Best Overbed Storage Units for Small Bedrooms

Best Overbed Storage Units for Small Bedrooms

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Extra storage is always loved by the households, especially those that who in a small home and need a place to put away all their belongings. If you live in a home that has a small bedroom with limited storage space, you may want to consider getting an ottoman bed or a divan bed with underbed drawers. However, if you already have one or if you’re not planning on buying a new bed, then getting an overbed storage unit is a great solution.

What is Overbed Storage?

Today, as apartments and homes are getting smaller and the living space is shrinking, people are searching for contemporary ways to maximize storage. And so the wall behind the bed is used to install a frame-like storage solution that occupies the entire wall. This ingenious and creative idea will cause you to rethink the unused space behind the headboard.

Usually an overbed storage unit consists of: 6 cupboards, 2 nightstands and 3 drawers, which will increase your storage options and will help you keep your room organised and decluttered.  

Best Overbed Storage:

Here you go with three of the most highly ranked over bed storage you can find online! Before you begin shopping, keep in mind that the two options by Argos will fit a double size bed, but won’t fit a king or super king size bed. 

1. Argos Home Nordic Overbed Fitment

Argos Home Nordic Overbed Fitment pine
Argos Home Nordic Overbed storage unit

Take full advantage of your bedroom with this traditional overbed storage. Argos manufactures this over bed storage for double beds from solid pine wood. It offers six cupboards where you can place the items of everyday use. There are two chests along the bedsides with three drawers each. It also offers adjustable shelving.

It has traditional pelmet detailing on it with elegant hardware. The dimensions of this over bed storage is 49cm deep x 249cm wide x 192cm high. It is available in white, gray, and pine shade. It comes with a 1-year guarantee. Two people can easily assemble this amazing over bed storage in a couple of hours using the comprehensive user manual that comes with it!

Colours: pine, white, grey
Price: £400 from Argos (for double size beds)

2. Argos Home Jenson Gloss Overbed Unit

Argos Home Jenson Gloss Overbed Unit

If you want to utilize your bedroom space for storage while keeping a contemporary bedroom look, then this product of Argos has a lot to offer! This over bed storage offers additional storage to your bedroom. It has four broad cupboards, two wide drawers, and six open shelves. The metal runners enable smooth use of the drawers.

It comes with 1-year guarantee and you can order it in white or grey finish. The depth, width, and height of this over bed storage is 45 x 254 x 185 centimeters. This over bed storage is comparatively affordable than other products. It has a sufficient quotient of style and sleekness as its drawers have no visible handles. It creates a completely contemporary look in your bedroom.

Colours: white, grey
Price: £470 from Argos (for double size beds)

3. Rauch Rivera Overbed Unit for Bed in Alpine White - 160cm x 200cm

Rauch Rivera Overbed Unit for king size bed

While the two Argos products above are a great option if you own a double size bed, they won’t be able to fit a king size bed. However, the Rauch Rivera overbed unit is great for people who are sleeping on a king size bed and need something that can accommodate their bedroom. This furniture piece is made from MDF and is available in alpine white.

Here you have 4 drawers, 6 drawers and 2 shelves, as well as a long shelf just above the headboard, so you can store your books, alarm clock, picture frames and other night time essential items. The dimensions of this unit are: 263cm wide, 55cm deep, 212cm high. Keep in mind that this is a tall piece measuring 212cm in height, so make sure you measure how tall your ceiling is in your bedroom, so you know that it can fit inside.

You can also order matching pieces of the same Rauch Rivera furniture collection, such as a wardrobe or a bed, or you can order the whole bedroom set (shown in the picture), with the storage unit, a king size bed, corner wardrobe, and large wall wardrobe.

Colours: white
Price: £597.06 (reg. £642) from Choice Furniture Superstore (for king size bed)

Benefits of an overbed storage:

There are lots of benefits to owning an overbed storage unit. First, you’ll be able to make the most of the limited space you have in your room, by utilising the wall behind the bed. Secondly, it will add style to your bedroom décor. Lastly, it’s a relatively inexpensive way to add extra storage in a compact apartment or single room apartments. Keep in mind, that you don’t have to buy nightstands separately, since the overbed storage unit already has nightstands built-in.

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