Campbell Pocket Sprung Mattress Reviews

IMPORTANT: the Campbell Pocket Sprung Mattress has been discontinued by Dreams. It has been replaced it by the Tadley Combination Mattress, which is also 22cm deep and has similar features and price. 

The Campbell Pocket Sprung Mattress is was one of the top selling mattresses at Dreams. It measures 22cm deep and has “medium” comfort grade rating. 

The Campbell mattress is manufactured by the “Dreams Workshop”, who who have a state of the art factory in Oldbury, West Midlands. At their factory there are over 150 experts who manufacture mattresses by hand, and look at every detail in order to bring you a comfortable product that you an enjoy sleeping in every night.  

What’s Inside the Campbell Pocket Sprung Mattress?

campbell pocket sprung mattress

The Cambell Pocket Sprung mattress is 22cm deep and is single sided, which means that it should be rotated head to toe regularly, but not flipped.

  1. The mattress is topped by soft-touch knitted fabric, which is an extra layer of comfort throughout the night and is the perfect accompaniment to the other layers of the product.
  2. The Campbell has a 2.5cm layer of premium memory foam, which moulds to the shape of your body and provides comfort to accompany the additional support offered by the springs.
  3. There is a layer of 667 individually wrapped pocket springs (in the double size mattress), meaning it distributes weight evenly across the surface and minimises the risk of sinkage. Moreover, the individually wrapped springs ensure minimal disruption in the night due to partner motion, meaning the Campbell is an excellent choice for light sleepers who may find their night’s sleep disrupted by their partners.
  4. Comfort Layer gives the mattress an extra-added support. 
  5. Base Fabric holds the mattress together and prevents wear and tear. There are two handles on each side to make turning the mattress easier. 
When looking at the number of pocket springs, it’s important to note that their number will vary depending on the size of the mattress. Here is the exact number of pocket springs inside each mattress size: single has 435, small double has 580, double has 667, king has 806, and super king has 930. 

Sizes: single, small double, double, king, super king
Rating: 4.8/5 stars from 4,822 reviews
Price: from £799

Additional Information:

The Campbell Combination mattress is made in the UK and comes with 1 year guarantee, plus free delivery. If you decide to purchase the mattress, Dreams has a 100 night comfort guarantee, so that you can sleep and test the mattress at home. If you’re not satisfied with it you can contact their customer support and arrange an exchange. During the first 40 nights, you’ll be able to exchange your new mattress for a different one in case you don’t find it comfortable.
In the last few years, many mattress companies have started to offer a 100 day or even 365 night trial period. For example, the Emma and Simba mattresses come with 200 night trial, giving you a few months to sleep on your new mattress. If by that time you’re not satisfied you can arrange to have it returned and have your money refunded. You can check a full list of mattresses with free trial here.
If you need to purchase a new bed frame, Dreams offers a wide range of beds to accommodate your needs. The Campbell is frequently would pair very well with the Sutton Ottoman Bed or with any metal bed by Dreams

Kendall Mattress

Dreams regard the Campbell as an upgrade to one of their other bestselling mattresses, the Kendall, with the higher density memory foam proving to be the distinguishing feature. Both the Campbell and Kendall have a 2.5cm layer of memory foam and an equal number of pocket springs, so if you ever owned a Kendall mattress and would like to get a new second one again, the Campbell is a good option. 

However, it’s important to note that the Campbell is a single-sided mattress and shouldn’t be flipped. Overall, the Campbell is an excellent option for people looking to strike the perfect balance between comfort and support and is ideal for light sleepers who are often disrupted by their partner during the night. 

Below you can see how the Campbell mattress looks, once it has been delivered and set up at home. 

campbell mattress with sleigh bed
Campbell mattress with sleigh bed
campbell mattress medium comfort
Campbell mattress with wooden bed frame
With upholstered ottoman bed

Campbell Pocket Sprung Mattress Reviews:

Regarding the Campbell mattress reviews on the Dreams website, it’s fair to say that they are overwhelmingly positive scoring a 4.8/5 stars from over 4,822 customers. The Campbell a popular mattress because many customer find the combination of memory foam and pocket springs comfortable, and overall well worth the money.


  • Several reviewers have commented on the fact that they think the mattress represents excellent value for money and delivers an exceptional night’s sleep for the price.
  • Others have mentioned that it’s a great option for partners, and because of the even distribution of the individually wrapped springs, you don’t have the issue of rolling in the middle.
  • Although it is rated as a medium mattress, many reviewers have mentioned that it feels very soft, although they believe it to be a good thing as it has helped them get a great night’s sleep.


  • On the other hand, some negative reviews need to be considered. Many of them are concerned by the fact that the mattress is softer than advertised by Dreams. As has been mentioned, some customers believe this to be a good thing, but others are frustrated by it and suggest that they wouldn’t have purchased it if they had known it would be as soft as it is.
  • While there are several negative comments about people’s overall dissatisfaction with the product, the leading cause for complaint is the firmness rating, as many disagree with Dreams’ description of the product saying that it’s too soft. Keep in mind that you can exchange it for a different one, under Dream’s 100 Night Comfort Guarantee policy. 

Overall, and after assessing the reviews, it’s clear that the Campbell mattress is, for the most part, a top-rated product with customers. That being said, people have consistently said that it’s softer than advertised, so it would be a good idea to bear this in mind if you’re looking for a mattress that is firm and offers additional support throughout the night. You can read all reviews here

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