What is the Weight Limit of an Emma Mattress?

What is the Weight Limit of an Emma Mattress?

When buying a new mattress there are several factors to consider, such as: what materials is it made of, what’s the firmness rating, trial period, and price. 

However, many of us, might not consider to check the weight limit of a mattress before purchasing it.

If you buy a new mattress that can’t support your weight, then there is a big chance it will begin to sag and cause discomfort after several months of sleeping on it. 

Emma Mattress Weight Limit

Emma has been selling mattresses for over 5 years. They manufacture all of them in the UK and offer different models, such as: memory foam, pocket spring and hybrid.

Emma mattresses are designed to hold up to 130 kilograms (20 stone) per side or sleeper. So if two people are sharing a king size bed, that’s 250 kilograms in total.

Check the mattress firmness:

Keep in mind that you should also check how firm the Emma mattress is before buying it. Picking the right firmness level will ensure your spine is properly aligned during sleep.

Here is a list of the different firmness ratings for each model Emma sells:

  • Elite and Original models are rated as “medium”.
  • Luxe Cooling and NextGen models are rated as “medium-firm”.
  • While their most basic model, the Lite, is rated as “medium-soft”.

As you can see there is no “firm” or “extra firm” Emma mattress. As an alternative you can check out the Dream Team Banbury Pocket Sprung Mattress rated as “firm” or Dream Team Fakenham Pocket Sprung Mattress rated as “very firm” and priced at £400-£750 for a double size. 

correct spinal alignment on mattress

If you pick an Emma mattress that is too soft, it will fail to adequately support your spine, causing it to sag and even lead to back pain. In such cases, opting for a firmer mattress is recommended to provide better support.

On the other hand, if a mattress is too hard, it can exert excessive pressure on your skin, impeding proper blood circulation and resulting in numbness in your arms or legs.

You can add a mattress topper, as a way to add more support and comfort to your current mattress.

emma mattress topper for added support

The Emma Mattress toppers are between 5cm-9cm deep, depending on the model and come in different firmness ratings. They are priced between £100-£320 for a double size. 

Check your bed base:

You can use your new Emma mattress on a slatted base, divan bed, or ottoman bed. If you’re using a slatted bed, make sure the gap between the slats is no more than 7cm.

Also if you prefer a more “firmer” feel, opt for flat slats, but if you wile a more “softer” and “cushioned” support, sprung slats are better. 

what are solid slats in woodstock bed
what are sprung slats in woodstock bed

Emma also sells several bed frames, including wooden, upholstered and divan. They are made of premium and durable materials and fabrics and come with 2 year guarantee and 200 night trial. 

How to prolong the life of your Emma Mattress?

All Emma mattresses come with 10 year guarantee. However, you need to take some steps in caring for it, so it stays comfortable and in good condition for many years. 

Most importantly, make sure you rotate your mattress every month for the first six months of using it. After that you should rotate it once every three months. This will allow for even wear of the mattress and prevent body impressions.

If you still find that it feels uncomfortable you can return it during the first 200 nights, as part of their trial period.