Best Double Over Double Size Bunk Beds

Best Double Over Double Size Bunk Beds

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Are you thinking of buying a bunk bed for your kids? It’s certainly not a crazy idea, as bunk beds are a practical, cool, and affordable way of maximising the space in your child’s bedroom. In this post, we look at the benefits of having bunk beds before reviewing a couple of available options.

Different Size Bunk Beds:

A bunk bed is essentially two beds in one. There is one bed on the bottom and one on the top. Bunk beds are an excellent option for multi-children families. Still, they’re an option for adults, too, as many hostels and budget hotels worldwide use bunk beds as an affordable sleeping option.

You can find a bunk bed in several sizes:

  • Single size – this is the most popular type of bunk bed, which features a 3ft single on the top and 3ft single bed on the bottom. This is a good size for most kids and teens.
  • Triple bunk bed – can sleep three kids comfortably. It features a 3ft single on top and a 4ft small double or 4ft6 double on bottom. 
  • Double or Quadruple bunk beds are those that have a 4ft small double or 4ft6 double on top and on the bottom. They can sleep up to four kids or adults, as long as the weight limit is not exceeded. 

What are the Best Double Bunk Beds?

We’ve found three of the best double size bunk beds you can find online. They all have a strong and durable construction, and high customer rating. 

1. Everest Double Over Double Bunk Bed (4ft 6)

Everest Double over Double Bunk Bed 4ft 6

Manufactured in the UK by Strictly Beds and Bunks Ltd, the Everest classic bunk is crafted using only the finest Scandinavian solid natural pine, which is environmentally friendly, incredibly durable, and provides a superb structure for the perfect night’s sleep.

It also has the best price from all the other options on this list. 

The bed has been designed with adults in mind and is labeled as a “heavy-duty bunk bed”. The wooden slats can comfortably accommodate two adults of 108 kilos, one on each level. Perhaps the Everest bunk’s standout feature is the extra-wide wooden slats and extra-thick flat adjoining ladder, which offers the perfect solution for adults looking for a comfortable and secure night’s sleep.

Size 1 option: double over double (4ft 6)
Size 2 option: this bunk bed is also available in small double (4ft) size here.
Price: click on button to check price from Amazon (image source and retailer)

2. Oslo Small Double Over Small Double 4ft Bunk Bed

oslo small double over small double bunk bed
oslo detachable double bunk bed

The Oslo White Wooden Quadruple Sleeper provides sleeping space for your kids’ room or guest bedroom, offering a practical, space-saving solution for four people. Crafted with an authentic wooden texture and wooden slats, the Oslo bunk bed combines practicality and contemporary charm and can be easily modified and decorated to suit your bedroom theme.

The durable wood makes for a safe structure and ensures a safe night’s sleep, particularly for young ones. The Oslo can also be separated into two beds, offering full flexibility should you need to utilise it. 

With an 80cm gap between the bunks, there is plenty of space for adults and children alike to have a great night’s sleep. Another reason why you’ll like this bunk bed is because it can be detached and separated into two small double size beds. When you shop from Happy Beds, you have free UK Mainland sipping and 5 year guarantee on this product. 

Size: small double over small double (4ft)
Price: £409.99 (reg. £737.98) from Happy Beds (image source and retailer)

3. Malvern Small Double 4ft Top and Bottom Bunk Bed

Malvern Quadruple Small Double over small double 4ft Bunk Bed Frame
malvern double over double bunk bed

Here you have another great small double size bunk bed, which can sleep four people comfortably. It’s made from high quality materials, and is finished in white giving it a classic and timeless design. Many customers who bought this bed said that it’s excellent quality, strong, and well fitted.

You’ll notice that this is the only bed on this list that has an angled ladder, which makes climbing up and down easier. It comes with solid wooden slatted base, so the mattresses are supported and is better air circulation. It comes with 5 year guarantee. 

Size: small double over small double (4ft)
Price: £484.99 (£872) from Happy Beds (image source and retailer)

Why should I buy a bunk bed?

Bunk beds have many benefits. Firstly, and perhaps most obviously, they save space. Instead of requiring the floor space for two single or double beds, beds in a mattress take up half the space on top of one another. This is an excellent solution for larger families as well as those with limited space in their homes.

Bunk beds are also great for storage, with many bunks having storage built underneath the bottom bed or even into the stairs. Or you can choose to buy separate drawers or a trundle unit. They also free up space in your kids’ room for playtime and other activities. It’s also an excellent option for sleepovers, as you can welcome other kids into your home without having to worry about where they will sleep.

Shopping Tip: If you’re looking for a comfortable bunk bed mattress, check out the Simba Kids Bunk Bed mattress. It’s designed for kids and bunk beds and comes with 200 night trial!

As well as space savers, bunk beds are cost-effective. It’s usually cheaper to buy a bunk bed instead of buying two separate single beds, complete with bed frames and mattresses. 

For example if you also buy two mattresses with your bunk bed from Happy Beds you get 10% off their price. Plus you have a wide range of mattresses to choose from, starting from just £94.49 for a small double size. 

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