What is a Geltex Mattress?

What is a Geltex Mattress?

When you come to buy a new mattress, you will discover a whole range of memory foam, pocket sprung, gel-based, and hybrid options available. Choosing the right sleep surface for your needs isn’t easy, as there’s a lot to think about. 

And one type of mattress technology that has gained in popularity in recent times is Geltex. So, to help you decide if a Geltex is right for you, we run through some of the properties and benefits of a Geltex mattress below. 

What is Geltex?

A Geltex mattress combines air-permeable foam and elastic gel that bolsters the level of cushioning and support afforded to you and your partner throughout the night. People who have trouble adjusting to memory foam may benefit from the addition of gel, as it offers additional support and still adapts to the contours of your body. 

Overall there are three main benefits that you’ll experience from sleeping on a Geltex mattress:

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  • Enhanced breathability and increased airflow. You won’t overheat during the night.
  • Soothing pressure relief for the key areas of your body (back, shoulders and hips).
  • Optimal body support and better spinal alignment when you lay down.

Geltex mattresses are a common feature of Silentnight’s range and are one of the most desirable sleep surfaces available on the UK market. 

How is it different? 

When compared to memory foam mattresses, Geltex promises to enhance breathability, improve pressure relief, and enable free and easy movement. Geltex mattresses can deliver on these promises because of their elastic profile and open cell structure that responds to the contours of your body and your movements throughout the night. 

Following a study conducted by the University of Central Lancashire, Geltex was shown to outperform memory foam in comfort, pressure relief, firmness, and even spinal alignment. As such, some people view Geltex as a better alternative to memory foam and other traditional mattress compositions (such as latex) and are delighted with how a Geltex mattress enhances sleep. 

What are the benefits of a Geltex mattress? 

While mattress comfort is ultimately subjective, the popularity of Geltex in recent times is a direct result of the myriad benefits that come with it. While memory foam mattresses are still undoubtedly popular, Geltex bridges the gap between memory foam and more traditional sleep surfaces and provides the following benefits: 

  • Geltex mattresses are more breathable than memory foam, and the improved heat dispersal suits those who tend to overheat during the night.
  • You don’t need to worry about Geltex mattresses becoming deformed or sagging, as the gel helps the foam return to its original shape. 
  • You’re less likely to be disturbed by partner motion during the night, and Geltex contributes to a more peaceful night’s sleep. 
  • Geltex mattresses feel firmer than memory foam products and offer additional support throughout the night to those who need it.

As people have come to realise the many benefits associated with Geltex, it’s little surprise the mattress technology is increasing in popularity.

One example of a Geltex mattress, is the Studio mattress by Silentnight. It has a 4cm layer of Geltex, plus a 3cm layer of memory foam, which contours to your body. Overall the mattress delivers on comfort, breathability and support. 

studio silentnight mattress
geltex layer in studio mattress

The Studio mattress is available in soft, medium or firm and starts at £399 for a single size. 

Bottom Line:

Ultimately, a Geltex mattress is suitable for anyone who’s looking to improve their night’s sleep. The advanced technology ensures you benefit from the comfort associated with memory foam, as well as the additional support offered by pocket-sprung mattresses. The result is a comfortable and supportive mattress that will help you enjoy a more restful night’s sleep.