Sealy Broxton Firm Mattress Reviews

The Sealy Broxton Mattress is one of Bensons for Beds popular Orthopaedic mattresses. It is 27cm deep and is available in “firm” and “extra firm”.

What makes this mattress unique is Sealy’s PostureTech support spring unit. It delivers additional support and pressure relief to your lower back. Paired with a layer of Tencel fibers, which regulate body temperature, it delivers a cool and comfortable sleep surface.

Additionally, the Sealy Broxton Mattress has a luxurious Belgian damask cover and has been hand-tufted for added firmness and durability. The cover has been treated with Pro-Shield to prevent allergies. This is a skin-safe solution endorsed by Allergy UK.

In this detailed review, we’ll what’s inside the mattress and if it’s worth buying or not?

What's inside the Sealy Broxton Firm Mattress?

Sealy Broxton Firm Mattress
Sealy Broxton Firm mattress layers

The Sealy Broxton Firm Mattress is 27cm deep and has the following layers:

  • The mattress features a luxurious Belgian damask cover, providing a soft, enduring, and breathable surface for a comfortable night’s sleep. This luxurious cover has undergone treatment with Pro-Shield, a skin-safe solution endorsed by Allergy UK.
  • A layer of Tencel fibers assist in maintaining your body temperature, ensuring a cool and dry sleeping experience.
  • At the core of the mattress is a  PostureTech support spring unit. The springs gradually firm up under pressure, delivering deep-down support and pressure relief for an enduringly comfortable sleep. The central zoning ‘power pack’ provides extra lower back support, ensuring longevity and durability.

Rating: 4.6/5 from 133 customer reviews
Price: from £899

Sealy Broxton Extra Firm Mattress

Sealy Broxton Extra Firm Mattress

The Sealy Broxton Extra Firm Mattress is also 27cm deep. It has all the same features and specifications, however it’s rated as “extra firm”. It has a Belgian Damask cover, layer of Tencel fibres, which are breathable and won’t let you overheat at night. 

The PostureTech spring unit provides targeted lower back support and pressure relief.

Rating: 4.5/5 from 62 customer reviews
Price: from £899

Sealy Broxton Firm Support Divan Bed Set
Sealy Broxton Firm Support Divan Bed Set ottoman

Upgrade your entire bedroom when you buy a Sealy Broxton mattress with a divan base as a set. This allows you to save 10% off the price of the divan base, when you buy it together with a mattress. Both items are made in the UK and come with 5 year guarantee. You have two stylish colours to choose from: sand or grey. 

The divan base can be customised to include storage: 2 drawers, 4 drawers, or full front ottoman. Or you can buy it without any storage, depending on your needs. The headboard needs to be purchased separately, but there are dozens of stylish options to choose from. 

Price: from £1,034.99

Additional Information:

When you place an order with Bensons for Beds, there is a £39 delivery fee. It ensures the item is delivered to your room of choice. The Sealy Broxton mattress typically arrives within 1-3 weeks, depending on availability and size selected.

A 5-year guarantee is provided when purchased directly from Bensons for Beds, offering peace of mind for any post-delivery issues.

Additionally, the company has a 40 Night Guarantee, which gives customers the option to exchange the mattress within the first 40 days if it doesn’t meet their comfort preferences. Keep in mind that you should use a mattress protector, in order to meet their exchange terms and conditions.

Shopping Tip: If you prefer sleeping on a “medium” mattress, check out the Sealy PostureLux mattress, which is available in “medium” and “firm”. It has PostureTech Core Support Plus™ spring technology with 6 turn springs, and latex comfort layer. 

Sealy Broxton Mattress Reviews

The Sealy Broxton Firm Mattress is rated better than the extra firm model. It has 4.6/5 stars from over 130 reviews. The positive reviews highlight the mattress’s comfort, support, and quality. There are others who didn’t like the mattress because it felt too firm or uncomfortable. Read the pros and cons below.


  • Customers praise the mattress for its even support from head to toe, and are getting a good night sleep.
  • The firm mattress exceeded expectations, offering well balanced comfort and in some cases even alleviating back pain.
  • The speedy and straightforward delivery left many customers happy.
  • Many appreciate the sturdy and durable construction of the Sealy Broxton mattress, especially, the edge-to-edge support.


  • A few customers expressed dissatisfaction with the comfort of the mattress saying that it was firmer or not firm enough from what they anticipated. In such cases, it’s best to contact Bensons for Beds and exchange it under their 40 Night Guarantee policy.
  • One or two people mentioned a delayed delivery of 10 weeks.
  • Despite an initially positive experience, a handful of users reported decline in comfort within the first days, with visible dipping and an evident bulge down the middle.

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