Besley Bed by MADE Reviews

Besley Bed by MADE Reviews

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The Besley Bed was one of the most popular bed frames sold by MADE. It combined simplicity and modernity to beautifully complement a variety of interiors.

However, MADE filed for insolvency on 1 November, 2022 and didn’t take any new orders for over a year. Also, there are no customer reviews or photos left on their website about the new Besley Bed. 

Below are two alternative beds you can check out instead:

Kora Upholstered Bed Frame by Bensons for Beds

Kora Upholstered Bed Frame Besley bed alternative
Kora Upholstered Bed Frame in grey

The Kora Upholstered Bed Frame has a contemporary style, which will fit well with wide range of interiors. It’s upholstered in luxurious velvet and is available in 3 colours: grey, navy and pink.

The headboard is 105cm high and has a curved design. The bed comes with two sets of wooden feet, one in light oak and the other in walnut finish, so you can choose the one that best fits your bedroom interior. The bed comes with sprung slats, providing extra comfort while you sleep. A 5 year guarantee is included with this bed.

Sizes: small double, double, king
Price: £199.99 (reg. £249 for double size)

Ealing Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame by Dreams

ealing ottoman bed
ealing front opening ottoman bed

The Ealing Ottoman Bed frame has a very similar design to the Besley Bed. It’s upholstered in silver grey or dark grey fabric and has a padded headboard 116cm high.

This bed is perfect for smaller bedrooms, since it has an ottoman storage built-in. The ottoman is 29cm deep, so you can store wide range of items inside. Dreams offers 1 year guarantee and free delivery on this bed.

Sizes: single, small double, double, king
Price: £399 (reg. £599) for double size

You can still read a detailed review of the Besley Bed below, and find out more about some of its features and how it looks.

The Besley Bed is available in 5 sizes: single, small double, double, king, or super king, making it the ideal bed frame for a variety of master, guest or even kid’s bedrooms. 

Customers can also choose from a variety of colours, including Aegean blue, hail grey, bay green and black, dusk pink, or marl grey. MADE’s range is also popular with conscientious shoppers, as the birch slats are made from traceable timber. This is inline with the company’s commitment to environmental sustainability. The Besley Bed is upholstered in durable polyester and has metal legs. It comes with 10 year guarantee.

Let’s look at the 3 options you have when shopping for the Besley Bed at MADE:

1. Besley Platform Bed

besley platform bed aegean blue
besley platform bed

The Besley Platform Bed is the most affordable option from all the three. It only includes the platform bed, without a headboard. It’s upholstered in durable polyester fabric, has metal legs and sprung slats included. The legs are 14cm high, which gives you a decent amount of underbed storage. 

Size: small, small double, double, king, super king
Price: £299 for double size

2. Besley Bed Frame

besley bed by made
besley bed

The Besley Bed Frame comes with a matching headboard already included. The headboard is 96cm high and is padded for extra comfort, so you can comfortably lay back and read a book or watch TV.

The bed has clean lines and is upholstered in durable polyester fabric. It will easily blend in wide range of bedrooms interiors. The metal legs are also 14cm high, so you can store a few items underneath if you wish.

Size: small, small double, double, king, super king
Price: £345 for double size

3. Besley Ottoman Storage Bed

besley ottoman bed
besley ottoman storage bed by made

The Besley Ottoman Bed is the perfect solution to any cramped bedroom that needs extra storage. You can easily lift up the ottoman to reveal a large storage area that is 22.6cm deep.

The storage dimensions for the double size bed are: 22.6cm high x 138cm wide x 194.5cm long. This means that you can put inside large items such as a suitcase, bedding, pillows, clothes, or just about anything that you want hidden away. The headboard is also 96cm high and is padded for extra comfort.

Size: double, king, super king
Price: £699-£899

Delivery Information:

At present, home delivery is available from MADE for a fee, that ranges between £6-£39 depending on the bed type and size you’ve selected. Customers are required to assemble the frame themselves. You should receive your bed frame within 4-16 weeks of placing your order, depending on the size/colour/type you’ve selected. 

You’re able to order a fabric sample from MADE to check in advance whether your chosen fabric is suitable for the interior of your bedroom. You can also check out the Roscoe Bed by MADE which has a similar design, but comes with wooden legs instead of metal ones.

The Besley frame is truly stylish and suitable for so many interiors, and the fact that you can select your size and colour makes it even more appealing. Let’s take a look at what those that have purchased the bed think of it, and see if it lives up to all of the hype.

Besley Bed by MADE Reviews

On September 2022 there were 310 reviews on MADE’s website, which gave the Besley Bed an impressive 4.7 out of 5 star rating. Nearly all customers unanimously agreeing that the frame is both high-quality and represents great value for money. 


The reviewers seem extremely pleased with the way the bed looks once it has been assembled, with people buying it for their master, guest, and kids bedrooms. It seems that the Besley has the ability to look good in a variety of interiors, and this is something that is undoubtedly backed up by the reviewers.


As with many bed frames, should you look at some of the negative reviews, several customers have complained about the difficulty of assembling the Besley Ottoman bed. While this shouldn’t necessarily deter you from purchasing the frame, you should consider that you will need to be patient, and may even need to recruit a family member or friend to help you put the bed together.

Yet considering assembly is the only real criticism that customers have had when it comes to the Besley frame, it’s safe to say that should you purchase it, you will be very happy with the final product, and you will be thrilled with the way it looks in your room.

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