Dream Team Maidstone Pocket Sprung Mattress Review

The Dream Team Maidstone Pocket Sprung Mattress is a preferred choice for those seeking firm support. The firmness aids in maintaining proper spinal alignment, making it suitable for individuals who need a more supportive sleep surface. 

Inside there are up to 1225 pocket springs, individually wrapped to move independently and adapt to your unique body shape. This ensures that your weight is evenly distributed, providing targeted support and minimising pressure on sensitive areas. The pocket springs also eliminate the common issue of ‘roll together,’ where partner movement disrupts your sleep.

Handcrafted in the UK, the Maidstone Mattress is part of the premium Dream Team range. It comes with a 1 year guarantee (with option to extend to 8 years), plus it’s covered by Dreams’ 100 Night Sleep Trial.

What’s Inside the Dream Team Maidstone Pocket Sprung Mattress?

Dream Team Maidstone Pocket Sprung Mattress review
Dream Team Maidstone Pocket Sprung Mattress layers and materials

The Dream Team Maidstone Pocket Sprung Mattress is 22cm deep and is rated as “firm”. It has the following layers:

  • The soft-touch damask cover adds a layer of comfort, while the fully antibacterial finish keeps the mattress fresh and hygienic night after night.
  • Deep layers of luxurious polyester fillings enhance the overall comfort, creating a plush yet supportive feel that caters to a variety of sleeping positions.
  • In the middle there are up to 1225 individually wrapped pocket springs. The mattress offers personalised support by moving with your body, ensuring optimal weight distribution and minimising motion transfer between sleeping partners.
This is a double-sided mattress, allowing you to flip and rotate it to maintain its shape and extend its lifespan.
Keep in mind that the number of pocket springs inside will vary depending on the size you select. For example, the single has 561, small double has 759, double has 858, king has 1015 and super king size has 1225 pocket springs.
Rating: 4.8/5 stars from over 4783 reviews
Price: from £599

Additional Information:

Dream offers free delivery on all orders, ensuring your new mattress arrives straight to your room of choice. You can select a convenient delivery date and time between 7am and 6pm from Monday to Saturday when completing your order. Making the delivery process seamless and hassle-free.

Additionally, the Dream Team Maidstone Pocket Sprung Mattress comes with a 100-Night Comfort Guarantee, allowing you to test its comfort and support in the comfort of your home. Rest easy knowing that the Maidstone also includes a 1-year guarantee, ensuring your investment is protected.

Shopping Tip: If you prefer sleeping on a “very firm” mattress check out the Dream Team Fakenham Pocket Sprung mattress. It has very similar features and price tag, but is rated as “extra firm”. 

One of the standout features of the Maidstone is its innovative antibacterial cover. This new addition is designed to keep the mattress fresh and free from bacteria, enhancing sleep hygiene and providing a healthier sleeping environment. This feature makes the Maidstone an upgrade from the popular Hudson model, now offering added sleep hygiene benefits.

Dream Team Maidstone Pocket Sprung Mattress Customer Reviews

The Dream Team Maidstone Pocket Sprung Mattress is one of the top selling firm mattresses by Dreams. It has 4.8 out of 5 stars from over 4783 customer reviews. Some of these reviews were left for the older model (Hudson), however they are still valid as the design and features are almost identical. 

Overall customers find the mattress firm and supportive, contributing to better sleep and reduced pain. Here is a summary of the pros and cons:


  • Many reviewers like the mattress for its comfort and firm support, which significantly improved their sleep quality and alleviated issues such as back pain.
  • Customers frequently mentioned the high quality and sturdy construction of the mattress, saying that it felt well-made and durable.
  • Numerous reviews have said that it offers a great value for its price, and that it exceeded expectations given its cost.
  • Several reviewers complimented Dreams’ customer service experience, including smooth delivery processes, and flexible purchasing options.


  • Several customers reported the mattress being too firm or not matching the comfort level experienced in-store, leading to discomfort, back pain, and disturbed sleep.
  • There are a few complaints about the previous model (Hudson mattress) sagging or springs poking out. Both types of complaints can be addressed under Dreams’ warranty. 

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