Bessie Sofa Bed by MADE Reviews

Bessie Sofa Bed by MADE Reviews

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The Bessie Sofa Bed was a popular furniture piece sold by MADE, for those hoping to maximise their home’s floor space. It was a good addition to spare bedrooms and living rooms. It carried an elegant look and a reasonable price tag starting at £325 (for the single/chair size).

IMPORTANT: As of 1 November, 2022 MADE has filed for insolvency and is no longer taking any new orders.

You can check out these two alternatives instead:

1. Alexa Sofa Bed

alexa sofa bed alternative to bessie sofa bed
alexa sofa bed unfolded

The Alexa Sofa Bed from Bensons for Beds is a high quality sofa bed at a good price. It’s upholstered in luxury velvet fabric and has wooden legs. There are 3 colours to choose from: grey, blue and green.

This sofa bed has an easy front opening mechanism, and turns into a comfortable bed in seconds. It comes in 3 sizes: single, small double and double. This product comes with 5 year guarantee.

Price: £279 (reg. £349) single size / £359 (£449) small double / £399 (reg. £499) double size

2. Cork A-Frame Sofa Bed

cork a-frame sofa bed
cork a-frame sofa bed unfolded

The Cork A-Frame Sofa Bed by Dreams is another great alternative to the Bessie Sofa Bed. It has a simple click-clack folding mechanism, so you can turn it into a bed very quickly and easily. It has responsive foam inside, which makes sitting and sleeping there comfortable.

It’s available in 3 sizes: single, small double, and double. Plus it comes in a 4 lovely colours: cream, grey, plum and silver. It’s made in the UK and comes with 1 year guarantee, which can be extended to 8 years.

Price: £649 single size / £749 small double / £849 double size

In this post, we’ll review the Bessie Sofa Bed from MADE in detail. It is available in either in velvet, grey weave, or boucle fabric. The velvet option has several colours to choose from, while the weave fabric option comes only in grey and the boucle fabric option is available in whitewash. 

The sofa bed comes with 2 matching pillows already included, (the single size comes with 1 pillow).

Bessie Sofa Bed (Velvet Upholstery)

made bessie sofa bed in velvet

The Bessie Sofa Bed in velvet upholstery is a luxurious piece, supported by stylish brass legs. It is available in a range of colours, including royal blue, sage green, seafoam blue, blush pink, and deep black.

The Bessie Sofa Bed benefits from a simple click-back mechanism that makes its transition from a comfortable seat to sofa bed hassle-free. You don’t need to worry about catching your fingers in a complicated mechanism, which is often a complaint people have of other sofa beds.

Rating: 4.1/5 from over 44 customers 
Size: single, small, large sofa bed
Price: from £325 (depending on size)

Bessie Sofa Bed (Luna Grey Weave)

bessie sofa bed in grey
bessie sofa bed

The Bessie Sofa Bed in grey weave fabric, comes with brass legs and has a modern design. It’s only available in grey, which is a neutral colour and should fit well with wide range of room interiors.

During the day, it makes for a comfortable and spacious sofa, while at night, it can be stretched into a perfectly comfortable bed, which is ideal for guests, thanks to the simple click-clack mechanism. 

The Bessie range has been produced using recycled materials, making it a good choice for environmentally conscious consumers.

Rating: 4.3/5 from over 8 customers 
Size: single, small, large sofa bed
Price: from £325 (depending on size)

Bessie Sofa Bed in Single, Small Double or Large Double Size

Regardless of how large your living area is, you’re sure to find the right Bessie Sofa Bed size. There are three sizes to choose from, which means that you can accommodate one, two or three people comfortably.

The legs of the Bessie Sofa Bed are 16cm high, while the seat/mattress cushion is 14cm deep. 

  • Bessie Single Sofa Bed: 81cm high, 78cm wide, 88cm long (when used as sofa) or 183cm long when used as bed. One person can sit or sleep there. 
The Bessie Small Double Sofa Bed: 81cm high, 122cm wide, 88cm long (when used as sofa) or 183cm long (when used as bed).
  • Bessie Small Double Sofa Bed: 81cm high, 122cm wide, 88cm long (when used as sofa) or 183cm long (when used as bed). It can seat and sleep two people.
Bessie Small Sofa Bed Size
  • Bessie Large Double Sofa Bed is: 81cm high, 142cm wide, 88cm long (when used as sofa) or 183cm long (when used as bed). It can seat three people and sleep two.
Bessie Large Double Sofa Bed

An alternative to the Haru Sofa Bed would be the Haze Sofa Bed, which has a chaise and can seat and sleep two people. Another good alternative would be the Chou Click Clack Sofa Bed, also sold by MADE. It’s available in the same colours and has a similar price.

Delivery and Assembly Information:

When shopping from MADE, there is a delivery fee, which is applied to your order. With the Bessie Sofa Bed, the deliver fee ranges between £15 – £25 depending on the size you’ve selected.

Also, make sure you check how long it will take for the product to be “Dispatched” and delivered to you. This will depend on the colour and size you’ve selected, and you can see the “Dispatch Period” shown above the “Add to Basket” button. 

The assembly is very easy, all you have to do is have the legs fitted and you’re all set to use your new sofa bed.

Bessie Sofa Bed Review

While the Bessie Sofa Bed looks great, what do verified customers make of it when they get it home? Well, the good news is that the Bessie sofa bed scores 4.1 stars out of 5.0 from 42 reviews. Although that’s a relatively small number of reviews, it’s good to know that it’s popular with those that have left their feedback.


  • Several customers have commented that the Bessie is very comfortable and is exactly as seen in the pictures.
  • It’s also worth noting that people have found it easy to assemble and convert to a bed, which is one of the most important considerations when looking for a sofa bed.
  • Some see this peace as a great value for money.


  • While nobody has yet identified an issue with the sofa bed itself, several customers have been disappointed by the delivery of the bed. As is the case with a lot of Made products, some customers have had to wait months (six months, in one instance) for the sofa bed to be delivered. 
  • Another reviewer commented that the delivery guys left the bed at the foot of her stairs and refused to deliver it to her room.

TIP: Make sure you double check the “Dispatched Time” (shown next to the “Add to Basket” button. Depending on the colour and size you’ve selected the item can be dispatched in as little as 3 days, 4-6  weeks, or 10-12 weeks, and in some rare cases in 18-20 weeks. So be sure to check the “Dispatched Time” before you order.

With all things considered, if you’re happy to wait for your sofa bed and have someone to help you move it to your desired room, then the Bessie Sofa Bed from MADE is a good option for you. 

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