What is a Miracoil and Mirapocket Mattress?

What is a Miracoil and Mirapocket Mattress?

If you’re shopping for a new mattress you’ve most likely come across the terms Miracoil and Mirapocket mattress. They both have a layer of springs inside, however the design of the springs and the support they provide is different.

In this guide we’ll explain what a Miracoil and Mirapocket mattress means and what are their pros and cons, so you can decide which type is right for you. 

What is a Miracoil Mattress?

A Miracoil mattress is one that is comprised of continuous open coils. This is basically an inner-spring system that is made from a continuous composition of metal, as opposed to individual pocket springs.

Miracoil is similar to a continuous coil, standard coil, or Bonnell spring mattress.  

However, Miracoil mattresses are slightly different to traditional open coil mattresses. They were first pioneered by Silentnight in the UK and are linked vertically as opposed to horizontally.

The primary reason for this is that it provides support right across the surface of the bed, and it also prevents the dreaded “roll together” sensation that has plagued open coil mattresses since they were first introduced.

Miracoil springs are also denser than those traditionally used in open coil mattresses, which offers additional support to the body, and works to ensure correct spine alignment.

Although they’re not ideal for everyone, Miracoil mattresses tend to be a cheaper alternative to pocket springs and memory foam products, and provide a good level of support.


  • They have zoned support, promoting proper spinal alignment.
  • They offer firmer support.
  • Since they are linked vertically, as opposed to horizontally, there is limited roll-together effect
  • Less expensive than pocket sprung mattresses.


  • Might be too hard for some sleepers, so it’s best to purchase a Miracoil mattress from a retailer that has an exchange policy in place.
  • Some roll-together effect, when compared to using a pocket sprung mattress with individual pocket springs. 

Are Miracoil Mattresses Any Good?

One of the top selling Miracoil mattresses is the Silentnight Ortho Dream Star Miracoil Mattress. It has an excellent 8.9/10 star rating from over 4,600 customers. It is designed to be “extra firm” and to provide orthopaedic support. 

This means that it relieves pressure on key areas of your body, so you can have a restful sleep throughout the night. It is priced at £279 for a double size. 

If you prefer a firm mattress, instead of “extra firm” then the Silentnight Westland Miracoil Mattress is another popular mattress you can consider. It is 25cm deep and it has 672 miracoil springs (inside the double size). 

It has a soft-feel microquilt mattress topper, plus a deep layer of memory foam, which moulds to your body and relieves pressure. It is priced at £349 for a double size when on sale (reg. £479). 

Silentnight Westland Miracoil Mattress layers

You can buy these Silentnight Miracoil mattresses in single, small double, king or super king sizes, plus they come with 5 year guarantee from Silentnight.

What is a Mirapocket mattress?

Another product of Silentnight, Mirapocket mattresses are comprised of individual pockets of springs, as the name suggests. Instead of providing a continuous coil throughout the sleep surface, the Mirapocket springs are wrapped in soft cloth sleeves and work independently.

The amount of Mirapocket springs within a mattress depends on its design and size, but it could be anywhere between 750 – 4000, particularly for doubles and king-size mattresses.

When compared to Miracoil springs, Mirapocket mattresses reduce the impact of partner motion and enable you to get a calm and rested night’s sleep, even when you’re sleeping with someone who constantly rolls around on their side of the bed.

Another great thing about Mirapocket mattresses is that they isolate support and provide reinforced support to important pressure points. This is ideal for people who struggle with aches and pains at night or those who struggle to get comfortable on other types of mattresses.


  • Provide tailored zoned support to your body.
  • They promote better spinal alignment and posture.
  • Each spring moves independently, to provide tailored support to your unique body shape and sleep position.
  • No roll-together effect, so you won’t be disturbed by your sleep partner. 


  • More expensive than Miracoil mattresses. 
  • Need to double check what is the exact spring count for the model and size you want. 

Are Mirapocket Mattresses Any Good?

There are a number of popular and high quality Mirapocket mattresses, including the Silentnight Sofia 1200 Mirapocket Mattress. It has a 9.0/10 stars from over 1,600 reviews. It is 28cm deep and is rated at “medium to firm”. 

Silentnight Sofia 1200 Mirapocket Mattress layers

There are up to 1,200 Mirapocket springs, which promote spinal alignment and distribute weight evenly. There is also a layer of “Eco Comfort Fibre™”, which is made from 100% sustainable sources. 

It adds comfort, and keeps you cool and fresh in the summer months. Silentnight has partnered with the Marine Conservation Society and uses recycled plastic bottles in their EcoComfort mattress range. 

The Silentnight Sofia 1200 Mirapocket Mattress is priced at £449.75 for a double size, which is £150-200 more expensive than a Miracoil mattress.

Miracoil vs Mirapocket: Which is Better?

Typically, people tend to favour Mirapocket springs, as they are less influenced by partner motion and provide pressure-relieving support throughout the surface of the mattress.

That being said, Miracoil springs are definitely an upgrade on traditional continuous spring mattresses, given the innovations that Silentnight made to the design.

Whichever you opt for, make sure you consider the pros and cons of each type of mattress and select its composition based upon your personal circumstances. Alternatively, you can check out our list of top 10 mattresses, which has listed all the popular UK brands right now. 

Disclosure: Prices and ratings mentioned above are accurate as of February 21, 2024.