10 Reasons To Buy A Mattress In A Box - UK Edition

10 reasons to buy a mattress in a box

If you’ve ever shopped for a mattress, you know that there are hundreds of mattresses on the market, all promising the same thing: great night sleep. However it’s very difficult to determine if the mattress really delivers on this promise. Once you buy it and bring it home, will it be as comfortable as advertised? Another frustration for many shoppers is that prices of mattresses range from £100 to a few thousand pounds. Is price always an indication of quality?

If you’re on the lookout for another way of shopping for a mattress, then you might want to consider buying a Mattress in a Box. Here are 10 great reasons why you should consider buying a Mattress in a Box as your next bed.

Reason 1: Quality product

All of the Mattress in a Box companies have focused on engineering and designing one mattress model that has just the right pressure relief, breathability, and body support. Whether it’s an all memory foam mattress or hybrid (memory foam and springs), it’s been manufactured and tested to provide optimal comfort and durability.

Reason 2: Lower prices

Since the business model of the mattress in a box companies is to sell them online, and deliver them rolled up in a box, there are really no extra costs for big showrooms, for commissioned salespeople, overstock inventories, or expensive shipping costs. These savings are then passed on to the customer, who gets a quality product at a good price.

Reason 3: 100 or 365 Night Trials

One of the biggest and handy benefits is that these mattresses come with 100 night trial. Which means that once you buy the mattress you have up to 100 nights to test it at home, and if for some reason you’re not satisfied, simply contact the company and they’ll arrange a free pick up and refund you the money. The Nectar mattress even comes with 365 night trial – a full year!

The returned mattresses are either donated to a local charity or recycled.

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Reason 4: Made in the UK

All of the mattress brands listed on this site (except for Otty), manufacture their mattresses in the UK.

Reason 5: Free Delivery and Returns

The mattress delivery and returns are free to UK Mainland.

Reason 6: 10 Year Warranty

These mattresses have 10 year warranty, which provides a replacement or repair in the event of a defect covered by the warranty. The Nectar mattress even comes with Forever Warranty!

Reason 7: Available in Many Sizes

You’ll be able to find all of the common mattress sizes: Single, Double, King, and Super King, in addition to EU mattress sizes (which are 10cm longer), and some companies even manufacture the largest Emperor mattress size.

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Reason 8: High Customer Reviews

The mattress in a box brands, have hundreds if not thousands of very good and excellent customer reviews. Most have above 9/10 rating on TrustPilot. Before you buy a mattress, it’s recommended to spend some time checking the rating and reviews of customers who bought the mattress. You can find that information on the mattress’ official website or on TrustPilot.

Reason 9: Sales and Discounts

All mattress in a box companies offer sales and discounts during the major UK holidays or during certain times of the month. These sales can save you between 10-20% off the original price, which is fantastic. To check, any current promotions click here.

Reason 10: 0% Financing Available

Now you can buy your dream mattress and spread the payment in monthly installments with 0% interest. You’ll need to apply for 0% financing at the checkout page and have your application approved.

If you’re ready to check out the leading mattress in a box brands, see this Top 10 Mattress List.