Will IKEA bed and mattress fit in my car?

Will IKEA bed and mattress fit in my car?

Many people love to shop from IKEA. They offer a wide range of practical, stylish and affordable furniture which you can buy in store or online. They sell around 300 beds and 50 mattresses, with prices ranging between £69-£899 (or $79-$999).

If you’re planning a trip to IKEA to buy a bed or mattress, you might be wondering if it will fit in your car? In this guide we’ll go over what to look out for, so you can determine if the item will fit in the back of your car or not. 

Will IKEA bed fit in my car?

You should be able to fit an IKEA bed in your car, if the package is up to around 236cm (93inches) long and 60cm wide (24inches) wide. You can do so by laying the box on the passenger side. First, make sure you lower the headrests all the way down, then move the passenger seats backward or try folding them.

This is the case for most average-sized cars, such as a Ford Focus Hatchback Car (see the video below).

Safety Tip: Make sure that packages don’t block any of the mirrors, otherwise it may not be safe to drive your car, especially on high traffic roads and streets.

Check the product package(s) size on IKEA’s website

Once you know what bed you want to purchase, you need to check the “Package Details” of the product. For example, if you know you want to buy the Balestrand Divan Base with 2 drawers, visit IKEA’s website and click on “Measurements” and then on “Package details”.

Here you can see that the Balestrand double size bed comes as 2 packages. The longest piece is 192cm and it’s 41cm wide. Keep in mind that the weight of each package is around 44kg. So you should have another person with you, to help carry the item.

IKEA bed large package dimensions

Will IKEA mattress fit in my car?

Many IKEA mattresses come rolled packed, you should be able to fit it into an average-sized car without any problems. Since they are vacuumed and rolled, the package takes up less space and can fit in the back of a car. The rolled mattress package has handles, which makes it easy to carry and move.

IKEA rolled mattress easy to carry

Let’s look at the MORGEDAL foam mattress in double size. When you check the Package Details on their website, you’ll see that it’s rolled packed and is 141cm long, 19.5cm wide, with a diameter of 41cm. The package is quite compact and should be able to fit in a car that is average-sized. You’ll most likely need to have the back seats laid or folded down.

You may have already noticed that IKEA sells standard size UK mattress and beds and sizes which are 10cm longer (with a length of 200cm). Check out our guide, where we explain IKEA mattress sizes in more detail.

Do all IKEA mattresses come rolled?

No, not all IKEA mattresses come rolled. Some are flat packed, especially the pocket sprung ones. This means that they are sold flat (not rolled), and should be transported the way they are. 

You can check and see if a mattress comes rolled packed or flat, by looking at the “Package Details” of the item. 

For example, the IKEA VATNESTROM Pocket sprung mattress comes flat packed. Looking at the Package details of the double size mattress, you can see that it’s 138cm wide, 193cm long and 26cm high. 

IKEA flat mattress package size

This is a size that won’t be able to fit in small and average-sized cars. Here are two methods you can use to transport this IKEA flat packed mattress using your car. 

Method 1: You may need to fold the mattress in two (from head to toe) and strap it. Once it’s strapped it should be able to fit it inside your car or minivan.

Method 2: Transport the mattress on top of your car. You’ll need to use ratchet straps, and secure the mattress using the ratchet straps through the windows of the car. Make sure the mattress is positioned safely and securely. It should not block your front window or lift up and fall when you start driving.

How much is IKEA furniture home delivery?

Depending on your postcode and the product, IKEA will calculate the exact delivery fee. For items such as a bed or mattress the delivery fee can be around £15 – £40, with the option to have it delivered to a room of choice.

One advantage of this is that you don’t have to carry a heavy item by yourself. However, you’ll need to wait a few days for the item to arrive. 

Tips for transporting big furniture items that won’t fit in your car

Here are a few tips you should also consider in case you want to transport an IKEA bed or mattress from their store, but it doesn’t fit in your car. 

  1. Order home delivery from IKEA’s store or website when you buy the bed and/or mattress. They’ll deliver it within a few days and will even bring it to your room of choice. 
  2. Find a person with a van, this means asking around your friends if they own a van, or even checking out some messaging or classified websites such as Gumtree. Once you’re at Gumtree’s website, click on -> Services -> Transport -> Van & Truck Hire.
  3. Rent a moving truck or van. There are dozens of car renting companies in the UK that offer small or large vans that can be rented. Browse online, compare prices and choose one that best suits your budget and needs.

Mattress and furniture companies offering free UK delivery

There are a few companies in the UK that sell comfortable mattresses and durable beds, but also offer free delivery. What’s more, they offer 1 year free trial period on their mattresses, so you can decide if you’re happy with it or not.

One example is Nectar, they have a 25cm deep premium memory foam mattress that keeps you cool and provides excellent body support. Their double size mattress goes for around £483.45 when on sale, plus they also have four durable beds that you can buy, all with free delivery.

Second on the list is the Simba Hybrid Mattress, which is 25cm deep and has a layer of micro springs and open sell cooling foam layer. Not only is their delivery free, it’s also carbon neutral, so it’s good for the environment. The mattress will arrive within 3 business days to your room of choice. There are three stylish beds, all hand-crafted in the UK using recyclable materials.


IKEA’s aim is to design and manufacture furniture pieces that are compact, easy to assemble and transport. Before you make your purchase, make sure you double check the packaging details of the item you want to buy. Then consider if it will fit inside your car or not. 

If you’re not sure, you can always order home delivery from IKEA for a fee, after you’ve bought your item. However, just to be on the safe side, if you live in a remote postcode area, double check with IKEA if they can deliver there or not.