Joining Two Single Beds to Make a Super King

Joining Two Single Beds to Make a Super King

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Have you ever checked into a double room in a hotel, only to find that the bed you’re sleeping on is actually two singles pushed together?

While it’s an ideal solution in hotels and offers greater flexibility, you might also be considering it as an effective option for your guest or master bedroom at home.

Actually, it’s quite possible to have a comfortable super king size bed, that’s made up of two singles

Below you can see the a Zip and Link Divan Bed Set that comes with two mattresses connected together with a zip. While the two divan bases are connected with linking bars on the head and foot end of the bed.

The Stratford Zip and Link 1000 Pocket Memory Sprung Divan Bed Set (shown above) is priced at only £729.95, and includes two divan bases and two mattresses.

The mattresses are made in the UK. Inside there is memory foam and 1,000 pocket springs, which makes them comfortable and supportive.

While the divan bases are constructed from high quality timber and are available in wide range of fabrics and colours. You have the option to add storage drawers on the sides, helping you to declutter and organise your bedroom. 

How Big is Two Single Beds Together? 

If you join two single size beds, you would have a super king size bed according to UK standard bed sizes. This is because in the UK, a standard single bed is 90cm x 190cm. So, pushing two singles together would yield a bed that is 180cm (wide) x 190cm (long).

This is the same width as a super king bed, however keep in mind that it will be 10cm shorter. A super king size bed measures 180cm (wide) x 200cm (long). 

Therefore, you can buy two European Single Size beds that measure 90cm wide x 200cm long. This way when you join them they’ll be the exact same size as a super king bed.

  • Two single beds joined together: 180cm wide x 190cm long
  • King size bed: 150cm wide x 200cm long
  • Super King size bed: 180cm wide x 200cm long

So essentially, pushing two single beds together will give you a super king-sized sleeping surface, as opposed to a double or king, as many people often believe. However, don’t forget that it is 10cm shorter!

Main reason why you can’t push two single beds together:

The biggest problem of pushing two single beds together is that there will be a gap between the two mattresses. This won’t be very comfortable, because you will feel the gap when you lay in the middle of the mattress. 

Overall, the gap in the middle of the sleep surface might lead to a poor night sleep, and in some cases back pain. 

One solution would be to buy a “Zip and Link” mattress, which is basically two single size mattresses connected together using a strong zipper. Check our guide on what is a “Zip and Link bed” to learn more.

Mattress topper to join two single beds

You can use a mattress topper to join two single bed, however it needs to measure 180cm wide x 190cm long. You will need to purchase a custom size mattress topper, because if you use a super king size one it will be 200cm long and it will stick out by 5cm at the headend and 5cm at the foot-end of the bed (total of 10cm). This is especially true for memory foam mattress toppers.

Dorma mattress topper to join two single beds together

However, you may want to try getting a super king size mattress enhancer or topper made of polycotton or feather down. 

For example, the Dorma Full Forever Mattress Topper is 3cm thick and is priced at £80 for a super king size.

Since it’s thinner, you can tuck the extra 10cm between the mattress and headboard and footboard. 

Plus if you’re using a mattress protector and fitted sheets, it will help keep the mattress topper in place and keep the extra 10cm hidden. 

Overall adding a mattress topper or enhancer will add an additional comfort layer and make the sleep surface even.

Use a Bed Bridge or Bed Connector

A Bed Bridge is a cushion or pad specifically designed to fill the gab between the two single size mattresses. It comes with straps, which hold the bridge and two mattresses in place securely. They are usually made of memory foam and can fit very well between the two mattresses, thanks to their “V-shape”. 

Overall this is a cheap fix that many homeowners can try. Plus it takes only a few minutes to set it up. Some are extra wide and will cover the gap quite effectively.

Pros and cons of joining two single beds together:

Buying a new mattress and/or bed is an expensive purchase, that’s why it’s important to look at both the pros and cons of joining two single beds together. If you feel that the cons outweigh the benefits, then consider getting a king or super king size bed instead. 


  1. Cost-saving: In some cases two single beds can often be cheaper than a king-sized bed. However, make sure you carefully calculate the cost of both options, because it
  2. Flexibility: If you’re hosting two people who aren’t a couple, you can separate the single beds and offer them individual beds. However, if you’re hosting guests who are a couple, you can push the beds together to allow them to sleep together. 
  3. Different mattresses: You might find that you like a firm sleep surface, while your partner prefers a soft mattress. If this is the case, opting for two singles and pushing them together allows you to use your preferred mattresses without having to sleep on different beds. 


  1. Less comfortable: Some people find it uncomfortable to have two singles joined together, particularly if they occasionally move to the other side of the bed in the night to give their partner a cuddle. 
  2. 10cm shorter: Two single beds next to each other measure 180cm (wide) x 190cm (long), which is 10cm shorter than a super king size bed (180cm wide x 200cm long). So if you’re taller than average, the length might not be enough for you.
  3. Not as attractive as a king or super king: From an aesthetic point of view, a king is much more attractive in a bedroom than two singles pushed together, particularly if you opt for a king with a beautiful headboard or other distinctive features. 
  4. More time consuming: It takes more time and effort to make two single beds than it does to lay a king. While this won’t bother everyone, it’s another potential con that’s worth considering.

Also, keep in mind that the beds need to be attached using metal joining brackets, otherwise they won’t stay next to each as you use the bed every day. 

two single beds in a room


Ultimately, it’s up to you whether or not you should push two single beds together. It’s an attractive option if you’re looking for greater flexibility in your spare or kids’ bedroom, as you can move them apart as and when you choose.

Equally, if you and your partner have different mattress preferences, you may find that two single beds pushed together is the ideal solution for you.

Our last tip is to shop for a mattress that comes with a home sleep trial. This means that you have 100-200 nights to test and sleep on your new mattress at home, and if for some reason you’re not comfortable you can return it and get a full refund. 

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