7 Mattresses You Can Buy With 0% Financing

If you have looking to buy a new comfortable mattress, but would like to spread your payments in monthly installments with 0% financing, check out the list below. We’ve included only mattress companies that offer 0% financing, no deposit requirement, free shipping, and 100 night risk free trial.

1. Eve Original Mattress
All memory foam mattress which has their signature Evecomfort® layer with an open cell structure for a cool night sleep. While the memory foam layer provides pressure relief to achy body spots.
✓ 0% Financing Available

✓ Mattress trial period: 100 nights

£349 /paid in full

or £26.18/month

2. Eve Hybrid Mattress
The mattress combines their signature Evecomfort® layer, for a cool night sleep and 713* springs, relieving pressure in your hips and shoulders.
✓ 0% Financing Available

✓ Mattress trial period: 100 nights

£349 /paid in full

or £26.18/month

simba best mattress in a box

3. Simba Hybrid® Mattress
A mattress with a unique combination of 2,500* conical pocket springs and responsive memory foam.
✓ 0% Financing Available

✓ Mattress trial period: 100 nights

£449 /paid in full

or £37.42/month

nectar mattress in a box best

4. Nectar
All memory foam mattress designed to have the optimal levels of firmness, coolness, breathability, and comfort.
✓ 0% Financing Available
✓ Mattress trial period: 365 nights

£399 /paid in full

£33 /month

Leesa best mattress in a box

5. Leesa Mattress
All memory foam mattress that has combined three premium foam layers for cooling, body contouring and pressure-relieving core support.
✓ 0% Financing Available

✓ Mattress trial period: 100 nights

£450 /paid in full

or £38/month

OTTY best mattress in a box

6. OTTY Hybrid Mattress
Luxury reflex foam, temperature regulating Cool Blue Gel and 2,000* encapsulated pocket springs 14cm-long.
✓ 0% Financing Available

✓ Mattress trial period: 100 nights

£349.99 /paid in full

or £29/month

Tweak Nrem mattress on financing

7. Tweak NREM
This is a hybrid mattress, designed to give pain sufferers a better night sleep. It’s divided into 5 zones that can be customised to have soft, medium or firm feel. Combined with 2000* pocket springs.
✓ 0% Financing Available

✓ Mattress trial period: 100 nights

£595 /paid in full

£39.58 /month

*The spring count in this table, refers to King size mattresses.

**Prices shown are for Single size mattresses. Please click on the button, to see the prices for the Double, King, Super King and other size mattresses.

How can I apply for the 0% financing?

Once you’ve selected the mattress you want to buy, proceed to the checkout page. There you can select the 0% financing option and will need to fill out an application. A quick credit check will be performed and within a few minutes you’ll find out if you’ve been approved or not.

Who can apply?

Each mattress company and the financing company they have partnered with (ex: Divido, DivideBuy, etc.) have different requirements, but generally you will need to be 18 years old or older, permanent UK Resident – min 3 years, in regular, permanent employment, retired from regular employment (minimum age 50), self-employed, you have a credit or debit card, etc.

How long until I repay the mattress?

Again, each mattress company and their financing partner offer different periods for repaying the full value of the mattress. Most of them offer the option to repay it over a 3, 6, 9 or 12 month period. Once your application has been approved, you’ll be able to see what monthly plans are available and you can choose the one that best suits your individual needs.

What does the 100 night trial mean?

This means that you once you buy the mattress you can try it out and sleep on it at home for up to 100 nights. The Nectar mattress, even comes with 365 night trial! During that time if you are not satisfied with the mattress you can return it for free. Simply contact the company to arrange a free pick up and then they’ll refund your money.

You can buy a mattress on credit with 0% interest and still take advantage of the 100 night trial.

What if I return a mattress?

If you want to return a mattress that has a 100 night trial period, simply contact the mattress company before the 100 night is over and they’ll arrange a free pick up. Once they’ve received back the mattress, they’ll request a cancellation of the loan with their finance partner. Any payments made towards your purchase will be returned and the Direct Debit cancelled. For more details, please check with a representative from the mattress company.

What does mattress in a box (bed in a box) mean?

Mattress in a box companies have become very popular in the last several years. These are companies that have focused on designing and manufacturing one signature mattress that is truly comfortable and durable. These mattresses are usually all memory foam or Hybrid (memory foam and springs). They are compressed and rolled up, and are delivered to your home in a box. They are made from premium materials, and come at a lower price compared to traditional mattress companies.

Can I buy other furniture (such as beds) with 0% financing?

Yes, you can buy a wide range of furniture items, such as beds, divan beds, ottomans, sofas, etc. from Wayfair.co.uk with 0% financing. There you’ll be able to find over 2,000 beds that will fit any style or budget.

And you may also want to check out the Nora Mattress, which is an all memory foam mattress designed exclusively by Wayfair and comes at a lower price. Wayfair offers 12 month interest free credit, via Barclays Finance, for all orders over £250.

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