Noa Mattress Reviews

The Noa Mattress is a designed and manufactured by Noa Home a Canadian company. Since their launch they have made their products available to the US, Australia, and the UK. 

noa mattress review

They started with the Noa Mattress, which is 28cm deep and has a universal firmness rating of 7 out of 10. This is a hybrid mattress, with a layer of temperature regulating AirCell foam and pocket springs. Together these materials provide a comfortable and pressure relieving sleep experience. 

The company has expanded its range to include a more affordable option, The Noa Lite, and a premium mattress, The Noa Luxe, featuring micro-coils for additional posture-relieving support.

All foams in the Noa mattresses are REACH certified. This ensures that the materials used in the foam do not contain any chemicals, and adhere to strict safety and environmental guidelines. 

The company also offers free delivery, within 2-7 business days. Since the Noa mattresses are only sold online, and there is no option to try them in a store, the company has a 120 night trial policy. This means that if during the first 120 nights you don’t find your new mattress comfortable, you can return it and get a full refund.

In this review, we’ll see how the Noa mattresses are made and what customers had to say after purchasing and sleeping on one.

1. Noa Lite Mattress Review

noa lite mattress
noa lite mattress layers materials

The Noa Lite Mattress is designed for optimum comfort, targeting back and stomach sleepers with its firmness level of 8 out of 10. It is 25cm deep and priced affordably.

  • Cover Layer: It features a hand-tufted Tencel cover for breathability and hypoallergenic properties.
  • Layer 2: The cooling gel memory foam ensures pressure relief and a comfortable, cool night’s sleep.
  • Layer 3: Partner disturbance is minimised with adaptative transition foam, while the premium pocket springs offer support, durability, and airflow.
  • Layer 4: The hand-tufted sides, made from breathable poly-knit quilt, secure the inner layers. Plus there are handles on each side, to aid with rotation.

Rating: 4.8/5 from 100 reviews
Price: from £432 (reg. £959)

2. Noa Mattress Review

noa mattress
noa mattress layers materials

The Noa Mattress is the company’s best-selling model. It offers an unparalleled sleep experience with premium materials at a reasonable price. It is 28cm deep and boasts a firmness rating of 7 out of 10. Offering a universally comfortable feel with a gentle touch of plushness, this mattress accommodates all sleeping positions and body types.

  • Cover Layer: Hand-tufted, breathable Tencel mattress cover. The ultra-breathable soft natural Tencel cover offers antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties.
  • Layer 2: Cooling gel memory foam conforms to your body, offering deep cushioning precisely where it’s needed. Not only does it provide excellent support, but it also efficiently dissipates heat, ensuring a cool and comfortable night’s sleep. 
  • Layer 3: AirCell foam provides pressure relief and responsiveness. It is hypoallergenic and breathable, ensuring a cloud-like comfort level. The AirCell foam layer ensures unmatched comfort, subtle bounce, and targeted pressure relief.
  • Layer 4: Adaptive transition foam excels in isolating motion, effectively localising your partner’s movements to ensure an uninterrupted night’s sleep for you.
  • Layer 5: Individually wrapped pocket springs, surrounded by a highly breathable mesh material to enhance airflow. Crafted from robust thick-gauge steel, these pocket springs distribute weight evenly and support your body when you lay down. 

Rating: 4.8/5 from 739 reviews
Price: from £477 (reg. £1,059)

3. Noa Luxe Mattress Review

noa luxe mattress
noa luxe mattress layers materials

The Noa Luxe Mattress is 30cm deep and is crafted for those looking for a five-star luxury hotel sleep. With a firmness rating of 7-8 on a scale of 10, it’s a preferred choice for nearly 80% of customers, accommodating various sleeping positions and body types.

  • Cover Layer: Expertly hand-tufted, the breathable Tencel pillow-top ensures exceptional softness. The natural Tencel cover not only offers antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties but also maintains supreme breathability.
  • Layer 2: The gel memory foam provides gentle body contouring and keeps you cool at night. This premium cooling gel foam ensures a refreshing night’s sleep, promoting comfort and gradual support.
  • Layer 3: Open cell memory foam, delivers optimal pressure relief by contouring to your body’s needs. The open-cell structure of this innovative foam efficiently dissipates heat and regulates body temperature.
  • Layer 4: Micro-coils respond dynamically to your body’s pressure, expanding and contracting to optimise your sleep experience. Encased in a breathable mesh material, micro-coils ensure efficient airflow, that is also breathable. 
  • Layer 5: Under the micro-coils there is a layer of of adaptive transition foam, which excels in motion isolation. This foam, effectively localises your partner’s movements, preventing disruptions to your sleep. 
  • Layer 6: Pocket springs with 5 ergonomic zones. The mattress base is designed with strategically positioned zones that cater to your lower back and waist, ensuring proper alignment of the spine. Crafted from thick-gauge steel, these pocket springs provide excellent bounce and exceptional durability, contributing to a resilient and supportive sleep surface.

