Maypole Backcare Mattress Reviews

The Maypole Backcare Mattress is a part of Bensons for Beds Orthopaedic mattress collection. It is 26cm deep and been designed to offer increased body support throughout the night to those who experience back or joint pain.

A unique feature of this product is that this is a seasonal double sided mattress. On one side there is natural wool, which will keep you warm in the winter months, while on the other side there is a layer of eco polyester fibres, designed to keep you cool in the summer months. 

The Maypole Backcare Mattress is made in the UK and is backed by Bensons for Beds 5-year guarantee. In this review, we’ll see what customers had to say about the Maypole mattress, after purchasing it.

What’s Inside Maypole Backcare Mattress?

Maypole Backcare Mattress
Maypole Backcare Mattress layers and materials

The Maypole Backcare Mattress is 26cm deep and has a “firm” comfort rating. It’s made of several layers:

Inside there are 1000 individually wrapped pocket springs that provide flexibility and targeted support for individual pressure points, contributing to a much more comfortable and supportive night’s sleep. In addition, the individually wrapped springs reduce the occurrence of the dreaded roll-together sensation, which is sometimes a feature of traditional spring mattresses.

One of the most attractive things about the Maypole Backcare mattress is the fact that it’s double-sided and can be flipped depending on the season. A soothing layer of natural wool provides additional warmth on one side in the cold winter months. On the flip side is a layer of breathable polyester fibres, which will keep you cool during the warm summer nights.

While the double-sidedness of the Maypole is an excellent temperature-regulating feature, it also increases the durability of the mattress, providing it is flipped regularly. Additionally, the mattress has been hand-tufted, which makes it more durable and helps the mattress last longer. 

Sizes: single, small double, double, king, super king
Rating: 4.9/5 from 15 customer reviews
Price: from £659.98

Maypole Ortho Backcare Mattress

Maypole Ortho Backcare Mattress
Maypole Backcare Mattress layers and materials

Maypole Ortho Backcare Mattress is also 26cm deep and has an “extra firm” comfort rating.

It has the same price and is comprised of the same materials as the Maypole Backcare mattress, however it has an “extra firm” sleep surface. 

Inside there are 1000 pocket springs, which provide premium support to your body while you sleep throughout the night. This is a seasonal double-sided mattress, with natural wool on one side to keep you warm in the winter months, and on the other side there is a layer of Comfort recycled polyester to keep you cool in the summer months. It has been hand-tufted to help prolong the life of the mattress and make it more durable.

Sizes: single, small double, double, king, super king
Rating: 4.3/5 from 4 customer reviews
Price: from £659.98

Maypole Backcare Divan Bed Set

Maypole Backcare Mattress divan bed set
Maypole Backcare Mattress divan ottoman bed

For those who need to buy a mattress together with a divan bed for their bedroom, the Maypole Backcare Divan Bed Set is a good option. Overall this is a stylish, comfortable and practical divan bed set.

It comes with the Maypole Mattress plus a divan base. The divan base can be customised and bought with storage: 2 drawers, 4 drawers, 2+2 drawers, full front ottoman, or no drawers. Keep in mind that the headboard needs to be purchased separately.

Sizes: single, small double, double, king, super king
Price: from £821.98

Additional Info:

Ordering the Maypole Backcare Mattress from Bensons for Beds is an easy and straightforward process. There is a £39 delivery fee, which includes delivering the items to your room of choice. Depending on the time of shopping, the delivery can take between 1-3 weeks.

The Maypole mattress comes with 5 year guarantee. There are handles on each side, which will help you rotate and flip the mattress regularly. You can choose from five different sizes, which makes it a suitable option for a kid’s, master bedroom or guest room. 

Bensons for Beds has a 40 Night Guarantee Trial, which allows customers to exchange their mattress for a different one, if they don’t find it comfortable. This is a common practice in the mattress industry, with some brands offering up to 365 night long trial!

Shopping Tip: If you prefer sleeping on a “medium” comfort grade mattress, check out the Pensilva Ortho Comfort. It also offers orthopaedic support, 1000 pocket springs and is available in “medium” or “firm”.

The Slumberland Natural Solution Mattress Collection is also very popular and has similar features. Inside there is organic cotton, flax and wool, as well as TrueComfort layer made of recycled plastic bottles, plus 1,400 pocket springs. It has a similar price tag and is sold exclusively by Bensons for Beds.

Maypole Backcare Mattress Reviews

The Maypole Backcare and Maypole Ortho Backare Mattresses are relatively new products and there aren’t that many reviews left by customers. However, the Maypole Backcare Mattress is more popular and has received 4.9/5 stars from over 15 reviews. It’s clear from the comments that the vast majority of customers are incredibly pleased with the quality of the mattress.


  • When it comes to firmness rating, it seems that most customers agree that the Maypole is sufficiently firm without being hard, and it appears that it strikes the perfect balance between comfort and support. 
  • Reviewers are consistently pleased with the comfort and pressure-relieving properties of the Maypole, with several commenting that sleeping on their new mattress has significantly reduced back and joint pain.
  • Several customers are very pleased that this is has two sides for the Summer and Winter, so they can sleep on the warmer or cooler side depending on the season. 
  • Many have commended that the delivery team has provided excellent service with the delivering the items. 


  • Currently, there are no negative reviews left for the Maypole Backcare mattress. There is one customer who left a four star review, saying that it is hard to determine which side of the mattress is the winter vs. summer, as there should be a clear label. 
  • There is one person who gave the Maypole Ortho Backcare mattress a three star review mentioning that there is a “thin layer of foam between the springs and body“, and as a result the person is able to feel the springs when laying down. 

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