress 2
TheraPur ActiGel Glacier 1600 Mattress layers

The TheraPur Glacier 1600 Mattress is rated as “firm” and is 28cm deep. It strikes a good balance between price and comfort.

  • On top there is a ActiCool® knitted cover, followed by PurFibre® layers and 2cm layer of ActiGel® foam. These materials provide a cool night sleep, and help to support and recover your body.
  • The mattress has 1,761 pocket springs (in the king size), which are individually wrapped in their own fabric pocket. They contour to your body and provide optimum support. Plus, it’s made of hypoallergenic materials.

Rating: 4.7/5 stars from 1017 customers
Price: from £999

4. Therapur ActiGel Glacier 4600 Mattress

Therapur ActiGel Glacier 4600 Mattress
Therapur ActiGel Glacier 4600 Mattress layers

The Therapur Glacier 4600 Mattress has a comfort level of “medium” and is 30cm deep.

  • The 4cm layer of ActiGel® foam and PurFibre® foam provide zoned and optimised support in key areas of your body. At the same time they keep you cool throughout the night.
  • The mattress has impressive 4677 pocket springs (in the king size). There are two layers of “full size pocket springs and one layer” of “mini comfort support springs”. Together they offer excellent pressure relief and body support.
  • On top there is a plush and luxurious pillow top. Plus the whole mattress is hypoallergenic.

Rating: 4.7/5 stars from 971 customers
Price: from £1599 

5. TheraPur ActiGel Arctic 800 Mattress

TheraPur ActiGel Arctic 800 Mattress
TheraPur ActiGel Arctic 800 Mattress layers

The TheraPur Arctic 800 Mattress mattress has a “medium” comfort grade and is 22cm deep.

  • It has 806 pocket springs (in the king size) and 2cm ActiGel layer and PurFibre support layer. There is a luxurious quilted cover on top. The mattress has hypoallergenic properties.
  • Provides a cooling sensation, delivers targeted support to your body, absorbs motion transfer between partners and comes at a good price.

Rating: 4.7/5 stars from 640 customers
Price: from £699 (reg. £799)

How to Choose a TheraPur ActiGel Mattress?

In order to choose the best Therapur mattress, you should look at the following features:

  • How deep the ActiGel layer is: either 2cm or 4cm. This Gel layer is responsible for keeping you cool at night.
  • You should also consider the number of pocket springs you want inside. Pocket springs provide very good body support and isolate motion transfer between sleeping partners. The TheraPur ActiGel Hazen and Simcoe models have open coil spring system (they come with 1 year guarantee). 
  • Some mattresses also come with a pillow top, so if you’re used to sleeping on a mattress with a pillow top, you have several options to choose from.
  • Finally, you’ll want to take a look at how deep the mattress is. The TheraPur ActiGel 800 Mattress is 22cm deep, while the highest model Therapur ActiGel Glacier 4600 Mattress is 30cm deep.

Alternatively, you can check out Bensons for Beds iGel mattress collection, which also has a layer of gel inside and has a similar price tag. 

Additional Information:

When you shop from Dreams, you’ll get free delivery with all their orders. Plus, your mattress will be covered by the company’s 100 Night Sleep Guarantee. This allows you to exchange it for a different one, that has a more suitable firmness level, in case your find your new mattress too soft or too firm. 

You can find them in single, small single, double, small double, king or super king sizes. This makes them suitable for a master, guest or even a children’s bedroom. If you’re shopping for a super king size mattress, you’ll have the option to choose between a zipped or non zipped mattress option. 

The TheraPur mattress collection currently only comes in “medium” or “firm”. If you prefer sleeping on a “soft” or “very firm” mattress, check out the Flaxby mattresses or the Tempur One mattress

Is TheraPur a Dreams brand?

Yes, TheraPur is a Dreams brand, manufactured at Dreams’ very own mattress and bed factory at Oldbury, West Midlands.

There are over 150 employees, who craft everything by hand. The materials used inside are hypoallergenic and have a gel cooling layer inside (ActiGel).

TheraPur mattresses are compatible with most bases and bed frames, as well as Sleepmotion adjustable bed frames. All of them have handles on each side, so you can easily rotate head to toe your mattress regularly.

Below you can see how a TheraPur mattress looks like, once it has been set up at home. 

TheraPur Mattress Reviews

The TheraPur Mattresses are one of the top selling and best rated at Dreams. The most popular is the TheraPur ActiGel Polar 800 Mattress with 4.8/5 stars from 788 customers. The most common compliments include: that it’s sleeps cool at night, it’s comfortable, and that they are getting a great night sleep. The other models between 4.5-4.7  star rating, which is quite impressive.


  • Since every mattress has a layer of gel inside and ActiCool® knitted cover, customers are not sleeping hot, (even during the summer heatwaves). Many are no longer waking up in the middle of the night feeling too hot or too cold.
  • Many have said that their back pain has been alleviated or completely gone, and that they are waking up feeling refreshed and energised in the mornings.
  • The pocket springs stop movement from their sleeping partner, when they have restless nights.
  • A few customers found the mattress to be rather uncomfortably hard, but after sleeping on it for two weeks, giving it enough time for the mattress layers to settle in and has become very comfortable.


  • There have been several low reviews posted about the Therapur Actigel Glacier 3600 mattress, that it has sagged, or collapsed in the middle after a few weeks of usage. This is a problem that should be addressed with Dream’s customer service right away. 
  • Other customers have said that their new Therapur Actigel Mattress is too hard in the beginning, but softens with time. Some were able to adapt to the comfort, but there were others that didn’t see an improvement and were able to exchange it for a different one, with Dream’s 100 night comfort guarantee policy.
  • Only a handful of customers said that they sleep hot and that they find the mattress to be very warm.

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