Dream Team Swaffham Combination Mattress Reviews

If you like sleeping on a firm mattress, the Dream Team Swaffham Combination Mattress is a good option, with over 1,800 customers giving it 4.8/5 stars. 

Dream Team Swaffham Combination Mattress review

One of the reasons why it’s so popular is because it has a layer of 1,044 pocket springs (in the double size), plus pressure-relieving memory foam, which offers tailored support to your body.

The innovative Platinum 3D™ polyester technology ensures breathability and freshness, while the SmartSilver™ technology in the cover provides antimicrobial protection. 

It is made in the UK and comes with 1 year guarantee, with the option to extend it to 8 years.

In this review we’ll go over the pros and cons and see if it’s worth buying or not.

What’s Inside the Dream Team Swaffham Combination Mattress?

Dream Team Swaffham Combination Mattress
Dream Team Swaffham Combination Mattress layers and materials

The Dream Team Swaffham Combination Mattress is 22cm (9 inches) deep and is rated as “firm”. It is a single sided mattress with the following layers:

  • On top there is a cosy knitted cover, which is fully antimicrobial and anti-odour thanks to the SmartSilver™ technology, keeping your mattress fresh and clean.
  • The second layer is Platinum 3D™ Comfort Layer, which enhances breathability and freshness when compared to foam. Its structure allows moisture to escape freely, maintaining hygiene season after season. 
  • Deep layer of memory foam, which offers pressure relief by contouring to the shape of your body, reducing stress on your joints and muscles. 
  • At the core of the mattress there is a layer of 1,044 individual pocket springs (in the double size), which provide reactive support tailored to your body.
  • The insulating layer and supportive base fabric, keep the mattress durable and ensure long lasting support.

Rating: 4.8/5 from 1,830 customer reviews
Price: from £479 (reg. £1,199)

Different Sizes:

The Dream Team Swaffham Combination Mattress is 22cm (9 inches) deep, no matter what size you buy. It is available in single, small double, double, king and super king. The width and length will vary accordingly, so make sure you double check what size you need before making your purchase.

  • Single size: 90cm wide x 190cm long
  • Small double size: 120cm wide x 190cm long
  • Double size: 135cm wide x 190cm long
  • King size: 150cm wide x 200cm long
  • Super King size: 180cm wide x 200cm long

For those that need an emperor size mattress (measuring 200cm wide by 200cm long), check out this guide

Additional Information:

Dreams offers free shipping on all their mattresses. The expected delivery period can be as little as 4 days to 4 weeks, depending on the size you plan on purchasing.

The Dream Team Swaffham Combination Mattress is made in the UK and comes with 1 year guarantee. There is an option to extend this to 8 years with an additional bed cover plan. 

Keep in mind that the Dream Team Swaffham mattress is rated as “firm”. Dreams gives you 100 Nights Guarantee Period, to test and ensure you’re satisfied with your new mattress, with an option to exchange it for a different one.

However, if you prefer something with a “medium” comfort grade, check out the Dream Team Kirkham Combination Mattress, which has very similar features and price. 

Below you can see several photos of how the Swaffham Mattress looks like once it has been set up in a bedroom:

Dream Team Swaffham Combination Mattress with divan bed
Swaffham Combination Mattress close up

Dream Team Swaffham Combination Mattress Customer Reviews

The Dream Team Swaffham Combination Mattress has been selling for over a year, prior to that it was called the Dream Team Johnstone Combination Mattress, and many of the reviews left are for the previous model.

However, the Swaffham mattress overwhelming positive feedback on the comfort and quality it provides. Overall customers rated it at 4.8/5 stars from over 1,800 reviews. Here is a summary of the pros and cons.


  • Customers consistently praise the mattress for its comfort, describing it as “dreamy” and “like sleeping on a cloud.”
  • Many highlight the mattress’s ability to provide firm support while still being comfortable, which is especially appreciated by those with back or joint issues.
  • Wide majority find it to be high-quality and durable, and a good value for money.
  • Many couples appreciate the minimal disturbance from their partner’s movement, making it ideal for couples or restless sleepers.


  • Two customers complained about a persistent smell coming out of the mattress, even after airing it out for an extended period.
  • A few customers found the mattress uncomfortable, with complaints ranging from it being too firm to lacking adequate support. 

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