Silentnight Orford Miracoil Pillow Top Mattress Reviews

The Silentnight Orford Miracoil Pillow Top mattress is a preferred choice for those seeking a firm sleep surface that provides high level of support at a reasonable price.

There are 782 Miracoil® springs (in the king size), which ensure minimal partner disturbance and optimal spinal alignment. Additionally, there is a layer of Eco Comfort Fibres™ made from recycled plastics. It’s both eco-conscious and extra breathable.

On top there is a plush pillow top with a hypoallergenic cover, which provides extra comfort. This UK-made mattress promises restorative sleep, backed by a 5 year guarantee.

In this review we’ll see what customers had to say about the Silentnight Orford mattress after purchasing it. 

What’s Inside the Silentnight Miracoil Orford Pillow Top Mattress?

Silentnight Orford Miracoil Pillow Top Mattress
Silentnight Orford Miracoil Pillow Top Mattress layers and materials

The Silentnight Orford Miracoil Pillow Top Mattress is 25cm deep and is available in “firm” only. There are four layers inside:

  • Layer 1: Quilted Pillow Top – offers an additional layer of plush comfort. The cover is hypoallergenic, which reduces the risk of allergic reactions, contributing to a healthier sleep environment. 
  • Layer 2: Eco Comfort Fibres™ made from recycled plastics, is both eco-conscious and highly breathable. This layer will keep you cool in the summer months, without overheating. 
  • Layer 3: There are 782 Miracoil® springs (in the king size), which provide uninterrupted sleep, absorbing movement from your sleep partner for undisturbed nights. The Miracoil spring system has zoned support, which aid with correct spinal alignment and posture when you lay down.
  • Layer 4: Protective layer distributes pressure from every spring across the entire mattress surface, extending its lifespan, so it lasts longer. 

Sizes: single, small double, double, king, super king
Rating: 4.6/5 from 45 reviews
Price: from £279 (reg. £379 depending on size)

Additional Information:

Dreams offers free delivery on all their mattresses and bed frames. They also offer old mattress removal and recycling for a fee. Their delivery team will take away your old mattress and have it recycled, so you don’t have to worry about disposing of it yourself. 

Dreams also has a 5 year guarantee on the Silentnight mattresses they sell.

Additionally, the company has introduced a 100 Night Comfort Guarantee. This means that you have up to 100 to sleep and test your new mattress at home. If you find that it’s not comfortable, you can exchange it for a different one during the first 100 nights. As a comparison, Bensons for Beds has a 40 Night Guarantee, which is a shorter time period. 

The Silentnight Orford Miracoil Pillow Top Mattress is a firm mattress. Sleeping on a firm mattress provides optimal spinal alignment, reducing the risk of back pain. It offers advanced support, particularly for those with back issues or heavier body weight. The firmness enhances overall sleep quality by minimising motion transfer, providing a stable sleep surface for uninterrupted rest.

Shopping Tip: If you prefer sleeping on a “medium” comfort rate mattress, check out the Silentnight Portchester 1000 Pocket Eco Pillow Top Mattress. It has up to 1000 pocket springs, ecoComfort Fibres and pillow top. For those who like sleeping on an “extra firm” mattress, check out the Maypole Backcare Mattress. It has 1,000 pocket springs, wool, and ecoComfort layer from recycled materials. 

Hypoallergenic cover:

The Silentnight Orford Miracoil Pillow Top Mattress has a hypoallergenic cover. Hypoallergenic mattresses are designed to resist the accumulation of allergens such as dust mites, mold, and other common irritants. This can contribute to a healthier sleep environment, reducing the risk of allergic reactions, respiratory issues, and promoting overall well-being. 

Silentnight Orford Miracoil Pillow Top Mattress Reviews

The Silentnight Orford Miracoil Pillow Top Mattress is a relatively new product and there are about 45 customers who have reviewed it, giving it an 4.6 out of 5 stars. The wide majority find it comfortable, good value for money, and like the firm feel the mattress provides.


  • Many like the firm sleep surface, saying that it’s not too firm, but firm enough to provide proper body support. As a result, customers are getting a good night sleep on it.
  • Overall people find it to be good value for money. After receiving the product they feel it’s a well-made mattress with a quality feel. 
  • Many highlight its versatility, suitable for guest bedrooms or master bedrooms for those who prefer a firm yet comfortable feel. 
  • According to some, the Pillow Top adds extra luxury finish.


  • There is one customer who gave the Silentnight Orford mattress one star. According to to the person, it has begun to sink/dip and has softened after three years of use

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