Best Footstool Beds

Best Footstool Beds

Many people live in smaller homes and rentals, and we often have to get creative when it comes to the furniture that we fill our homes with. As you know, beds are one piece of furniture that takes up a lot of space. 

A clever solution is to get a footstool that can unfold into a bed. It will provide a comfortable night sleep, without taking up too much room in your home.

Below are 5 of the best footstool beds currently sold online, starting from just £299!

1. Vonanda Sofa Bed

Vonanda Footstool Bed
Vonanda Sofa Bed

On top of our list is a clever and affordable Vonanda Sofa Bed sold on Amazon. It can be used as an ottoman, sofa/chair, bed or lounger.

The backrest is adjustable in 5 different positions, so it can be used a comfortable lounger or chair. The ottoman quickly turns into a bed in a few easy steps. It has a metal construction and high density seating foam.  

Best best part is that it is delivered fully assembled, so you can use it right away. 

Dimensions as a footstool: 94cm wide, 70cm deep, 43cm high
Dimensions of the mattress: 94cm wide, 188cm long, 43cm high
Price: £299.99

2. Jay-Be Footstool Sofa Bed

jay-be footstool sofa bed
jay-be footstool turns into single bed

Made in the UK and composed of recyclable and sustainable materials, this eco footstool from Jay-Be transforms into a comfortable guest bed in seconds. It comprises luxury reflex foam seat cushions that ensure the sleep surface is extremely comfortable. 

The mattress has been vigorously tested to ensure that it maintains high performance, even after it has been folded and unfolded many times. The frame of the bed is made of steel, while the sprung bed base is made from FSC certified wood. Plus you can order the bed in a range of colours, which is ideal for those of you with a creative eye on funky interiors! 

This Jay-Bed footstool bed comes with 5 year guarantee and free shipping. Jay-Be also makes high quality folding beds in single and double size. 

Dimensions as a stool: 79cm wide, 89cm long, 46cm high
Dimensions of the mattress: 213cm wide, 89cm long, 48cm high
Mattress depth: 9cm
Price: £449.99 (reg. £773.98)

3. COSTWAY Folding Footstool with Mattress

COSTWAY Folding Footstool Bed
COSTWAY Folding Footstool with Mattress

This is a modern, compact, and affordable footstool bed, which will look great in any living space. It has a quick folding mechanism, which allows you to easily unfold and pull out the mattress in seconds. The mattress is made from high-density foam which is soft and comfortable.

This footstool bed has a solid construction and can withstand up to 150kg of weight, for sitting or sleeping. It’s available in grey, pink or blue colour.

Dimensions as stool: 103cm long x 72 wide x 37cm high 
Dimension as bed: 185cm long x 78cm wide
Mattress depth: 6cm
Price: £298.95

4. Jack in a Box Double Bed Footstool

Jack in a Box Double Footstool Bed

The Jack in a Box Bed is a high quality footstool that can fold out into a small double bed when needed. The mattress measures 133cm wide by 188cm long, when folded out. The bed has been designed with multi-functionality in mind and can be used as an extra seat for guests when it is not being used as bed.

When ordering the Jack in a Box Bed, you can select from a vast array of fabrics and colours. The fabric options include: velvet, cotton, linen, tweed, wool, boucle, family-friendly fabric and others. While you have over 30 colours to choose from. 

Overall, it’s a compact, contemporary roll-out bed that won’t look out of place in any part of your home. Since it’s handmade to order, so you should expect it within 8-10 weeks. The bed frame is constructed from solid beechwood and it comes with 2 years frame guarantee.

Dimensions as a stool: 75cm depth, 158cm width, 46cm height
Dimensions of the mattress: 183cm length, 133cm width, 46cm height
Price: from £890

5. Esprit Footstool Double Bed

Esprit Footstool Double size Bed
Esprit Footstool Double Bed

If you’re looking for a larger footstool bed, that can turn into a double bed and sleep two people there, then this is a lovely option to consider. It’s available in one of three shades of ebony, enabling you to choose from silver, pewter, or taupe, depending on the colour scheme of your home’s interior. 

When the bed is packed up, in a matter of seconds it can easily transform into a comfortable double bed for your occasional visitors. The foam mattress is comfortable and is supported by sturdy metal legs. The deeply cushioned, velvet upholstered stool certainly won’t look out of place in your sitting room on all other occasions. 

