Otty Bed Frame and Otty Ottoman Bed Frame Review

Otty Bed Frame and Otty Ottoman Bed Frame Review

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There are so many things to consider when choosing a bed frame. Do you want something sleek and minimalist? Are you looking for added storage underneath your mattress? Do you favour a more traditional design?

In this review we’ll take a look at the Otty Bed Frame and Otty Ottoman Bed Frame. Both bed frames are made of sustainable materials, are sturdy and practical. They come with 30 or 14 night trial, giving you some time to test out the frame at home.

More importantly, we’ll see what real customers have said about the Otty Bed Frames, so you can decide if they are worth buying or not?

Otty Bed Frame

otty bed frame review
otty bed frame

The Otty bed frame is a sleek, environmentally-friendly frame that is made from rubberwood and enhanced by strong metalcore to give the structure an impressive, sturdy feel. There are two central support legs in the middle, for additional strength and stability. 

The horizontal wooden bow slats provide support to the mattress of your choice and add extra bounce. This enhances the comfort of the frame and contributes to an excellent night’s sleep. The headboard is 90cm tall and is crafted using luxurious polyester and gives your bed a sophisticated, minimalistic look. 

The legs are 17cm tall, and provides some underbed storage in case you want to put away some items underneath. The Otty Bed Brame comes with 30 night trial.

Size: single, double, king, super king
Price: from £299.99 (reg. £499.99)

Otty Ottoman Bed Frame

otty ottoman bed frame review
otty ottoman storage bed

Hand-built in the UK, the Otty Ottoman bed frame packs all of the great features and quality you would expect from an Otty product, with the added benefit of significant storage. You can easily lift up the frame, which will stand free due to the hydraulic struts. 

The Otty Ottoman frame’s standout feature is the generous under mattress storage space, at a depth of 34.5cm. It provides a perfect space to store excess bedding, towels, or pretty much anything you don’t want on display in your bedroom. Aesthetically, the Ottoman is beautiful and contemporary, with a headboard that is 111cm tall. The grey colour ensures that the bed fits seamlessly into rooms with varying colour schemes.

The sprung slatted base provides a natural bounce to accommodate various sleeping positions and offers excellent support to your mattress. Comes with 14 night trial

Size: single, double, king, super king
Price: from £599.99 (depending on size)

Otty Bundle Offer (save up to 45%)

otty bed frame and mattress bundle

If you need to buy a new mattress and a new bed frame, then consider checking out the Otty Bundle Deal. 

You can customise it and buy the sleep products you need for your bedroom. You can save up to 45% off!

You can choose between four mattresses: Otty Original Hybrid, Aura Mattress, Otty Pure Mattress and Otty Pure+ Mattress. Next you can add the Otty Bed frame, as well as a two pillows, mattress protextor, duvet, and a bedding set.

Size: single, double, king, super king
Price: £899.98 (reg. £1499.98) for Otty Hybrid Mattress & Bed Frame double size

Additional Information:

Otty is one of the very few companies that offers a night trial period with their bed frames so you can test and sleep on them at home. The Otty Bed Frame has 30 night trial, while the Otty Ottoman Bed Frame has 14 night trial. If for some reason you’re not satisfied you can contact the company and they’ll arrange a free return and refund you the money. 

In addition to this, both Otty beds come with 5 year guarantee. Both bed frames are strong and durable and build to last for many years, but if for some reason it breaks the company will replace it within the first year. 

Moreover, the Otty bed frame benefits from an additional two support legs that are fixed to the middle support bar, meaning this bed frame is suitable for two users of 22 stone (140kg) on each side, making this a good heavy duty bed frame.  

You may want to use them with an Otty mattress or any other brand mattress you already have a home.

Alternative Options:

Before you decide if the Otty Bed Frame is right for you, it’s best to consider some alternative options. First on the list are the Emma Bed Frames. The company sells five different bed frames (from metal, wooden to divan). They have similar price tag to the Otty Bed, but come with 200 night trial, which is much longer than Otty’s.

Second on the list are the Nectar Bed Frames, which have a slightly lower price when they are on sale. They come with 2 year warranty, but there is no trial period. The Nectar Ottoman Bed is £539.25 for double size when on sale and has 14cm deep ottoman storage.

Simba also sells bed frames, however they are on the higher price range, starting from £1,049 for a double size, when they are not on sale. You can take advantage of Simba’s Bundle Offer, which allows you to buy the Simba mattress, bed frame and bedding for £1,202.50 (double size). They do have more colour options, however there is no ottoman bed. The Simba bed frames come with 200 night trial.

Otty Bed Frame Reviews

Otty has been selling mattresses since 2016 and has recently introduced their bed frames to the UK market. Overall the company has an excellent 4.5/5 star rating on TrustPilot from over 8,500 customer reviews. People who have bought the bed frames are happy with the quality and the sleep they are getting. However, there are a few problems customers experienced, which you can read about below.


  • People find the Otty bed frame comfortable and are getting a good night sleep. 
  • Once assembled the Otty Bed frame is sturdy and of good quality.
  • The Otty Ottoman Bed frame has a large storage area inside, which is easy to operate. Many people appreciate the storage and have used it to store lots of different items inside.
Otty bed frame positive customer review


  • Several customers who bought the Otty Ottoman have said that the instructions were not clear and it took a long time to figure out how to assemble the bed. 
  • A few people who bought an Otty mattress and bed frame mentioned that the mattress is slightly narrower. This creates a gap of around 2cm-3cm between the edges of the mattress and bed frame.
otty bed frame negative customer review problems

Before you make your decision on if the Otty Bed Frame is right for you, make sure you read all reviews here.

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