Auckland Extra Firm Mattress Review

The Auckland Extra Firm Mattress is manufactured in the UK by Sealy. It’s a part of Bensons for Beds Orthopaedic mattress collection.

It has a PostureTech Core Support spring system, which gradually firms up under pressure, ensuring deep-down support and pressure relief. The central zoning PowerPack targets hips and lower back, while Tencel® fibers regulate temperature for a cool and dry sleep environment.

In this review we’ll see if customers thought the Auckland mattress is comfortable and worth buying or not?

What’s Inside the Auckland Extra Firm Mattress?

Auckland Extra Firm Mattress
Auckland Extra Firm Mattress layers and construction

The Auckland Extra Firm Mattress is 27cm deep and is single sided. Individuals with back pain or those seeking enhanced spinal support may find “extra firm” mattresses beneficial for maintaining proper spinal alignment during sleep.

  • The Auckland Mattress has a Belgian Damask Cover offering a soft and durable sleeping surface, while Tencel® fibers regulate body temperature.
  • At its core lies the PostureTech Core Support spring system, offering deep down pressure-relieving properties. As pressure increases, the springs gradually firm up, ensuring targeted support.
  • The central zoning PowerPack provides additional support to the hips and lower back, while the EdgeGuard technology prevents roll-off and optimises the sleep surface. 

This multi-layered design, complemented by hand-tufting, promises a supportive and comfortable sleep experience. The Auckland mattress has undergone ProShield® treatment, which combats common allergens, like dust mites and is endorsed by Allergy UK.

Rating: 4.6/5 from 117 customer reviews
Price: from £449.99 (reg. £899.99)

Auckland Firm Support Mattress

Auckland Firm support Mattress
Sealy Auckland Firm Mattress layers and construction

The Auckland Mattress is also available in “firm” comfort grade. It provides a solid and supportive surface with minimal give, offering adequate support for most sleepers.

  • The Auckland Firm Mattress is also 27cm deep. On top it has a Belgium Damask Cover and Tencel® fibers, which regulate body temperature for a cool and dry sleep environment.
  • Featuring the innovative PostureTech Core Support spring system, it provides deep pressure relief and gradually adjusts firmness as pressure increases.
  • The central zoning PowerPack enhances support to the lower back, while EdgeGuard technology prevents roll-off and optimises the sleep surface. 

Rating: 4.6/5 from 149 customer reviews
Price: from £449.99 (reg. £899.99)

Sealy Auckland Firm Support Divan Bed Set

Sealy Auckland Firm Divan Bed set
Auckland Divan Bed set with ottoman

The Sealy Auckland Divan Bed Set includes a divan base and a mattress, designed to ensure a restful night’s sleep.

The divan bed is stylish and functional, available in two colours (sand or slate grey) to suit all bedroom colours and styles. There’s also a wide selection of storage options to choose from, designed to help maximise that all-important storage space. You can customise the bed with anything from two drawers to a full-front ottoman.

If you are wondering how high is the bed, the total height of the base and mattress is 66cm. Also, note that the headboard is sold separately.

Rating: 5.0/5 from 3 customer reviews
Price: from £569.99 (reg. £1,019.98) single size no drawers

Additional Info:

The Auckland Extra Firm Mattress has a delivery fee of £39 from Bensons for Beds. The delivery team offers a doorstep delivery or can even carry it to your room of choice. 0% interest finance options are available if necessary, as well as Klarna payments. It also comes with a 5-year guarantee.

To ensure maximum longevity from this single sided mattress, it will need to be regularly turned (no need to flip it over). There are handles provided on both sides to aid rotation.

Bensons for Beds are rated ‘excellent’ on TrustPilot from over 276,000 verified reviewers. Another reason why many customers choose this retailer is that they have a “40 Night Guarantee” policy. This means that if a customer doesn’t find their new mattress comfortable within that the first 40 nights, they can exchange it for a different one.

Shopping Tip: Another high quality orthopaedic mattress sold by Bensons for Beds is the Pensilva Ortho Comfort Mattress available in “medium” and “firm”. It is 26cm deep and has 1000 pocket spring.

Auckland Extra Firm Mattress Reviews

So, what do verified customers think of the Auckland Mattress? The good news is that the both the Auckland firm and extra firm mattresses have a high rating of 4.6 stars out of 5 stars from over 110 customer reviews. 

Overall “comfortable” was the descriptor used by far the most, and those with aches and pains were very appreciative of the support the mattress provided.


  • Judging by the reviews, the mattress seems to make good of its promise to neatly balance comfort and support. Many people have said that their sleep quality is much better.
  • Some customers purchased the Auckland mattress to help with back pain and found the mattress really improved this.
  • Several reviewers have said that the reinforced edges are strong, and there is no sinkage when they sit on the edge. 
  • Customers found the mattress to be good value for money, especially at the discounted sale price.
  • People were particularly complimentary of the service from Bensons for Beds too, especially in person. It was described as “excellent”.


  • The occasional person found the mattress too firm or not firm expected. Generally, the reviews are pretty much unanimous in its comfort. Plus, Bensons for Beds has a 40 Night Guarantee, allowing you to exchange the mattress for a different one in case you don’t find it comfortable.
  • A handful of people have said the mattress has started to dip where they had been laying, after a few months of using it. 

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