Mammoth Mattress Review

Every Mammoth mattress is made using Medical Grade™ Foam and PostureCell® technologies which were specifically designed to improve sleep, ease aches and pains, and help people recover and get back to good health. The company has become the go to mattress provider for elite football, rugby, cricket and other sports players. Medical Grade™ Foam is naturally cooling and breathable, so you won’t overheat at night. All Mammoth mattresses are hypoallergenic and made in the UK.

What’s inside the Mammoth Mattresses?

Mammoth mattresses are between 22-32cm deep, depending on the model.

All Mammoth mattresses use Medical Grade™ Foam and PostureCells™ technologies.

Mammoth medical foam

Medical Grade™ Foam is not memory foam, but it was invented in the healthcare industry more than 10 years ago. It has been rigorously tested under laboratory conditions, and has scientifically shown to improve sleep. Medical Grade™ Foam is not too hard, not too soft – just right. It responds instantly to the shape and size of every person, relieving pressure on sore muscles while improving circulation. Medical Grade™ Foam does not retain heat.

PostureCells™ are designed to move independently and to absorb motion, this way there is minimal motion transfer felt between sleeping partners. The mattress is naturally cooling, so it won’t cause you to heat up while you sleep.

Mammoth Shine Essential Medium Mattress is 24 cm deep. It is hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant.

The mattress cover has Tencel fibre, which naturally cools you and manages moisture. Tencel also fights bacterial growth. The cover can be easily unzipped and removed, and can be machine washed.

Firmness Support Level: The Mammoth Rise Essential Mattress mattress has medium to firm support.

There is a variety of Mammoth mattresses that come in soft, soft to medium, medium, medium to firm, and firm support feel. So you are sure to find the right mattress, depending on your firmness preference.

Mammoth Soft mattresses:

Mammoth SuperSoft 270 Mattress – 27cm deep

Mammoth Rise Ultimate Mattress – 24cm deep – Soft to Medium

Mammoth Performance Sky 270 Mattress – 27cm deep

Mammoth Medium mattresses:

Mammoth Wake Plus Mattress – 22cm deep

Mammoth Performance 240 Mattress – 24cm deep

Mammoth Rise Essential Mattress – 24cm deep

Mammoth Rise Advanced Mattress – 24cm deep

Mammoth Firm mattresses:

Mammoth Rise Plus Ortho Mattress – 24cm deep

Delivery Information:

When you place your order, you’ll see the estimated delivery time depending on the stock availability and size of the product. Some  Mammoth mattresses can be delivered within a few working days, or may need 3-4 weeks.

If you need a delivery to your “room of choice”, double check with the delivery team if they offer this service and if it’s possible to arrange it.

Home Trials and Free Returns:

The Mammoth mattresses do not offer free home trial period. If you prefer to purchase a mattress that comes with 100 night trial and free returns, check out this mattress list.


10 year guarantee.

Mammoth pillow

Mammoth Pillows

Mammoth Ultimate Deep Pillow (19cm depth) and Mammoth Ultimate Slim Pillow (15cm depth) have an ergonomic design, giving you the right support on your head, neck and shoulders. They have medical grade foam inside which is pressure-relieving and has been clinically proven to provide better sleep. There is Cooling Tencel soft fabric cover, which you can wash at 40C degrees. Both pillows are hypoallergenic.

Customer Reviews:

The Mammoth Rise Essential Mattress has an excellent 5/5 rating from 12 customer reviews. Many customers have mentioned that it feels comfortable and gives great support. They have more restful nights sleep than before, one customer also noting that their back ache has completely gone after sleeping on the Mammoth mattress. One thing to keep in mind is that once you unroll it, it will need 2 days for it to get to it’s full height. Read all reviews here

Price of Mammoth Mattress:

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