IKEA Mattress and Bed Sizes Explained

IKEA Mattress and Bed Sizes Explained

IKEA sells a wide range of mattresses (spring, memory foam, latex, etc.) and mattress toppers, as well as a wide range of beds and headboards. However, before you start shopping for your next sleep product, you should carefully check the IKEA mattress sizes.

You should pay attention to the IKEA mattress sizes because, IKEA sells both standard UK mattress sizes as well as European sizes, which are 10cm longer.

After all, you don’t want to end up with a product that is the wrong size and won’t fit properly.

Now let’s go over each size in more detail, as well as look at IKEA’s popular HOVAG mattress shown in different sizes.

What is an IKEA Standard Single?

IKEA Standard Single size beds and mattresses measure: 90cm wide x 190cm long (or 3ft wide x 6ft3inches long). This is the same as the UK Single size.

They also have an European single size, which is 10cm longer. It measures 90cm wide x 200cm long. 

ikea standard single size mattress
Ikea European single size mattress

The European single is 10cm longer and is a preferred option for teens and adults who are taller and need more leg room. It’s is also slightly more expensive, around £10 more depending on the mattress model.

Does IKEA Sell Small Double Beds and Mattresses?

IKEA only sells a few of mattresses and beds in small double size, also referred to as 4ft. One example is the HÖVÅG mattress and it measures 120x190cm. From the “Size” drop down menu, you’ll need to select 120x190cm size option.

In the UK, a small double size mattress is also very popular for teens or adults who have a smaller bedroom. It measures 120cm wide by 190cm wide.

TIP: If you’re looking for high quality small double size mattress, check out the Emma or Simba mattress.

What is an IKEA Standard Double?

The IKEA Standard Double beds and mattresses measure: 135cm wide by 190cm long, (4 feet 6 inches by 6 feet 3 inches). This is the same as UK double sizes. 

IKEA also sells European Double size beds and mattresses which are 140cm wide by 200cm long. 

ikea standard double size mattress
ikea european double size mattress

The European double size is 5cm wider and 10cm longer. This gives more leg room and a little more space on the sides. It’s also a popular option for couples who have a smaller bedroom, and don’t mind sleeping closer and snuggling together at night. 

What is an IKEA Standard King?

IKEA Standard King Size beds and mattresses are: 150cm wide by 200cm long (5 feet by 6 feet 6 inches). This is the same as a UK king sizes.

At IKEA you can also find an European King Size mattress, which is: 160cm wide x 200cm long.

ikea standard king size mattress

Here the length is the same at 200cm, however the width is different by 10cm, giving each sleeping partner more room on their side. If your bedroom is not able to accommodate a super king size bed, then getting a EU king size mattress and bed is a great alternative. 

It can sleep two people comfortably, but won’t be taking up that much space in your bedroom.

What is an IKEA Standard Super King Size?

The IKEA Standard Super King bed and mattress is: 180cm wide by 200cm long, (6 feet by 6 feet 6 inches), which is the same as a UK super king size. 

There is no IKEA European Super King size mattress.

Basically, there is no European Super King size mattress sold or manufactured by IKEA, so you only have the option to buy the Standard UK Super King size, which has these dimensions: 180cm x 200cm. Many couples with large bedrooms prefer to get a super king size mattress and bed.

Other Mattress Sizes:

IKEA doesn’t not sell shorty mattresses which are 75cm x 175cm. The company also doesn’t sell small single size which is 75cmx190cm. The do however sell a few mattresses which are 80x200cm, and are suitable for kids or daybeds.

The company also carries a large selection of cot and toddler mattresses which have the following dimensions: 60x120cm or 70x140cm.

Super King size mattresses are generally the largest mattress sizes that companies sell. If you’re looking for a bigger mattress than that, then check out our guide on the best Emperor size mattresses

They measure 200cm wide by 200cm long, and are usually very hard to find, since not a lot of companies manufacture them. Currently IKEA doesn’t sell an Emperor size mattress.

Are IKEA Mattresses Standard Size?

Yes, recently IKEA have started to show Standard UK mattress sizes on their website as the default ones (in order to avoid any confusion). For example: Standard Single, Standard Double, Standard King, Standard Super King mattresses shown on their website, are the same size as UK standard sizes.

However, they also sell European (EU) mattress sizes which are 10cm longer. You can easily spot an EU size because they are referred to as: 90x200cm (EU single size), 140x200cm (EU double size), and 160x200cm (EU king size).

What are IKEA Bed Sizes?

IKEA sells both UK standard size beds and European size beds, which are 10cm longer. Here is a breakdown of the difference:

IKEA Standard Size BedIKEA EURO Size Bed
Single 90x190cmSingle 90x200cm
Double 135x190cmDouble 140x200cm
King 150x200cmKing 160x200cm
Super King 180x200cmSuper King 180x200cm

If you buy a UK standard size bed, you need to buy a UK standard size mattress. Or if opt for a European size bed, then you need a European size mattress. Otherwise, you risk having the mattress stick out at the foot-end or having a 10cm gap.

ikea bed size and dimensions
ikea bed product size

When shopping for a bed at IKEA, select the size you want to buy and then click on the section “Product Size”. There you can see the length and width of the bed, as well as the mattress length and width it can accommodate. Above you can see the Product Size details for IKEA’s SLATTUM bed in Standard Double size. 

Are IKEA Mattresses Delivered Rolled Up?

Some of IKEA mattresses are rolled up. Once you unpackage your new IKEA mattress you can sleep on it right away, but it will need around 72 hours to expand to its full depth and length. Having a rolled-up mattress makes it easy to be delivered to your home by car and carried to your bedroom.

If you’re wondering how your new IKEA mattress will arrive to your home, go to the “Package details” section on their website. There you can see what is the length, weight and diameter of the package. 

ikea rolled up mattress
IKEA Hamarvik mattress rolled up

As shown above, the HAMARVIK double size sprung mattress will arrive in one roll-ed up package, with length 138cm, diameter 40cm and it will weigh 22.50 kg. However, the length, diameter, and weight will vary depending on the size you have selected.

You can also check the Assembly and Care instructions by clicking on “Assembly & Documents” section. It will have information on how to set up your new mattress, how to take care if it, etc. 

What is the Height of IKEA Mattresses?

The height or depth of IKEA mattresses varies between 18cm-31cm. The depth will depend on the type of materials and number of layers there are inside. Generally, the thicker a mattress is, the more support it offers and the more expensive it is.

You can find a few models that are 13cm-15cm deep, which are suitable for daybeds and bunk beds. In particular, bunk bed mattresses should not be thicker than 15cm, due to safety reasons. Check out our review of Simba Bunk Bed mattress, as a good option for bunk beds.

What is IKEA’s Mattress Return Policy in UK?

IKEA does offer a 90 day exchange policy, which means that if you don’t like your new mattress you can exchange it for another one. You have up to 90 days to sleep on and decide if you like or don’t like your IKEA mattress. If you don’t like it, you can exchange it for a different one.

The company also has a 365 day return policy, however the mattress should be in it’s original packaging and be in new condition in order to return it. 

Alternatively, you can check out our list of best mattresses with 100 or 200 night trials, which allow you to return the mattress for free if you don’t find it comfortable. You’ll be given a full refund and won’t have to pay any return fees either.

Image sources: IKEA. com/gb/en / HÖVÅG Mattress / HAMARVIC Mattress / SLATTUM Bed