Rating: 4.8/5 from 69 reviews
Price: from £567 (reg. £1,259)

If you need to buy more furniture for your home, Noa also sells high quality and stylish beds and sofas, as well as bedding and decor items.

Noa Beds

There are 5 Noa Beds you can choose from: Venice bed, Modena velvet bed, Osaka bed, Parker velvet bed, Oxford velvet bed.

noa home bed

All of them are skillfully hand-tufted headboard with textured 100% polyester fabric or velvet fabric. There are six support slat legs, making the bed durable and long lasting. 

The headboard is included in the price, however you do need to purchase a mattress separately. 

All beds are designed in Canada and responsibly manufactured in China. They are are covered by a 1 year warranty. 

Shipping Tip: Simba also sells 12 beds, including an ottoman storage bed and divan. They come with 200 night trial, 10 year warranty and are made in the UK.

Noa Sofas

noa soho sofa

There are over a dozen Noa Sofas you can choose from. You can buy a Modular Corner Sofa, the models include the Pacific, the Flow, and Madison.

Or choose from two or three seater sofas, such as: The Miami, Soho, Malibu, or Monaco. Additionally, you have the option to buy a modular sofa and customise it according to the space and needs you have in your home.

Noa is yet to introduce a sofa bed, as an alternative check out our Emma Sofa Bed review

Additional Information:

Noa offers free and fast delivery on all their mattresses. You can expect your product within 2-7 business days.

When you remove the packaging, the mattress will expand in 30-60 seconds. While you can use the mattress immediately, it’s recommended to wait 2-3 days for the product to achieve its optimal form and comfort.

15 Year Warranty

All Noa mattresses comes with a 15-year limited warranty starting from the date of delivery, exclusively for products purchased directly from Noa Home and non-transferable to subsequent owners. It covers visible indentations over one inch resulting from manufacturing flaws, structural issues causing foam splitting or cracking under regular use.

However, it excludes the normal softening of foams, individual comfort preferences, damages like stains or burns, inappropriate foundation use, and transportation or washing-related issues. Minor manufacturing flaws, cosmetic imperfections, and warranty claims are applicable only within the original delivery country and by the original purchaser. The warranty ensures the mattress’s durability, provided proper support is maintained.

120 Night Trial

After receiving your Noa mattress, you have 120 nights to determine if it suits your preferences. If it’s not right for you, contact the company via email ([email protected]) within this trial period, and they’ll arrange a free pick-up. Once collected, a full refund will be issued through the original payment method.

To be eligible, a minimum of 30-nights should have passed in order for you to try and adjust to the mattress. Each buyer qualifies for one mattress return and refund per shipping address. Physical or structural damages void the return option. 

Noa donates or recycles all returned mattress. Due to hygiene and legal reasons, used mattresses cannot be resold. Make sure you use a mattress protector to prevent damages and maintain eligibility for returns.

Shopping Tip: The Nectar Memory Foam and Hybrid mattress have a 365 night trial, forever warranty, and are made in the UK.

Noa Mattress Reviews

The Noa Mattress has been selling online for a few years, and since then customers have had time to rate their experience. Overall, people have found sleeping on their new Noa mattress comfortable and are happy with the quality of the product. Below is a summary of the pros and cons customers have expressed.


  • The wide majority found their new Noa mattress comfortable, and they are sleeping much better as a result. 
  • Several people have said that they like the medium firm comfort of the mattress. Also, they like that they are not being disturbed by their partner during the night, because of their tossing and turning.
  • Overall people are happy with the delivery and customer support, saying that shopping online has been easy and hassle-free.
  • Many have complemented their new bed or sofa as being modern and stylish. Their sofa is described as comfy, luxurious and soft. 
noa mattress negative customer review


  • A few customers had an issue with the colour of their bed or sofa, not matching the one pictured on the website. There is an option to order fabric samples, however this service was unavailable for a few months in 2022, and this caused an issue with a few people who ordered a new sofa. 
  • A few people were dissatisfied with the delivery and have had a stain or mark on their coach when it arrived.

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