Bensons for Beds TV Beds Reviewed

Bensons for Beds TV Beds Reviewed

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There are many advantages to owning a TV bed in your bedroom. First, you don’t have to worry about finding the right spot for a TV in your room, since it’s already built-in at the foot-end of the bed. You can easily lift up the TV when you want to watch it, or hide it away when it’s not needed.  

Another advantage is that in some cases you’ll be saving money by buying a TV Bed, instead of purchasing the bed frame and TV separately.

Bensons for Beds are a leader in the bed and mattress industry, and they’re currently selling 7 high quality TV beds worth considering.

bensons for beds tv bed

Bensons for Beds TV Beds Main Features:

  • Come with free TV included (a Smart 40″ TV is included in the price).
  • Have built-in speakers, featuring premium audio (some have surround sound system).
  • The beds come with a remote control, for whisper quiet lifting or lowering of the bed.
  • Come with 5 year guarantee, which means that the product will be repaired or replaced during that time. 

In this review, we’ll take a look at the top 6 TV Beds from Bensons for Beds, so you can decide if they are worth buying or not. 

1. Hi TV Bed Frame

Hi TV Bed Frame
Hi TV Bed Frame - Voice Activated

The Hi TV Bed Frame from Bensons for Beds is an affordable and practical bed. It has everything you need to create a true entertainment experience at a reasonable price.

It has a voice activation feature, which lets you raise and lower the TV with a voice command. Included is a free Sharp 32” Smart TV, with a remote control. For about £150 more you have the option to upgrade the TV to a Sharp 43’’ 4K UHD ANDROID TV, with Dolby sound and vision.

The Hi TV bed is upholstered in beautiful velvet grey fabric. The headboard is 118cm high and is cushioned, which makes watching TV or lounging in bed very comfortable.

Size: double, king, super king
Price: from £899.99 (reg. £1,199.99)

2. Rhea TV Bed Frame (or Ottoman)

Rhea TV Bed Frame with 32 or 40 inch tv
Rhea TV Bed Frame

The Rhea TV Bed strikes a good balance between price and quality. It has a luxurious buttoned headboard and automatic TV lift mechanism. For those who have limited space, there is an option to buy it as an ottoman. You can lift up the base from the side, and store lots of items inside the ottoman. 

The headboard is 123.5cm high. It is comfortable to lean back against and watch TV or read a book. There are sprung slats included, which provides more support when sleeping on your mattress. There are two Sharp TV models to choose from: 32” HD Smart TV or 42″ UHD 4K Smart TV.

Size: small double, double, king, super king
Price: from £1,119.99

3. Starla Ottoman TV Bed Frame

Starla TV Bed
Starla Ottoman TV Bed Frame

The Starla Ottoman TV Bed Frame is a great solution for bedrooms that are short on storage space. You can lift up the ottoman base from the side of the bed, and reveal a large storage space underneath. This allows you to hide away and store lots of items inside, from suitcases, clothes, to bedding.

The headboard is 131cm high. While the foot-end has a Sharp 42‘’ UHD 4K Smart TV, which you can lift or lower using a remote control. There are 2.1 stereo speakers and subwoofer located at the foot-end of the bed. Plus, the bed has a built-in Bluetooth music connectivity. The bed has a board base (instead of sprung or solid slats), which offers a firm support.

Size: double, king, super king
Price: from £1,599.99 (reg. £1,899.99)

4. Saros Ottoman TV Bed Frame With Surround Sound

Saros Ottoman TV Bed Frame With Surround Sound
Saros Ottoman TV Bed

The Saros Ottoman TV Bed is luxurious, functional and has lots of high tech features. It features an ottoman storage space, which is ideal for storing large and small items inside.

The headboard is 129cm high and has a linear panelled design. It’s extra padded, so leaning back against the headboard is comfortable and relaxing. 

The Saros TV bed comes with a Sharp 42″ UHD 4K Smart TV and 5.1 surround sound system located in headboard and footboard of the bed. This makes watching movies, TV shows and videos a true cinematic experience. Wireless connectivity is also included. 