If you like the look of this Esprit footstool bed, you can also buy it in a smaller size, which converts into a single size bed, see it here

Dimensions as a stool: 76cm depth, 170cm wide, 49cm high
Dimensions of the mattress: 185cm long, 130cm wide, 49cm high
Mattress depth: 6cm
Price: £695

YODOLLA 3-in-1 Sofa Bed Chair

YODOLLA 3-in-1 Sofa Bed Chair
YODOLLA 3-in-1 Sofa Bed unfolded

While this technically is a chair bed, not a footstool bed it’s still very practical and convenient. It’s upholstered in linen fabric and is available in four colours: dark grey, light grey, navy and yellow.

The Yodolla 3-in-1 Sofa Bed Chair can be used as a single sofa chair, a lounger or a bed. The frame is made of wood and steel and it can withstand weight of 360 kg (800lbs). It will arrive in three boxes and has very easy assembly.

Dimensions as chair: 91cm deep x 93cm wide x 83cm high
Dimensions as bed: 198cm long x 73cm wide x 43cm high
Price: £339

Henry Bed in Box

henry bed in box
henry footstool bed

The Henry Bed in a Box is a stylish and high quality item, handcrafted in the UK. It comes in over 100 different colour and fabric combinations. It has an easy fold pull out mechanism, so you can easily transform it into a single size bed. 

The space saving design makes this a great addition to any living room or guest room. Plus, you’ll be always ready to host an overnight guest. This product comes with lifetime guarantee on the frame.

Dimensions as a stool: 74cm depth, 107cm width, 42cm height
Dimensions of the mattress: 183cm length, 83cm width, 42cm height
Mattress depth: 8.5cm
Price: from £1090

Barnet Single Bed in a Box

Barnet Bed in a Box

The Bernet Bed in a Box is a super stylish and compact bed. It easily transforms into a single size bed, with a comfortable 12cm pocket sprung mattress. You can customise the feet between dark oak and medium oak.

What’s more there are over 170 different colours and fabrics to choose from. Some of them include: linen, stain resistant linen, cotton, velvet, leather, tweed and more. The frame is made from solid hardwood and comes with 10 year guarantee. 

Dimensions as a stool: 98cm depth, 98cm width, 50cm height
Dimensions of the mattress: 190cm length, 77cm width, 50cm height
Mattress depth: 12cm
Price: from £1,040

What is a Footstool Bed?

When they’re not folded out, footstool beds take up little to no space in your guest bedroom, living area, or perhaps even study. They can be used as footrests next to your sofa or just as a nice addition to your home’s furniture. 

Then, when you have guests over to stay, you can open the footrest out and provide your visitors with a comfortable sleeping surface without having to worry about taking up a great deal of space. 

One of the best things about most footstool beds is that they’re extremely easy to convert into beds, saving you lots of time and hassle when it comes to the arrival of your guests. 

How Does A Footstool Turn Into A Bed?

Footstool beds can be easily converted from a footstool to a bed, generally in a matter of seconds. Depending on the design, you have to remove the top cushion of the footstool. Then unfold the folding bed that’s hidden inside the footstool frame. The mattress is already attached on top of the frame and is ready to be used. Just place a pillow, sheets and a blanket and your guest(s) can sleep there comfortably.

footstool converts into a bed
jay-be footstool bed

You can watch this YouTube video, which shows how the Jay-Be footstool turns into a bed, with its unique roll-out mechanism. 

3 Alternatives to a Footstool Bed:

If you’re still not sure that a footstool bed is the right furniture piece for your home, there are a few other options to consider.

  1. Sofa Bed: One is to get a sofa bed, which can be converted from a sofa into a single or double bed. One very popular option is the Logan Sofa Bed, which comes in 3 sizes and four colour options, plus it starts from just £399. 
  2. Daybed: A second alternative would be to get a daybed. You can choose between wooden or upholstered daybeds, depending on your preference. Many homeowners get them for their kid’s bedroom or guestroom, and sometimes for the living room. Check out our top picks of the best double size daybeds.
  3. Folding bed: Lastly, you can opt and get a folding bed instead of a footstool bed. However, you’ll need to find a place to store the folding bed when it’s not being used. This is one of the disadvantages of owning a folding bed. On the other hand, a footstool can be used as a seating area during the day, and as a bed when your guests need a place to sleep for the night. 

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