Tweak NREM Mattress Review

Tweak NREM is truly the most customisable mattress you can buy. Each side of the mattress is divided into 5 zones, allowing you to customize the firmness levels between soft, medium and firm for different areas of your body. This means that you can tailor your mattress to give you soft comfort for painful areas and firmer support where it’s needed. Overall it offers better spinal alignment compared to other conventional mattresses.

Tweak Nrem mattress review

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What’s inside the mattress?

The Tweak NREM mattress has 5 layers and is 25 cm deep.


Layer 1: Top mattress cover – is hypoallergenic, plush fabric cover. It can be easily unzipped and washed at 30 degrees.

Layer 2: Cool Blue Viscoool foam – has an open pored structure that helps reduce heat build-up for a cool night sleep. It contours the body, providing pressure relief. This foam is made from a blend of natural materials including soybean oil and a natural balm.

Layer 3: 5 Zones of customizable reflex foam – this is what makes the mattress unique. This layer is divided into 5 zones, so you can change the firmness levels of the 5 foams between Soft, Medium, or Firm until you find your ideal comfort level.

Layer 4: 2000 pocket springs (for the king size mattress) – they are individually wrapped, and provide support and bounce to each sleeper, without disturbing your sleep partner.

Layer 5: High Density Base Foam – the pocket spring layer is surrounded on the bottom and sides by high density supportive foam. While above the spring layer there is medium density reflex foam. This way the springs have just the right bounce level.

Tweak makes all their mattresses in the UK.

How firm is the mattress?

The NREM mattress comes in 3 firmness levels: soft, medium, and firm.

Each side of the mattress is divided into 5 zones, that have foam inserts that can be easily removed and rearranged. This means that one area of your body can be laying down on a soft mattress foam, while another body area can be laying down on a firm mattress foam (see image below).


Chronic Pain Sufferers:

You can customise the NREM mattress in such a way to relieve Hip Pain, Lower Back Pain or Upper Back Pain. You can try the suggested foam set up shown below. If you are still struggling to find your ideal setup, you can contact the company and they’ll send you additional foams for free during the 100 trial period. If you are still not satisfied with the mattress you can return it for free and get a full refund.

Spring Count:

2000 pocket springs for the king size mattress.

Best for which sleeping position?

Any sleeping position (back, side or stomach).

Does Tweak offer 100 Night Trial and Free Returns?

The company offers 100 night trial, allowing you to sleep and test the mattress at home. If you feel that the firmness level is not right, you can contact Tweak and they’ll sending you different firmness level foams. If you are still not satisfied with the mattress you can return it, the company will arrange a free pick up and will then refund you the money.

Delivery Information:

Delivery is free to UK Mainland, and is done within 15 working days. The delivery courier will even bring the mattress to your room of choice.

Old Mattress Removal:

The company offers old mattress removal for a £30 fee when you purchase a new mattress. Simply select this option at the checkout page, and the courier will take away your old mattress when they deliver the new one.


10 year limited warranty

Is 0% Financing Available?

Tweak offers 0% financing for their NREM mattress, so you can divide the cost in monthly payments of £30, for a period of 18 to 33 months depending on the mattress size you are buying. I’ll need to apply for the 0% financing at the check out page, by filling out an application, which will be reviewed within 1 working day.

What surface should be used with the Tweak NREM mattress?

The mattress can be used with any standard bed bases, such as: slatted, divan, and box sprung. The mattress works on adjustable beds and they even offer a single adjustable size mattress, which is slightly longer than the standard single size mattress, and is ideal for adjustable beds.


Other products sold by Tweak:

Additional NREM Mattress foam inserts – they come in Super Soft, Soft, Medium, Firm and Extra Firm.

Tweak DUO mattress – it’s a great choice for couples, who want to sleep on different firmness levels, but don’t want to buy two mattresses. Each sleeping partner can choose their firmness level to be either: soft, medium, or firm.

Additional DUO Mattress foam inserts – they come in Super Soft, Soft, Medium, Firm and Extra Firm.

Tweak Pillow – made from 100% Cold Cure PU Foam, it will keep you cool and won’t lose its shape.

Customer Reviews:

The mattress has 4 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot, based on over 300 customer reviews. To read some of the customer reviews, click here.


£595 Single Size | £895 Double Size | £995 King Size

Available in 4 sizes.