Size: double, king, super king
Price: from £2,499.99

5. Esther Ottoman TV Bed Frame

Esther TV Bed
Esther Ottoman TV Bed by bensons for beds

If you’re looking for a stylish and luxurious velvet TV bed, then the Esther TV Bed may be a good match for your bedroom. It’s upholstered in velvet fabric, and comes in two colours: grey and emerald green. It has a side lift ottoman, which provides extra storage.  

There is a Sharp 42‘’ UHD 4K Smart TV, which you can easily lift or lower from the foot-end of the bed, using a remote control. The 2.1 speaker system and wireless connectivity, create a true entertainment system inside your own bedroom.

Here the base of the bed has solid slats, instead of sprung slats, which still provide good amount of support and let air circulate inside your mattress.

Size: double, king, super king
Price: from £2,199.99

6. Aura Ottoman TV Bed Frame With Surround Sound

Aura Ottoman TV Bed
Aura Ottoman TV Bed Frame With Surround Sound

The Aura Ottoman TV Bed Frame has a sleek and luxurious design, and is packed with lots of high tech features. It’s upholstered in velvet and is available in grey or deep blue colours. 

It comes with free Sharp 43 inch 4K UHD TV with 3 x HDMI and 3 x USB ports. This TV bed has immersive 5.1.2 Dolby Atmos 360-degree sound system. The foot-end has a sound bar and sub-woofers, while the headboard has two surround sound speakers. Creating a true entertainment experience in your own bedroom. 

This is an ottoman TV Bed, so you can store lots of items inside and keep your bedroom organised. It has fully boarded sleeping base, which provides advanced support for your mattress. 

Size: double, king, super king
Price: from £2,799.99

Watch the video below to learn more about the Legend TV bed, featuring a build-in surround sound system. It has 16 integrated speakers and a powerful 7 inch subwoofer speaker located on the headboard. You can also listen to your favourite music or podcasts via Bluetooth connectivity. 

TV Beds from Dreams:

Buying a TV bed is a big decision, that’s why it always a good idea to shop around and see what other retailers have to offer on the market.

seoul tv bed from dreams

One of the top alternatives would be the Seoul TV Bed Frame from Dreams.

It comes with LG 32″ Smart LED HD TV, with an option to upgrade it to 43″ Smart TV or 43″ Smart 4K UHD TV.

It has a 2.1 sound system and a wireless remote, for the TV lifting mechanism. The Seoul TV bed is also available as an ottoman, and can also be bought as an adjustable bed, creating the ultimate comfort and relaxation. 

The Seoul TV Bed is priced at £1,399 for a double size with solid slats and 32″ Smart LED HD TV and £1,699 if it’s a 43″ Smart 4K TV. 

osaka tv bed in slate grey

A second alternative from Dreams would be the Osaka Ottoman TV Bed

You can choose between 3 TV models: LG 32″ Smart LED HD, 43″ Smart LED HD TV or 43″ Smart 4K UHD TV.

There is built-in 2.1 sound system for clear audio sound. 

It has ottoman storage which is 26cm deep and can hold lots of items inside. The Osaka Ottoman TV Bed is priced at £2,099 for double size with 32″ Smart LED HD TV.

Dreams offers a bed assembly service for a fee (around £105), so a professional team will assemble the bed for you if needed.

The only downside is that all Dreams TV Beds come with 1 year guarantee, not 5. However, you can purchase an additional bed cover and extend it to 8 years. 

Additional Information:

Bensons for Beds has a delivery fee £30, and they’ll deliver the bed to your room of choice. The delivery can take as little as one week up to 4 weeks, depending on the model and size you’ve selected.

There is 0% financing available, which allows you to spread the cost up to 3 years. There is no deposit required and the first payment starts when the bed is delivered.

You can choose between 32” or 40” LED TVs, which have built-in WiFi and smart apps, so you can watch your favourite Netflix series, YouTube videos, or BBC shows via BBC iPlayer, as well as have access to other great entertainment apps.

Bensons for Beds TV Bed Customer Reviews:

Although there are only a handful of customer reviews about the TV beds from Bensons for Beds, the Legend Upholstered Smart 4K TV Bed Frame has received 5.0/5 stars from 4 customers. They have all stated that their new bed is comfortable, great value for the money, and overall great product. One customer has mentioned that the audio is superb and “experience is like in the cinema”.

So far there are no problems or negative comments reported about the TV Beds, which is a good indication that they are of high quality. You can read all customer reviews here.

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