What Is a Smart Bed?

What Is a Smart Bed?

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A Smart Bed is one that collects information about your sleeping habits using sensors and other technology.

For example, a Smart Bed or a smart device placed in your bed that can track information about your heart rate, respiratory rate, sleep cycle, body movement and temperature. 

It then sends this information to your smartphone and provides tips and advice on what you can do to improve your sleep quality.

Other Smart Beds prioritise making your time in bed more enjoyable rather than necessarily enhancing your sleep. 

One might have a TV or massage function integrated into it, for instance. Another can have USB ports, or built-in wireless speakers so you can listen to music.

In this guide, we’ll go over the various kinds of Smart Beds, including what they are, how they might enhance your sleep, and whether they live up to the hype.

Media beds

Smart Beds can have all kinds of tech features built-in. The most popular examples include: USB ports, a TV and built-in speakers.

TV Beds have become very popular because they include a TV built-in the foot-end of the bed. With a click of a button you can raise and lower the TV and watch your favourite TV shows and movies. 

Depending on the model, the TV can be 32″ or up to 43″, which is big enough to create the ultimate entertainment experience. 

Osaka Ottoman TV Bed Review
LG 32 inch TV on Osaka TV Bed

In the photos above you can see the Osaka Upholstered Ottoman TV Bed by Dreams.

It comes with a 32-inch SMART LG TV, with option to upgrade it to 43 inches. The bed has 2 USB ports, and a built-in 2.1 sound system. The TV can be lifted with a wireless remote. It’s priced at £1,599 (reg. £2,099) for a double size. 

Position Control

If you have a hard time finding a comfortable position in your bed, you might want to consider getting an adjustable bed.

With a click of a button you can adjust the head, back and foot areas of your bed. This means that you can find the perfect position to  watch TV, read a book, sleep or relax.

In addition to this, there are several health benefits associated with elevating your legs. It improves blood flow and circulation, and reduces swelling.

Also, for those who are known to snore while they sleep, elevating their head lightly can help reduce snoring. Elevating your head at a 12-degree position, can help relieve some of the pressure in your airways and reduce snoring.

Sleepmotion 400i Adjustable Platform Bed Frame
smart bed app by dreams for position control

Adjustable beds come with a remote control or can be connected via an App to your mobile device. This means that you can adjust the positions of the bed from your phone. Plus, the app will save your favourite positions next time you go to bed.

Also, the Dreams Sleepmotion beds have Zero Gravity Technology, which alleviate pressure from your body and create a feeling of weightlessness. 

Massage Function

Having a Smart Bed with a massage function lets you treat yourself to a relaxing massage after a long day at work. The massage feature will help your body and muscles relax. It can also help reduce stress and reduce body tension and pain. 

With a touch of a button from the remote control or the App on your phone, you can adjust the speed and intensity of the massage. There is also an option to have your back and/or feet massaged. 

Temperature Regulation 

Smart Beds can also help regulate and adjust the temperature of your mattress and your body, so you can get a good night sleep.

If you oftentimes feel hot during the night, the materials in a smart mattress will regulate your body temperature. This way you will never feel too hot and won’t overheat or sweat at night.

One example of a temperature regulating mattress is the iGel Mattress collection from Bensons for Beds. 

iGel Advance 2050i Mattress
igel advance material explained

Inside there is a layer of innovative iGel™ Advance foam with Graphene Technology.

This material absorbs and releases heat, and helps your body maintain a comfortable sleep temperature between 35 to 37° Celsius.

Are Smart Beds Worth Buying?

Now that you know the different types of Smart Beds you need to determine if their features are worth the price. 

Most Smart Beds are priced around £1,200 – £1,500 depending on the model and what they can do. Built-in TVs and massage functions will make your bedtime experience more enjoyable and relaxing, but they have a higher price tag.

If your goal is to improve your sleep you can get a Sleep Tracker device, which will monitor your heart rate, respiratory rate and body movement.

If you goal is to fall asleep faster at night, you can find a special lamp which gives off soft, warm, yellow light. Or you can get a sleep sound machine, which will play relaxing and soothing sounds while you are in bed.

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Please note, prices mentioned in this guide are accurate as of 17 August, 2023.