UK Mattress Sizes Explained

When choosing a mattress size, make sure you measure the space you have in your bedroom, also keep in mind that the larger the mattress size the higher the price. Below are the most popular UK mattress sizes and their dimensions:

UK Single Size mattress

Single Size

is great for children or college students, or for a guest or daybed.

UK Single Size (90cm x 190cm)

EU Single Size (90cm x 200cm) – many companies also manufacture an EU Single size, which is 10cm longer.

Double size mattress

Double Size

this is a good size for a single person who likes more room, or for a couple who doesn’t mind snuggling at night.

UK Double Size (135cm x 190cm)

EU Double Size (140cm x 200cm) – many companies also manufacture an EU Double size, which is 10cm longer and 5cm wider.

King size mattress

King Size

this size gives couples a lot more room, for a good night sleep without disturbing each other.

UK King Size (150cm x 200cm)

EU King Size (160cm x 200cm) – many companies also manufacture an EU King size, which is 10cm wider.

Super King size mattress

Super King Size

this is the largest mattress size most companies make. It gives a lot of room for couples to sleep undisturbed, it also has enough space in case the kids climb into bed.

UK King Size (180cm x 200cm) 

Emperor size mattress


only a few companies manufacture this size. It’s suitable for couples who share their bed with children or pets, and have lots of space in their bedroom.

Emperor Size (200cm x 200cm)