What is an Ottoman Bed?

What is an Ottoman Bed?

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How to organise an ottoman bed?

Beds can take up a lot of space in a room making it the largest furniture item in your bedroom. 

However, the space beneath the mattress is often not used at all. 

Whereas, it can be the ultimate storage solution for your bedroom through which you can manage things in a better way. It can help you make your bedroom clutter-free.

What is an Ottoman Bed?

An ottoman bed features gas-lift hydraulics that allow you to lift up the base and mattress with ease, revealing ample storage space beneath.

Unlike drawer beds, they offer enhanced storage capacity by utilising the entire space beneath the bed.

Accessible from either the foot-end or side, ottoman beds provide convenient storage solutions for various bedroom needs.

They also come in various sizes: single, small double, double, king and super king. Making them a great choice for a kids bedroom, guest or master bedroom.

ealing ottoman bed
ealing front opening ottoman bed

In the picture above you can see a the Ealing Ottoman Bed by Dreams which has an internal storage depth of 29 cm. You can find an ottoman in several sizes: single, small double, double, or king. Priced at only £599 for a double size, or £399 when on sale. 

How does it work?

Ealing Ottoman Bed Frame in double size lifted up

An Ottoman bed has gas-lift hydraulics to lift the bed frame with a mattress on it, without applying much force.

Depending on the bed and the manufacturer most beds have the lift up from the footend of the bed, while some have a side-opening mechanism. You can easily open it and store your items.

You can utilizs the free space available underneath the bed that is revealed once you lift the board. 

How to organise an ottoman bed?

Here are some tips on how to best organise the space of your ottoman bed:

  • Categorise your items: Begin by sorting your belongings into categories such as bedding, clothes, shoes, accessories, or seasonal items.
  • Utilise storage compartments: Use dividers, storage boxes or baskets to keep smaller items separated and easily accessible.
  • Prioritise frequently used items: Place frequently used items towards the top or front of the ottoman for easy access. Reserve the bottom or back for less frequently accessed items, suitcases or seasonal storage.
  • Maximise space: Utilise the full storage capacity of the ottoman by stacking items neatly and making use of vertical space. Consider vacuum-sealing bulky items to save space.

Benefits of an Ottoman Bed:

  • An additional storage solution.
  • You can make optimum use of limited space.
  • Utilises the space under mattress.
  • You can reduce clutter from your bedroom.
  • Leave more floor plan free by offering built-in storage.
  • Perfect for small apartments or shared rooms.
  • It can hold enough weight.

Shopping Tip: Did you know that some TV Beds have an ottoman storage built-in. For example, the Seoul TV Ottoman Bed has a 32″ or 43″ TV located at the foot-end of the bed and large ottoman storage. It’s priced at only £1,699 for a double size or £1,199 when on sale, including a 32″ HD TV. 

Why it is called an “Ottoman” Bed?

The Ottoman beds resemble the padded and upholstered royal furniture used by the 18th century Ottoman Empire. They used to stuff a lot of cushioning to make the seating more comfortable. Today’s Ottoman beds also resemble it with the common features of ample cushioning and cosy feel.

How much weight can an ottoman bed hold?

ottoman bed with storage space

It depends on the manufacturer, but generally the hydraulic pistons of a high-quality Ottoman bed must sustain a weight between 40-60kg.

Just make sure your mattress weights less than that, and you shouldn’t have any problems.

What can I store in it?

It’s all about your ease and requirements. As the Ottoman bed offers safe storage, you can store anything in it. Such as if you don’t have a cabinet in your apartment to place the bedding then you can place your bedsheets, pillowcases, filled duvets, duvet covers, etc. 

You can also store your seasonal clothes in it such as winter coats, jackets, and jumpers. Just make sure you check how deep the storage space it, it can be between 20cm to 30cm depending on the bed.