Tempur ONE Mattress Review

The Tempur ONE mattress uses luxury materials and offers personalised comfort. It is made in Denmark and comes with 10 year warranty.

The Tempur ONE is sold by three major UK retailers: Bensons for Beds, MattressNextDay, and Mattress Online.

Depending on the retailer and any sales they may have, the price will range between: £1,091-£1,449 for a double size (see below for lowest price).

tempur one mattress review uk

The Tempur ONE mattress incorporates a durable foam base with Visco-elastic cells. The Tempur Visco-elastic cells are breathable and mould around your body shape for optimum comfort.

The Tempur One mattress comes with 2 Free Tempur pillows (worth up to £199). They are suitable for all sleeping positions and support your head, neck and shoulders.

What’s Inside the Tempur ONE Mattress?

The Tempur ONE mattress is 20cm deep and is available in three comfort ratings: soft, medium, or firm. It provides advanced comfort and ensures your sleep won’t be disrupted through the night by your partner’s motion. 

Tempur describes the sensation of sleeping on the ONE as ‘weightlessness,’ owing to the fact your body seamlessly sinks into the memory foam. This makes it an excellent choice for light sleepers who are often disturbed through the night.

The CoolTouch™ mattress cover keeps you cool throughout the night and absorbs excess heat. It can be machine washed at 40 degrees. 

Sizes: double, king, super king
Rating: 4.6/5 stars from 44 customers

Buy from Bensons for Beds £1,249 (reg.£1,449 for double size)
Plus 2 free Tempur pillows worth £199

Buy from MattressNextDay £1,091 (reg. £1,449 for double size)

Buy from Mattress Online £1,299 (reg. £1,449 for double size)

Additional Info: 

The Tempur ONE has a removable, zip-off cover that allows you to keep your mattress cleaner for longer. The importance of mattress hygiene is often overlooked, and the fact that you can easily remove and machine-wash the cover at 40 degrees means you can keep your mattress dust and mould free. 

It is still recommended to buy a waterproof mattress protector, so you can protect it from any spills.

The cover is soft-knitted, meaning it adds a luxurious sensation to the mattress’s surface. The CoolTouch™ technology supports airflow throughout, ensuring you don’t overheat during the night. 

Delivery Info:

The Tempur One can be bought from Bensons for Beds, which have £39 delivery fee and their delivery team can even deliver the mattress to a room of your choice. There is a 40 Night Trial on all new mattresses that are bought from Bensons for Beds.

Depending on the time you’re shopping for a Tempur One mattress, Bensons for Beds usually offers 2 Free Tempur Pillows worth £199. They are crafted from extra-soft TEMPUR® Material in Denmark, and offer an ideal blend of softness and support for back, front, and side sleepers. 

You can also find it at MattressNextDay and MattressOnline, which offer free next day delivery (if you order by 3pm). MattressOnline has a Weekend delivery option and 60 Night Comfort Trial, however MattressNextDay has a trial period only on selected products it sells.

The mattress comes with a 10 year guarantee as standard, which essentially covers its entire lifespan. It is made in Denmark.

Keep in mind that the Tempur One is not available in single or small double size. Alternatively you can check out the Temur Sensation Mattress collection

If you find that the price of a Tempur mattress is too high, check out our top 3 Tempur mattress alternatives that are two or three times less expensive.

Below you can see the Tempur ONE, once it has been set up on a bed frame.

tempur one mattress double size
Tempur ONE with Ottoman Bed
tempur one mattress on tv bed
Tempur ONE with TV Bed

Tempur One Mattress Reviews:

Overall, customers are satisfied with the Tempur ONE mattress, giving it 4.6 out of 5 stars from 44 customer reviews. It’s been noted that the ONE is a high quality mattress, providing comfort and a good night sleep.


  • Other reviewers have agreed that the mattress is very comfortable and offers excellent support throughout the night, which is unsurprising given the high spec and technology that goes into developing the product.
  • Several people have said that they feel the mattress is very high quality and that they probably won’t need to change it for the next 10 years (the same period as the guarantee).
  • Many like the fact that they can choose the firmness rating and choose between soft, medium or firm.
  • Customers seem satisfied with the delivery and easy ordering process.


  • A few customers noted that it was not as comfortable as the one they tried in the showroom. There is an option to exchange the mattress for a different one, if a customer doesn’t find it comfortable.
  • Some noted that it is an expensive mattress. Keep in mind that the Tempur Sensation and Hybrid collections are around £1900-2100 for a double size, so the ONE is in the lower price range compared to other Tempur mattresses.

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