Hypnos Pillowtop Mattress Review

The Hypnos Pillowtop Mattress provides a luxurious and comfortable sleep experience. The mattress has a soft pillowtop made from wool, a layer of ReActive 6 Pocket Springs, and a full layer of wool for additional comfort and temperature control. The mattress provides very good air circulation and body support, easing any aches and pains.

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What’s inside the Hypnos Pillowtop Alto mattress?

The Hypnos Pillowtop Alto mattress is 30.5cm deep (approx).

Hypnos Pillowtop mattress

The pillowtop is made of natural wool and offers a comfortable and soft cushion, above the mattress.
ReActive 6 Pocket Springs – this is a clever pocket spring system that has 6 active turns, following your exact shape and weight distribution to provide total spinal and body support. The pocket spring layer provides extra breathability and air ventilation.
Wool Layer – the wool creates a soft and temperature regulating comfort layer. Wool is a natural insulator and provides coolness in the summer and warmth in the winter.

  • The mattress is hand-tufted and had has 2 rows of hand side-stitching.
  • There are chrome air vents on the sides of the mattress, that allow for good air circulation and regulate the temperature.
  • There are handles on all sides, so you can easily move and rotate the mattress.
  • The Hypnos Pillowtop mattress should not be turned, but rotated regularly from head to toe to expand its life span.
  • All Hypnos mattresses are handcrafted in the UK.

How firm is the mattress?

The Hypnos Pillowtop Alto mattress has medium comfort feel. There are other Hypnos mattress models that are available in soft, medium, firm, or extra firm comfort level.

Best for which sleeping position?

The Hypnos Pillowtop mattress is designed for all sleeping positions: back, side or stomach. 

Delivery Information:

The mattress has free UK mainland delivery. The delivery period is between 4-5 weeks.

Does Hypnos have Home Trials and Free Returns:

The Hypnos mattresses do not with come with home trial period. If you wish to buy a mattress that comes with 100 night trial and free returns, check out this mattress list.

Old Mattress/Bed Removal & Recycling:

Land of Beds offers a very convenient old mattress or bed removal and recycling service. You can add this service to your order basket for just £39.

Is 0% Financing Available?

You can purchase a Hypnos mattress, bed or any other Hypnos product with 0% financing, when you buy it online from Land of Beds. All orders over £250 qualify for 0% financing, and the monthly installments can be spread over a period of: 10, 12, 24, 36 or 48 months. You can apply for the 0% financing at the checkout page, and have your application reviewed.


10 year guarantee.

Royal Warrant:

The company Hypnos is proud holder of a Royal Warrant in the category “Bedding and upholstery manufacturers”. In addition, Hypnos is the only bed maker to actively supply all of the Royal residences with mattresses and beds.

Hypnos Mattress & Beds at Premier Inn:

Hypnos has an ongoing partnership with Premier Inn, UK’s large hotel brand, to supply their hotels worldwide with Hypnos’ comfortable and quality beds and mattresses. There are over 72,000 Premier Inn hotel rooms that have a Hypnos mattress, which is made with more than 1,000 pocket springs, has hypoallergenic fabric, and is tufted with a wool-filled soft topper.

Can a Slatted Bedstead be used with a Hypnos mattress?

The Hypnos mattresses are compatible with slatted bedsteads, however you should double check that the slats are no more than 3” (7.5cm) apart, and that there is a support rail on the center on beds that are Double size or larger. Keep in mind, that generally slatted bedsteads will give a mattress a firmer feel, compared to a sprung divan base for example.

Hypnos Mattresses:

There are over 40 different Hypnos mattresses, that are available in soft, medium, firm, or extra firm comfort level. They are all pocket spring mattresses, with natural wool or latex filling. Prices start from £359 and can reach £2900 (single size) depending on the mattress model. See All Mattresses.


Hypnos Beds:

There is a wide variety of Hypnos Beds available that are sure to meet your special needs. There are: Hypnos Divan Beds, Adjustable Beds, Bed Bases, Adjustable Beds, and Hypnos Headboards.
The Hypnos Hideaway Bed Base is one of their popular beds with lots of storage space. See All Hypnos Beds.


Customer Reviews:

The Hypnos Pillowtop Alto Mattress has 4.7/5 star rating from over 130 customers. To read some of the reviews, click here.

The Hypnos Mattresses altogether have a high 4.8/5 stars customer rating, from over 1180 reviews on Land of Beds.

Price of Hypnos Pillowtop Mattress:

£689 Single size
£799 Double size
£899 King size
Available in 6 sizes.

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